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Spanish players or those residing in Spain are constantly on the lookout for the best online casinos in Spain; which is why we aim to bring a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about searching for: finding and playing at a casino site in Spain.

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Of course, with over 500 million speakers of Spanish worldwide, casinos that offer online gambling for Spanish players have a huge advantage. That’s why some of the best online casinos have expanded their platform to provide the whole casino experience in Spanish.

If you’re hoping to learn more about what features to expect at the best casino sites in Spain and how to find the best bonuses, then we suggest that you hold off on the siesta and read through our full Spanish online casino guide, as we take you through every aspect of what’s on offer and how to find the best casino bonuses and games.

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History of Gambling in Spain

According to some sources, gambling in Spain has been present since the middle ages, when the earliest versions of dice and card games were enjoyed by citizens in the Iberian region, now known as Spain. Although evidence shows that these games were later banned in the 1300s, there has always been a continuation of popularity for gambling in the area. Let's take a look briefly at the history of gambling in Spain.

1812: Now the second-longest continuous running lottery in the world; the first Spanish lottery was held at Christmas time and continues to run every December 22nd until present day.

1838: Spain’s oldest casino, which is in Madrid, opened and was in huge demand by the wealthy elite of the country. It was and remains one of the most popular casinos in Spain, although at the beginning of the next century, up until the 1970s, gambling in Spain was restricted by Fransisco Franco.

1922-1975: Aside from the Christmas lottery, all forms of gambling were banned in Spain during the reign of Franco. Some exceptions to this were special betting pools and horse-racing.

1977: Despite this period of limitation within the country, once Franco’s reign was over, Spain began to rebuild and expand it’s efforts to attract tourists. The land of sea and sun didn’t just set its sights on beachgoers though as it also broadened its efforts to appeal to gambling tourism too. Beginning in 1977, gambling in Spain was once again legal.

1981: A few years after gambling was once again made legal, slot machines exploded into popularity as they were also legalized and installed across the country in bars, restaurants, gambling halls and casinos.

2011: Since then casino gambling has soared in popularity in Spain and the Gambling Act of 2011 made the possibilities of gambling in Spain and online expand even further. Enjoying online casino games in Spain is now not only legal, but a bright landscape of opportunities for online players.

2020: Spain makes some changes to laws regarding the advertising of gambling and casinos in Spain. This was done in an attempt to reduce problem gambling in the country.

Future of Online Casinos in Spain

Since 1977, the biggest change within the gambling market in Spain has been the Spanish Gaming Act of 2011. This was primarily to adapt the systems and regulations in place to fit the new technological advances in the industry with the aim to better monitor operators and keep players safe. Since then there have also been several further actions that have advanced and improved the gambling scene for Spanish players and also increase the revenue for the country.

Due to the expansion of the online casinos in Spain to a billion dollar industry, within the last few years the regulation of gambling in Spain has become stricter. While this has meant that some online casinos are unable to operate in the country without an official license from the Spanish Gambling Authority, it is a positive step in the right direction. It means that online casinos in Spain will provide a safe and secure gambling environment for players which is backed up by the General for the Regulation of Gambling. We expect that these changes will be beneficial and the demand for quality online casinos in Spain will only continue to grow.

Are Online Casinos in Spain Legal?

As mentioned previously, online gambling became legal in Spain after the Gambling Act of 2011 was passed. This opened the floodgates of Spanish online casinos which has only expanded further every year since. Before this important law was passed, players in Spain were limited to playing at offshore casinos, which were not approved or regulated by the Spanish government. While not all offshore casinos are unfavourable, it did leave players unprotected nationally.

As a result of this change, operators which have not yet obtained an official license from the Spanish government are unable to offer their services to Spanish players. Similarly, it is illegal for locals to gamble at unapproved offshore gambling sites. However, this no longer poses a problem as there is an abundance of quality regulated online casinos in Spain to choose from.

Deposits & Withdrawal Limits at Spanish Online Casinos

When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals at the best online casinos in Spain, you’ll find you have plenty of payment methods available to you. We will discuss those in further detail later in the guide, however, here we will go over the limits that you may encounter for deposits and withdrawals.

Quite simply, limits for deposits and withdrawals are set by each individual casino and there isn’t a standard amount across the board. While the payment method you use will also affect the amount you are able to deposit or withdraw within one transaction, we suggest that you take a look at the banking section of the online casino you would like to select to see the specific amounts you can top up and take out from your casino account.

The best online casinos will have a more flexible limit for players, usually only capped by the payment method that you select. However, any casino promotion that you choose to activate will also impact the amount that you are able to deposit. Players should also be aware that casinos usually have daily, weekly and monthly limits for withdrawals, which can be checked in the terms and conditions of the casino.

