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BTC365 Casino Complaint

Locked Account with funds

Disputed amount: Aprox 1070usdt EUR

Time for BTC365 Casino to respond: 2022-09-06 08:43:37


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Disputed amount: Aprox 1070usdt EUR

Posted: 2022-08-30 08:08:43

Shameful Customer Service & Support. Obvious lack of respect for the consumer. Two months now that my account is blocked with my funds inside. They keep delaying and taking me for an idiot. They told me that vendor flagged my betting activities, that's why my account was locked. But case should be solved already since weeks. LOL 2 months, never seen that in my life on any website. I had only approx 100bets, thats not huge to verify... They do offer games and market and then my plays are irregular ? Also their odds are trashs with huge vig and i'm the villain? I want them to pay me asap even if i'm unable to play anymore because they dont want me anymore.

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