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A busy bee by nature, Casino Bee has had all the time in the world to frequent all the top online casinos and help dedicated readers discover only those that are worthwhile playing. In reviewing hundreds of worthwhile casino brands, we used a number of factors that helped us direct our hive to the most popular and loved casino venues.

The brands we list here are all provably fair, safe, secure, offering a plump portfolio of casino bonuses and more importantly, casino games including excellent online slots. Just use Casino Bee’s filters to direct yourself to the best casinos and pick the most exciting casino venues.

Disclosure: is reader-supported. We may earn a commission if you sign up to a casino via links on our site. Learn more.


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  1. I'm having a great time with this casino , all my favorite games are here , the costumer support take their time to help you and you always feel welcome. The bonus offer is fair and good.
  1. I'm pretty satisfied with this casino, easy to deposit and withdraw, great bonuses and promotions, truly vibrant casino experience.
  1. Kajot Casino is fun and entertaining. Tournaments and bonuses are attractive and entertaining, recommended!

Certified Casinos

Play at online casinos approved by Casino Bee. Our seal of trust proves that these chosen casinos are transparent, customer oriented and willing to solve any issues as quickly as possible.

  • 100% up to € 500

    250 Free Spins

    star 7.8/10

    18+ | Gamble responsibly | T&C’s apply

  • 100% up to € 200

    30 Free Spins

    star 8/10

    18+ | Gamble responsibly | T&C’s apply

  • 100% up to € 100

    20 Free Spins

    star 9/10

    18+ | Gamble responsibly | T&C’s apply

  • 100% up to € 500

    121 Free Spins

    star 8.6/10

    18+ | Gamble responsibly | T&C’s apply

  • 100% up to € 300

    50 Free Spins

    star 7.8/10

    18+ | Gamble responsibly | T&C’s apply

  • 100% up to € 200

    150 Free Spins

    star 8.8/10

    18+ | Gamble responsibly | T&C’s apply

  • 100% up to € 200

    100 Free Spins

    star 8.8/10

    18+ | Gamble responsibly | T&C’s apply

  • 100% up to € 1000

    50 Free Spins

    star 8/10

    18+ | Gamble responsibly | T&C’s apply

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Finding the best casino sites often takes time, effort, and no small degree of research. And that is why you should look for expert service for the best results, such as Casino Bee. We bring you the best online casino sites, focusing on many factors we know our players care for.

Whether we discuss new casino sites or the best ranking casino site, we always approach the subject with a can-do attitude. Moreover, our experts guide you to the best bonus spins, bonus funds available to you.

You will find not just the top casino sites in your region but also learn more about the most generous casino offers. And the best part is, our team walk in your shoes when they are on the hunt for the best online casino site!

How Do We Rank Casino Sites?

Research a Casino Site Beforehand

Our first task is to choose a casino that looks promising. To decide so, we watch carefully for what any player would look for, whether this is a specific bonus offer or a variety of casino games. Often, a casino site we recommend has to offer all of these.

Create an Account

Once we know a casino site could be the right fit for you, we begin our meticulous review. At this point, our expert reviewers register themselves and examine the whole process, evaluate the pros and cons, and even compare.

Claim a Promotion and Test Games

After the registration is done, we move on with the most fun part of a casino: Bonuses! Whether it is a match bonus or bonus spins offer upon the 1st deposit, we always make sure to claim the available deposit bonus. Meanwhile, we test the games and wagering requirements by ourselves. This, in return, gives us a clear idea of how to help you use your bonus spins and bonus funds a little smarter while at it!

Assign an Appropriate Score

When we are done sorting through the welcome offer, free spins on selected games, payments, and everything else, we give a score to the casino. Here, our reviewers work independently in assessing the gaming experience so that the final score is an aggregate. And consequently, we can help our readers to have an overall expectation from that online casino site.