Taxation on Spanish Online Casino Winnings

Although the gambling laws across the country are governed federally, this isn’t the case for the taxation system on gambling. Instead, the system is different depending on the region where the player is located. For winnings earned by players, these must be submitted as income when it comes to declaring taxes to the government.

With regards to the casinos themselves, there are some distinctions between the tax rates applied at land-based casinos compared to online casinos, with the latter usually paying around 25% on revenue. Although, each region applies its own specific rates to the individual game types available at online casinos. These are paid by the operators directly to the government though, not by players.

Spanish Casino Bonuses

There are a plethora of bonuses you can find to pump up your potential while playing casino games in Spain. The most popular bonuses are usually those that come as a package, either for first-timers to a new casino or for existing customers as a reload bonus. These bonus packages generally include a match percentage bonus which amplifies your casino funds, and a nice stash of free spins to roll on selected slots. To get a better idea of what promotions are on offer at casinos in Spain, we will take a closer look at the different kinds available.

  • Welcome Bonus: Only brand-new players to a casino are eligible to get their hands on welcome bonuses, which is why they are some of the most popular and sought-after bonuses in the country. Most casinos in Spain offer a registration bonus for their players, although what exactly is included in that bonus will vary from casino to casino. The general package will include a match bonus, usually of 100%, although some casinos may offer a higher percentage match, and many will also include some free spins for players to use on a selection of slot casino games on the site. Even though this is the typical set up for a welcome bonus, some casinos may offer alternatives such as simply free spins or even a no-deposit bonus which you can read more about below.
  • Reload Bonus: These bonuses are for returning players; as the name suggests, those who continue playing at the casino and reload more funds onto their casino account may be eligible for further promotions. Similar to the welcome bonus, this is usually in the form of a match bonus and/or some free spins. However, the percentage is usually lower than that awarded for the welcome bonus, as that is a one-off offer created to attract new players.
  • Cashback Bonus: A cashback bonus almost works in the opposite way to the reload bonus, as instead of being awarded a percentage of your deposit before you begin gambling, you will gain back a percentage of your losses after you have played at the casino. While it still gives players the opportunity to take advantage of a cushion to their casino funds and continue playing if their own deposit has been exhausted, the percentage you receive back is generally much lower than a match bonus; somewhere around 10-20% is the norm.
  • No-Deposit Bonus: As you may have guessed from the name of these bonuses, they don’t require players to make deposits at the casino before activation, unlike the reload and cashback bonuses. Due to the nature of no-deposit bonuses, they are extremely sought after and are not available in all online casinos in Spain. However, those that do have them will usually offer them to new players who are able to give the casino games a whirl before making a deposit.Of course, you may not need to make a deposit to be eligible for this kind of bonus, but most casinos will at least require that you create a free casino account with them before you can begin playing. The only downside to no-deposit bonuses, if you want to view it this way, is that they are usually very low value and still have wagering requirements and conditions attached to limit how easy it is for players to cash out.
  • Free Spins: The ultimate bonus for slot enthusiasts, luckily, free spins are usually abundant across the best online casinos. They may be given as part of a bonus package or as a stand-alone bonus. Some casinos even give daily, weekly or monthly free spins to their loyal customers, which can be used on new slots in the catalogue or a selection of particular slots. Although free spins don’t have a particular value attached to them as reload bonuses do, they still come with their own playthrough requirements, which players must meet before they are able to withdraw any winnings. Players will also find that free spins usually have a shorter validity period, so it’s best to play through them as soon as you are awarded them.

Bonus Wagering Requirements & Conditions

All bonuses that you’ll find at Spanish online casinos will have some form of conditions and wagering requirements attached. The reason for this is so that casinos can retain some control over the possibility of players winning vast amounts of money. While players might view this as a negative thing, it also means that casinos can continue to offer attractive bonuses and avoid scams that could affect both the casino and the player.

We always suggest that you check the conditions of a bonus before activating it so that you have an idea of whether it’s feasible for you to complete the playthrough conditions. The main aspects you should look into are the payment methods which you can use for both deposits and withdrawals, the validity period you have to complete the conditions and also whether the wagering requirement includes just the bonus funds or also your deposit.

The wagering requirement is easily found and can be identified as the number of times you need to play through the amount, i.e. 35x or 40x. You can also identify if this is applicable only to the funds you are rewarded from the casino or also to your own funds. This is important as it can double the amount that you would have to gamble through the casino games before you are able to withdraw any winnings.

Best Payment Methods at Online Casinos in Spain

When choosing a good casino site in Spain, one of the considerations should be the payment methods available to you. We suggest opting for a site that has a wide and varied selection of payment solutions, that way; you always have the option to change your banking method during your casino journey.

A good indicator of a quality casino is whether it has payment solutions provided by major international banking institutions, as this shows that deposits and withdrawals will be completed with optimum security and encryption.

