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Out of a galaxy far, far away and descending directly from its stars comes the Starburst slots from NetEnt. What is that made Starburst such a hit with the slot playing audience? On our Starburst slot review, we go over every single feature that made this game successful with online slot aficionados.

Game Providers:
RTP: 96.1%
Free Spins: 100
Volatility: Low


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If you have ever been around the orbit of the online slot games scene you are most likely familiar with this slot. Or, at least you’ve heard its name. Starburst came bursting into the scene when it first came out and remained steadily popular for slot gamers even to this day.

Starburst Slot Features

The game has a classic 5 reels and three rows gameboard that has no more than 10 winning combinations active across to deliver your winnings. The reels themselves are filled with stones glittering with otherworldly lustre. Each stone has a different colour to identify them in addition to each coming in a different shape with several different angles. Besides those, there is a seven giant seven number covering a blue balloon that looks suspiciously like our dear planet Earth. And, also, a golden ball with ‘BAR’ written across it in captions. The most important symbol here, however, is by far the game’s very own Starburst wilds which come as a multi-coloured eight-pointed star. That wild happens to also be the game’s very central feature.

Expanding Wild

Making its appearance in reels 2, 3, and 4 exclusively it’s this game central feature, the Starburst Expanding Wild. This star that burst with just so many multiple colours whenever appears on the screen does a couple of things you are sure to learn to love quickly when it happens.

First of all, as the very name of the feature gives away, the Starburst Wild symbols will expand upon landing. This means that, once it appears on the reels after a spin, the wild will expand to cover the whole reel it is in from top to bottom, replacing every other symbol that was in it. This, of course, means that your chance for winning combinations that can potentially get you some real money in your pocket shoot through the roof. But it does not stop there at all; there is more!

The Starburst Wild expanding symbols also have another trick up its eight-pointed sleeves. Once the expanding happens, the game gives you a re-spin completely free. The bet amount for that re-spin remains as the last bet placed the spin preceding it and, again, the re-spin does not cost you a dime. Thanks to that, there’s a chance you might land another Starburst Wild expanding on the rest of the reels still available for it and get another corresponding re-spin. Thus, potentially, you can fill the whole of reels 2, 3, and 4 from top to bottom with wild and reap some nice truly high winnings from there.

Starburst Slot Free Spins

Something that will definitely stand out as odd for seasoned players is that Starburst does not have a traditional free spins round. None, zero, nada.

In the whole game, there is not a single, defined free spins round for you to play at whenever you have a scatter symbols appear on reels. As a matter of fact, there are no scatter symbols at all for that very reason. Surely a very controversial choice for a developer on the league of NetEnt.

But hear us out, it is not a bad thing at all. What happens here is that the developer preferred to set the focus solely on the expanding Starburst Wild symbols, it is that feature that hogs all the interstellar spotlight here. The logic behind it is that the free re-spin that comes after the expanding wild symbols appear is, in essence, your free spins round.

We know, it’s not enough, right? Well, the audience disagrees in that regard. The game’s popular because the very same Starburst expanding wild symbol appears very frequently, in contrast with other games’ wilds. So, you will see them expanding rather more often than not and, thus, will get a free spin in the form of multiple re-spin scattered across.

Starburst Slot RTP & Volatility

NetEnt’s hugely popular slot Starburst has an RTP of 96.1%. What does that mean? That 96.1% of the proceedings of the game go to the player’s pockets, while the house gets the reaming 3.9% of it every time you bet there. And that is how an online slot game remains profitable, and rest assure they do this at land-based casinos as well through the house edge.

Regarding the volatility of the game, the Starburst slot game’s volatility remains set firmly on the low end of the spectrum. In other words, you can get a constant stream of winning will come your way at any time and won’t take many spins to come one after the other. The low level of volatility also means that, in light of the winnings coming often, they tend to also be low regarding the amount of money they deliver to your pockets. This is a fair trade-off that balances out in the end due to the spectacular wins the expanding Starburst Wild can help you achieve.

Starburst Slot Free Play

You can play Starburst for free at most certainly any of the new casino sites that carry the game on its roster. The thing about when you decide to play Starburst for free is that, well, you will not be winning any money out of it! Thus, to play Starburst for free is more of an act of testing the game’s features to get to see it in action before actually jumping in ahead and opening your wallet. Once you feel you are comfortable with the game mechanics, get ready to spin Starburst slot for real money online.

Play Starburst Slot Real Money Online

Are you ready to place your bets among the stars of this intergalactic adventure? Then go ahead and spin Starburst with real money online. Time to be bold and seek those intergalactic fortunes among many yet unexplored planets. But don’t you worry, you will not need to be boarding the next NASA-SpaceX flight out of this planet any time soon. Instead, simply choose one site out of our comprehensive list of the best online casinos to place your bets at. These are the best places where you can spin Starburst slot for real money online, check them out.


As controversial as it is for an online slot to not have a single free spin round, NetEnt made it work. Actually, it went way further than it is expected. It became one of the most phenomenal slot games ever. In this sense, Starburst is deservedly a hit among a library of hit that the developers can proudly exhibit. Get your space shoes on and have a blast in this intergalactic slot bursting with joy.

Why does the Starburst Expanding Wild not appear on reels 1 and 5?

Limiting the number of reels a special symbol such as the Starburst Expanding Wild shows up is rather common on video slots. The rationale behind it is to keep a balance between how often they show up to how much they give out. On Starburst you can see they are rather common to land and fairly profitable.

Is there a free spins round in Starburst?

There is no traditional free spins round to enter in the Starburst game. Rather, the developer went all-in on the concept of the Starburst Wild and the free-respin. Thus, in that sense, the re-spins act as a substitute. Due to their free nature and potential to chain various together in succession, you can still have spins at no cost in Starburst.

What is the biggest win in the Starburst?

You can win €50,000 if you happen to land three expanding Starburst Wilds covering rows two, three, and four from top to bottom when you set the max bet amount. Other than that, there is a 250x win for five golden BAR symbols on a single payline.

Slot Features Free Spins, Special Expanding Symbols
Release Date January 15, 2012
Game Providers Netent
Slot Type Video Slot, Progressive Slots
Reels, Rows 5 Reels, 3 Rows
Bet Levels €0.10 - €100
Scatter Symbol No
Wild Symbol Yes
Bonus Game No
Free Spins Yes
Respins No
Multipliers No
Jackpot No
Return to Player 96.1%
Volatility Low

Strategy & Tips on Starburst

Winning at slot games is a pure chance, but if you pay mind to some key aspects of it, you might just have a better experience overall.

  • Keep with Your Budget: Even if you are a high roller, why squander all your money mindlessly? A good rule of thumb for a slot game is that, if your funds go under the 30% of their total, you stop and rest to play another day.
  • Bet According to Volatility: The maximum win of the game is 250x, which becomes a significant amount of money regardless of how low your bet. Also, considering the fact that it is a low volatility slot game, you can win more frequently.

The Starburst wilds can potentially double that to €50,000. Since the volatility is low, bet low only for a little while after a win since another one is soon to come.

Game Providers:
RTP: 96.1%
Free Spins: 100
Volatility: Low


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