How to Compare Casino Sites at

At, we want to do your search for the best casino sites as pleasant and simple as playing your favourite casino games. And we believe that we created the ultimate solution to do your search for the perfect online casino site.

To this end, we built an intuitive research tool that updates in real-time and factors in dozens of filters that allow you exclusive control over the search parameters, and therefore a better fit when you finally arrive at a casino!

Our one of a kind comparison tool helps you compare any casino listed on All you need to do is clicking on the “compare” button and read the breakdown of each casino. As a result, you can get see which casino offers a better welcome bonus, a greater gaming library, and more.

Casino Bee Filters

Every player can use Casino Bee’s intuitive filters, courtesy of the parameters we use to answer player queries. We have built it to be intuitive and provide you with immediate answers to your search queries. As such, you can filter the available casino sites by a whole constellation of criteria we know are important to you.

For example, you can make use of our top-line filters that are listed as Top Rated, Best Bonus, Best by Percentage, Best Free spins, Popular Casinos, and Recently Added. That alone doesn’t quite exhaust our tool’s potency, which is crafted with a few other flourishes players can enjoy.

We figured out that players care about Bonus Value and Bonus Percentage, Free Spins, Payment Method, License and Launch Year, and so we now have these filters enabled as simple and intuitive options.

You will just need to tap, click around, and push the occasional slider to get to the exact values you want to find and a casino to offer that. With a constantly growing casino database on-site, you can rest assured that we surely provide you with the world’s full information.

Certified Casinos by

Our database is ripe with sites, too! This is a hallmark we bestow on those brands that have shown a remarkable commitment to the casino experience. It is the ultimate seal of approval thousands of players use as a reference point to form an opinion about casino sites worldwide.

Our reviewers are industry veterans with a sharp quill and keen eye for detail that makes it incredibly easy to flick through the hundreds of casinos out there and discern those worth our approval.

If you find yourself in doubt about locating online casino sites, just use’s trusted approval mark we assign sparing to the best and brightest in the iGaming world!

Best Casino Sites: What Makes Them Work?

There is plenty of factors that determine whether you can trust online casino sites or not. We have years of experience looking at the very core of casino sites and understanding what makes them work.

Sometimes the subtle parts of a casino may remain hidden from sight and harder for players to see. Yet, we know what makes the top casino sites work, and that is why we offer you a complete breakdown by component. You want to look into several aspects, such as:

  • User interface and compatibility;
  • Player reviews and reputation;
  • Availability of payment options;
  • Variety of games and innovative;
  • A credible license from the regulator;
  • Overall good attitude to safety;
  • KYC and AML compliance;
  • Responsible gambling measures.

The above list may look a little overwhelming, but the best online casino you can pick is one that meets as many of these criteria as possible. Of course, you can have a casino miss a license and still be a reliable and trusted brand, but a negative perception by fellow players is certainly a serious red flag you will want to avoid.

We try so hard to leave nothing to chance, and we treat our players with enough respect to make sure that the above-criteria are thoroughly checked. Then, our reviewers pass an honest opinion about each, and this is how you know the brands we have listed here are some of the finest you can ever play.

Licensing and Regulations at Casino Sites

New players often find comfort in the fact that they are playing at a licensed and regulated casino. Regulation is certainly a fundamental part of the way we experience casinos anywhere in the world.

Yet, new customers have nothing to fear when it comes to unlicensed casinos as well. It solely depends on the online casino, and while a license can often give you a lot of focus and clarity, players’ endorsement is just as valuable a factor.

We approach both with equal seriousness and seek the truth in the middle. Licenses, though, do come with some specific upsides. For example, a licensed online casino will be audited and regulated by a government-approved body, which could give it additional incentive to treat new customers, and the existing player base with respect.

Yet, Casino Bee only focuses on those casinos that know better than to need external control to remain thoughtful of how they treat their players. Overall, Casino Bee knows that licensing permits are important, and we endorse them in full.

Then again, we think twice before dismissing a casino site if a license is missing, as there are so many other important factors to consider as well.