Aside from the different entities that facilitate transactions, there are some differences that may affect which payment method you select, such as the speed of transaction, fees and versatility of the method. Here are some of the most popular payment methods that you will readily find in the best online casinos in Spain.

  • Paypal
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bank Transfer
  • Debit Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Paysafecard
  • Trustly
  • Google Pay

Best Online Casinos in Spain

Best by CategoryCasino

Best Welcome Bonus in Spain

Tornado Bet Casino

Best for Free Spins in Spain

Tsars Casino

Best for Live Dealer Casino Games in Spain

Pledoo Casino

Best for Slot Casino Games in Spain

Luck of Spins Casino

Best for Online Poker in Spain

Goldenbet Casino

How to register at Spanish Casino Sites

If you’ve sourced the best online casino Spain has to offer you, then you’ll need to create your casino account before you can enjoy the fun. The process of registering for a casino account isn’t difficult either, but there are some steps that we do suggest to take to ensure that you’ve covered all bases and will have a smoother casino experience.

Estimated Time Needed: 00:04

Tools Needed: Account

Supplies Needed: Time,Money

How to step

Step 1

Input your Details

Casinos don’t want players to be put off by a lengthy registration process, so the majority of the best online casinos will only require players to input the minimum. Usually, you’ll need to give basic information such as your email address, date of birth and billing address, as well as create a password and possibly a username.

How to step

Step 2

Confirm Identity

Once you’ve submitted your details, the casino will normally send you an email to confirm your account and also activate it so you can begin to use the features available on the site. Of course, most importantly, you’ll now have full access to the casino games portfolio available. There are still a couple of extra steps before you’ll be able to play though.

How to step

Step 3

Choose a Bonus

We suggest taking a look at the promotions on offer at your newly joined casino; it might be worth your while to pump up your casino funds with a match bonus or roll the reels with some free spins. Either way, we always suggest paying attention to the terms and conditions of the bonus, including the payment methods you may use.

How to step

Step 4

Make a Deposit

Once you’ve decided whether you’d like to activate a bonus and you’re ready to hop on and enjoy the games, you’ll need to top up those casino funds before you can do anything else. Select your preferred payment method, input the amount you want to top up and press that submit button. Your deposit should be visible in your account immediately, so enjoy!

Weighing up Gambling at Online Casinos in Spain: Pros & Cons

When it comes to selecting a worthy casino site in Spain to patronise, there are so many things to take into consideration that it can be overwhelming. What many players might not take into account is the actual benefits and disadvantages of playing at Spanish online casinos. For this reason, we want to provide a breakdown of the good and bad aspects that are involved with playing at online casinos in Spain.


Many licensed game providers in Spain High level of protection and security Centralised self-exclusion service Great bonuses available Many casinos offer the entire platform in Spanish


Spains different regions may interpret regulations differently Taxation rate is high for operators Severe penalties for illegal play

Spanish Online Casinos vs Land-Based Casinos

As you might imagine, the lions-share of casino action in Spain is located in the country’s largest cities; Madrid and Barcelona. However, by international standards, these casinos aren’t actually very large. In fact, slot halls and electronic casinos dominate land-based gambling across Spain and take a lot of custom away from the major casinos. However, how does the brick-and-mortar gambling scene actually compare to the best online casinos we have found that Spain offers? Let’s take a look at see how they match up.

Spanish Online Casino Sites

not-checked.svgPlaying on a screen takes away some of the excitement

checked.svg Convenient and accessible from anywhere at anytime

checked.svg Abundance of bonuses available

not-checked.svgLess of a social activity

Brick & Mortar Casinos in Spain

checked.svg Much more immersive and exciting

not-checked.svgPlayers need to be close to casinos to attend them

not-checked.svgFewer bonuses available in land-based casinos and slot halls

checked.svg Super social atmosphere

How We Source the Best Online Casinos in Spain


Licence & Safety

Our prime concern for players is that they are gambling in a safe and secure environment. The first way we confirm this is by checking that the casino has an official license from the General for the Regulation of Gambling. We also ensure that website security protocols are in place, which keeps the site and its player safe.


Platform & Portfolio

Once we are completely happy that the casino is a reliable and safe place to gamble, we start looking into the platform and the quality of games that it offers. A good indicator of a quality online casino is the software developers that provide the casino games, as they must also go through an extra level of regulation. But we also expect to see a lot of variety across slots, table games and live dealer games on the site.


Support Level

When online gambling, it’s inevitable that at some point, players will require assistance of some kind. Therefore, we regard customer service as not only an essential part of an online casino, but a feature that should be high calibre. We check the support available on the sites by actively contacting the support team using the various communication methods and testing their level of response.


