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Last Update: 12 Dec 2022, 12:34

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The present Privacy Policy is Casino Bee’s, hereafter referred as “the Website,” “Us,” “Our” or “We,” binding document that explains how we process information that you agree to submit automatically by visiting and reading the published materials on the Website.

We process personal data according to the strictest criteria of handling sensitive and personal information and establish clear statutory rights that comply with existing laws and recommendations for preserving such information in the first place.

This Privacy Policy doesn’t override any established data protection laws, nor is it intended to be interpreted as an exemption of these laws. The active statutory laws within each jurisdiction will be the ultimate guidance for directing the proper use of data.

Who Handles Your Data?

Casino Bee is the primary entity which stores and handles your personal data – to the extent set out by this Privacy Policy. However, as the Website continues to grow and expand, we may add partners who may then need data to conduct market research and help us optimise our offer as well as your user experience.

Any third-parties addressing your data will have a formal authorisation under an existing contract with us. The only cases when your data will be submitted to a third-party, and we would not be in direct control of this submission, is when and if Casino Bee merges with a new entity or changes its legal name as the result of a buyout by another company.

Shall this be the case, you will need to familiarise with the terms and conditions as well as privacy policy set out by the acquiring company.

What Personal Data Do We Use?

The nature of the data we obtain from you will vary over time, as we may add more functionalities to the website. However, in the event of such updates, we will reflect any changes in how the Website collects private information in our Privacy Policy. Presently, Casino Bee collects the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Age
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Email address
  6. Password
  7. IP address

The Website may claim ownership of any materials you may submit and want to publish here. We accept contributions as long as they add value to the readers. If you choose to volunteer any other form of information to the Website, we retain executive rights over the ownership of the materials.

Why We Need Your Personal Information and How Does It Help Us and You?

Collection of personal and non-identifiable information – in whatever degree – is crucial in establishing and optimising the website’s offer. We can specifically see what you need and expect to find published at Casino Bee and streamline our content policy accordingly. The following list outlines several popular uses of personal information that ultimately benefit you and us both. We use information to:

  1. To help create and manage your unique account.
  2. To establish what services and products are available to you.
  3. To send out promotional materials specifically tailored to your needs.
  4. To adjust what we display to you at the Website for optimal user experience.
  5. To improve the promotional materials that we send out to you upon request.
  6. To help you make a better choice of casino, bonus or game product.
  7. Other uses that pertain to the general user experience and user satisfaction

Please note that we only process and store personal information with your explicit consent. If you choose to register or use the website, you are giving us consent to handle your information in the ways specified in our Privacy Policy.

Who Do We Share Your Personal Information With?

We work with a number of third parties to help optimise the user experience for you. Casino Bee uses a broad range of website optimisation tools, such as Google Analytics and other associated Google products, Ahrefs, and other traffic analytics solutions.

Similarly, we work with partners in the iGaming sector who may request traffic and demographics. The information we share has the sole purpose of helping to optimise the offer for everyone involved and optimise our own offer as well connect you with the products you explicitly look for.

We Use Your Information for Direct Marketing

As mentioned before, the sole purpose of our data is to optimise the user experience for you. This includes direct marketing which you can opt-in and out of.

By default, Casino Bee will prepare promotional materials that will be forwarded to you in a bid to catch you up to date with all the latest details you need to know about iGaming.

You can control the extent and intensity of direct marketing by setting specific limits and communicating your wishes and preferences directly with the Website.

How Long Does the Website Store Your Information?

We retain your information for as long as necessary to conduct proper marketing initiatives. There are specific additions to this as well, such as what we are legally obliged to do with regards to keeping your information on our servers. When your data is no longer required, however, we will usually just delete said data. However, there are ways to restrict our use of your data as well as tell us what specific segments of information you do not wish us to use.

The Right to Be Forgotten

Above all else, you have a right to be forgotten. Emailing to [email protected] and requesting your information to be wiped out completely is your exclusive right. We will proceed to do so in agreement with existing legislation that may require a “grace period,” meaning your information will be removed and erased within the legally specified time frames.

You can additionally control several aspects of how we handle your personal information. The Website’s readers can request an account of how, when and to what extent their personal information has been used. You can limit specific uses of your personal data once we provide you with the information where your information has been used, or you can just email us and specifically request that we do not include your data in market-specific activities carried out by us or our partners.

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