Complaints at Casino Sites

Reading into complaints – past and present – is one of the most reliable ways to assess a casino and be able to tell if it’s a good fit for you. We believe that complaints will sometimes be biased as new customers tend to misinterpret wagering requirements or not bother reading them.

While we understand such genuine mistakes, they are no way for us to form our opinion of casinos, and we make sure to pay attention to the facts. In our experience, the best casinos out there always resolve any complaints customers direct their way.

However, in case you cannot get the help you need from the casinos’ customer support team, you can always consider leaving a complaint here on Once you fill the form, we get in touch with the casino immediately and give our best to resolve your problem.

New Casino Sites: A Breath of Fresh Air

Are new casino sites worth it? It’s the perennial question many new players ask themselves. In our experience, new brands are the source of innovation, and this is always a good thing in the industry. This means more intuitive bonus offers, but also more original games as well.

You will often notice that bonus spins by new online casino sites tend to be slightly more generous at new casino sites, whether this has to do with the wagering requirements or overall T&C. The type of casino slot games and table games you will find at such sites tend to be far more adaptable, available across numerous platforms thanks to the HTML5 technology to built such websites from the start.

We find most new casinos to be player-friendly, accessible, and ultimately rewarding. Three factors certainly make our team keen to study and review new casinos.

Live Casino Sites: Better Than a Real Casino

Live dealer casinos are great ways to immerse yourself and not just emulate a brick-and-mortar casino atmosphere but to live through it. Thanks to the live online casino games that set the bar incredibly high, you will have no hesitation believing you are enjoying a wholesome gaming experience in the company of a well-trained live dealer.

All table games are available as live gaming options, and new customers often find this level of immersion second to none. Even better, some casinos even create special welcome offer and promotions that specifically focus on the live dealer experience.

It’s our job to guide you to the best possible options, and we make sure to do just that. Yet, the casino that offers the best live casino games will certainly be a personal choice aided by our smart search tool and professional reviews.

Mobile Casino Sites: Game on the Go

New players are bound to be mobile users, and this means that any casino that can offer a seamless mobile experience is at a clear advantage. While conducting our research, we always pay special attention to the mobile optimisation of any platform.

Yet, for a casino to pass muster and appear on our list of recommended gaming sites, it absolutely must be mobile-friendly. This most often means a working mobile browser experience, but we don’t mind seeing a dedicated app if one is indeed available.

Far more important to customers and players, though, the mobile casino should offer the same functionality as the desktop version and intelligently. Casino Bee makes sure to approach mobile casino gaming with the right attitude.

In this sense, whether it is claiming the welcome bonus as new customers, getting some extra spins, or getting in touch with customer support, we examine it through our devices.

Online Casino Payment Methods

The quality payment options can enhance your gambling experience significantly. Furthermore, among various payment methods, you can find the one that suit your gambling style. These are the most popular deposit options you can benefit from for smooth transactions;

In addition to these options, there are numerous methods from giant companies. For a better understanding, we sorted them by their type. Keep reading to find out the types of most preferred services.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a familiar payment option for players to use at casino sites. They are straightforward, safe and convenient, and many players find them the perfect to deposit and withdraw with. Oftentimes, credit cards have great limits, too.


E-wallets and safety go hand-in-hand. When you use an e-wallet, you are effectively shielding a bit of your info, and the payment solution serves as a buffer between you and the casino. Lastly, e-wallets have very quick payouts as well.


The most advanced banking solutions casino make use of today are cryptocurrencies. They allow instant deposits and withdrawals as well as preventing KYC and AML verification delays.

Prepaid Cards 

Prepaid cards are the safest yet. You buy a physical card and then use it to deposit a specified sum of money, whether 20, 50 or 100 units of any given currency.

Instant Bank Transfers 

Instant bank transfers combine traditional banking wisdom and convenience with a quicker payment method. If you prefer to use banks for your casino deposits, this is the way to go.