Casino Bonuses

Last but not least, we expect a quality casino to offer its players some worthwhile bonuses. We check the terms and conditions of the promotions to ensure that they are fair and reasonable for players. We also give bonus points to casinos that offer subsequent bonuses and have loyalty schemes in place so players can continue to be rewarded.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Online Casinos in Spain

RankCasinoLaunch DateWelcome Bonus


Goldenbet Casino2022100% Up to €500


Pledoo Casino2021100% up to €200 + 75 Free spins


Tsars Casino2020100% up to € 300 + 100 Free Spins


Tornada Bet Casino2019100% up to € 200 (30 Free Spins Code:BEE)


Casino Intense202150% up to € 100 + 20 Free Spins

Casino Games to Play at Online Casinos in Spain

We have some great news for casino players in Spain; you will find a huge variety of fantastic and exciting casino games to play on the best Spanish online casino sites. There is such a varied selection across each different game type, but also within the individual game categories too. Here is just a quick taster of the different games that you will find online at Spanish casinos sites.


Slot games are one of the most popular casino games in Spain; they can be found in slot halls across the country but also in their thousands online. Players can choose slots with simple game mechanics, such as the 3-reel fruities or get more adventurous with popular video slots, like the Book of Dead.

Video slots can be feature-packed with exciting twists and turns, such as cluster pays and bonus rounds that build an extra level onto the game’s story. This is why they continue to be some of the most played casino games online. It also helps that many casinos offer free spins, so players can spin the reels without eating into their own casino funds.

Table Games

No casino worth its salt would overlook the necessity to offer players traditional casino games. Of course, as the operator has broadened its scope to attract players in Spain, it will absolutely offer Spanish versions of the classics such as Poker, Roulette and Baccarat.

The best quality casinos will not only supply some of the best table games from leading software providers, they will also ensure to have a wider selection of different varieties. Players can expect to find high-roller versions, lightning varieties and many others.

Live Dealer Games

For a more immersive experience, many players prefer to enjoy live casino games. The added benefit of having a live croupier guide the game and be on hand for any questions is a huge bonus. It also adds to the excitement as there’s no need for an RNG (random number generator), which is used in other computer-controlled games. Instead, the games are based on the luck of the roll of a dice or card deal of the professional croupier, as you would find in a real brick-and-mortar casino.

Main Benefits of Playing at Spanish Online Casinos

If it isn't already clear why playing at online casinos in Spain has plenty of advantages, then you might need to take a look at the following aspects. We have found that gambling on Spanish casino sites not only has benefits compared to playing at offshore casinos, but they offer some of the best casino experiences worldwide. Here are the main features that stand out for us on Spanish casinos sites.

After the Gambling Act was legislated in 2011, Spain has offered an extremely safe and productive gambling environment. This is because casinos operating in the country must now obtain the license so they are legal to operate in Spain, and they must adhere to the regulations set by the gambling authority.

Casino sites in Spain offer a high quality experience all round, this is partly due to the regulations mentioned above, but also because of the fantastic games that are sourced from leading software providers. Players can find the best online casino games available in abundance at Spanish online casinos, from thematic slot games to elegant table games.

One of the most important features for us when it comes to the giving bonus points to the top online casinos in Spain is having the option to play in Spanish. Although most sites will offer English by default, we think that having the games and support in Spanish is a must so players have a more personal and immersive experience.

The bonuses available at a casino make a big difference in how we view the overall quality of the casino. On the outside a promotion can seem lucrative, however, we want to see truly fair terms and conditions for players that are genuinely feasible to playthrough. We also look kindly on casinos which have well designed loyalty schemes, that reward players who continue to deposit and play.

Checklist: Registering on Spanish Casino Sites

Before you check out our list of the best online casinos in Spain, we recommend you take a quick glance at our checklist of everything you should do before registering at a casino site. By completing this mental checklist each time you join a casino you will be streamlining and improving your overall experience.

  1. Check the security & license
  2. Look at the payment methods
  3. Peruse the bonuses, including T&Cs
  4. See what games are available to play
  5. Register & make an eligible deposit


For players in Spain, the search for a quality online casino can be difficult. However, with our guidance you can be sure that your search will be fruitful. It’s clear that there is plenty of enjoyment and opportunities on Spanish casino sites, we have found they hold themselves to providing a high quality service, but they also adhere to strict regulations which keep players safe. Overall, online gambling in Spain continues to be an extremely popular and bountiful activity.

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Do online casinos provide customer service in Spanish?

Many of the best online casinos in Spain will not only provide their platform in Spanish for players, but they will also make the customer support team available in the language.

Is it legal to play at online casinos in Spain?

It is legal to play at online casinos in Spain thanks to the gambling laws which were put in place in the last few decades. Spain now has nationally licensed casinos which are available for locals to play at.

What are the most popular payment methods for online casinos in Spain?

The most popular casino payment methods in Spain are debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill and Neteller. Although there are always plenty of options to choose from at the best online casinos available in the country.

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