Pros and Cons of Casino Sites


  • Great places where you can play casino games for fun and real money online without the need to be physically present in a casino
  • Some fantastic promotions are available for both existing and new players
  • Thousands of game genres and variations of popular brick-and-mortar casino classics that have innovative spins
  • Mostly available on desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms and allow for seamless transitions between numerous gaming platforms


  • Sometimes they lack the brick-and-mortar casino environment, which attracts the new customers the most

Game Providers: A Quick Overview

When visiting casino sites, you want to play the best casino games. That is why Casino Bee puts great store by reviewing the companies that provide you with slots, table games and live dealer games. We have gone into detail to ensure that players are always protected and have access to the type of game they wish to play.

The best suppliers like NetEntPlay’n GO, and Quickspin will make their games easy to play and compatible with numerous platforms, including desktop, mobile and tablet. You will be able to claim bonus funds and free spins when a great supplier is involved, too. For instance, you may get 50 extra spins on slot games like Starburst, or Book of Dead, as a welcome bonus.

To help you choose a casino game to your taste, we don’t simply point you to the best casino slots.

We go a little further and assist you in understanding each software provider and what they can offer back to new customers and existing players.

Popular Casino Games at Casino Sites

Some games will naturally be more popular. They may offer a great min bet or come with tons of free spins baked into the gameplay. The house edge in one version of an RNG blackjack could make it absolutely worth exploring, whereas the innovative approach a live casino has taken with another game can be more riveting than anything you have experienced online.

In any event, popular casino games are such for a good reason – players love them. Most of the casinos we recommend make sure to shortlist those games that have won accolades and praises from players. Let’s have a look at the main archetypes!

Slots: Best for Recreational Fun

Online slots are great games. They come with simple gameplay, yet you can spend your deposit bonuses playing slots and enjoy 100% contribution rates. Far more importantly, though, a slot game allows new players to choose from hundreds of scenarios, themes, and quests.

The baked-in features such as bonus spins, multipliers, megaway paylines, and bonus games are just the glazing. Overall, slots are inherently fun to play, and players do appreciate them!

Blackjack: Time to Get Competitive

Blackjack is a great game archetype, and Casino Bee tells you as much. The game comes with a slightly more competitive angle to it. The house edge is usually around 1% or even lower, but it’s always worth having a look. Some versions are cut-and-dry with a regular Hit, Stand, Surrender, Double Down, and Split option, but others will offer insurance bets, too!

Roulette: Know Your Strategies

Roulette is another game any casino member should try. Casino Bee is well-versed in all popular types, including French, European and American, but also the myriad other game versions that new players certainly appreciate. Whether you are looking for Immersive or Lightning Roulette, you can rest assured we know these games’ ins and outs.

Casino Sites with Sportsbook: The Occasional Wager

Casinos are increasingly fit to match any tense and preference, and this includes sports betting. New customers come for the iGaming experience, but often they are tempted by the opportunity to make a bet or even claim a bonus that extends to the sportsbook instead. That is why many platforms are beginning to specialise in curating casinos with sports betting, too, adding a new layer of experience!

Casino Bonuses: Have a Bit of Fun with More Funds

Bonuses are a delightful part of the experience. There is more than one bonus offer per player, too, and depending on what you are after, you can get free spins or bonus cash. New customers are always tempted by the casino sites with the most generous offers, and this is perfectly natural. You can usually rely on many great offers, such as:

Each of these categories is a part of the bonus experience you can expect to find at the top casino sites. Clearly, the welcome bonus takes some precedence as it’s the quickest way to get bonus spins and bonus funds at the same time.

However, you must remember to pay equal attention to the rest of the offers. Finding the right bonus offer is a matter of understanding how it works. There is always a min and max bonus amount to pick as well. That is why we recommend you keep a keen eye on the fine print before claiming any bonus. Also, only pick the bonuses that allow you to gamble responsibly.

How Casino Offers Work?

Casino bonuses are actually not difficult at all! They are mostly bound to something called T&Cs or, in other words, the terms and conditions. While every casino is free to establish the details, it’s safe to say that there are some common denominators here. When looking for a bonus, you ought to know that the way it works is determined by:

  1. Expiry date
  2. Bonus amount
  3. Min. deposit
  4. Other conditions

A separate condition is known as the “wagering requirement” is also quite important, but we will touch on it in a moment. For now, it’s good to know that every bonus is bound to its T&Cs and to guarantee yourself the best experience, you always must read through the terms. Should anything looks vague, make sure to reach out to customer support.

Wagering Requirements: Make the Most of a Bonus

The wagering requirements apply to almost every kind of bonus unless otherwise stated in the bonus T&Cs. The wagering requirement effectively tells you how many times you must play through your funds.

Sometimes this applies only to the deposit, but other times it’s to the bonus, or deposit and bonus at the same time. T&Cs will often vary, but the wagering requirement is certainly one of the most important things to look out for.

Welcome Bonus: A Good Start 

The welcome bonus is often the best way to get yourself started. Usually, it comes as a 100% welcome bonus. The offer basically tells you that your 1st deposit will be matched by 100% up to a pre-determined amount. However, you can get additional. Unlike other promos, the welcome bonus offer per player is just one. However, you can claim as many deposit bonus options as you like!

Free Spins: Best Bonus There Is!

To many new players, free spins are, without a doubt, the best promotion to claim. This means that you get to use bonus credits on your favourite slots, which is the best way to enjoy them! The bonus spins will come with wagering requirements, so make sure to read the T&C before you jump into spending your bonus funds. Afterwards, you can enjoy your spin winnings and fun!

Reload Bonuses: Powering Up

Reload bonuses are the most popular bonuses among seasoned gamblers. In essence, they are almost the same as the welcome bonus offers.

In short, they allow you to quickly top-up your bankroll and have more bonus funds to play around with. Unlike free spins, the bonus funds you get from a reload bonus can be used across numerous game types!

No Deposit Offers: Free Start

No deposit bonuses are often a great hook for new customers, as they should be. While T&C will apply in the case of no deposit options, they are very accessible as they don’t require any financial commitment on your part. Just register and claim your reward! Many gambling sites make sure to extend these types of promotions to players.

How to Find Trusted Casino Sites

Step 1: Read the Casino Reviews on

The first step is easy. You choose a casino site that you can trust. To figure it out, you can read the reviews prepared by Casino Bee and find the right one for yourself.

Step 2: Register Yourself

Now, you need to register up by providing all the necessary details without skipping any information.

Step 3: Pick a Juicy Bonus

With so many promotions around, you surely will have access to the best welcome bonus options, extra spins, and a great deposit bonus!

Step 4: Play Away!

Now that you are all set up, it’s time to play away. With thousands of titles available, you can enjoy your favourite game variants.


All in all, casino sites are great fun. They have much to offer, a bonus here and a free spin there, thousands of games and other flexible features. You can always take the experience with you on the go and stop and play at the websites that make you truly happy. With Casino Bee’s expert help, you will have no trouble finding the right site for you! And remember – always gamble responsibly.


Are casino sites legit?

Today, any casino site that has been licensed by respected authorities is considered legit.

Can you claim bonuses at casino sites?

Yes. Casino sites make it very easy to claim bonuses what the right bonus depends on what you need. There are welcome offers, no deposit bonuses, free spins, and more.

Do casino sites work on smartphones?

Yes. Modern casino site supports multiple operating system and devices. You can play from desktop, mobile, tablet and various OS.

How fast are casino sites payouts?

This completely depends on the casino and payment method you pick. However, it takes 0-74 hours, on average.

What is the best casino site for new players?

New customers should always choose a casino that meets high industry criteria for trust and reliability. That could be providing top-notch customer support, a good 1st deposit bonus, and RNG online casino games.