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Last Update: 07 Feb 2023, 14:55

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The Terms and Conditions of our service apply to all users and readers of CasinoBee.com. Casino Bee has issued the following Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) as a binding agreement between visitors, readers and users of us, or “the Website”.

We hold these rules to be the basis of further interaction between our user base and our service or simply “the Website” as we will refer to Casino Bee hereafter. With this said, keep in mind that these T&C’s apply to every aspect of your experience with Casino Bee.

These rules may be amended at our discretion, but in such cases, the date of the update will be duly noted on this page. It’s the visitor/reader or user’s responsibility to keep himself or herself up to date with our Terms and Policy page.

Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Any Corrections

  • All users are required to comply and agree to the Terms and Conditions set out by the Service. In case you disagree, please discontinue any use of the Website.
  • It’s our right to continually amend the Terms in any way we see fits with our long-term strategy. All such changes are observed by law and strive to provide our users, readers, and visitors with a better experience. By agreeing to the Terms, however, you also agree to be fully responsible for keeping yourself up to date.
  • In case you are not entirely sure with an aspect of the website, we strongly recommend that you re-read the Terms or refer to our Privacy Policy page for additional details.
  • We may discontinue your use of the Website at our discretion without the need to state an explicit reason.

Use of the Site and the Service

  • The Service may only be accessed by individuals who are at least 18 years of age. If you do not meet this requirement, please discontinue any further use of the website.
  • None of the products the Service offers is designed or geared towards underage individuals and individuals who are not yet of the specific legal age.
  • Please keep in mind that the legal age of use of the Service may change depending on where you access the Website from

Our Own Intellectual Property

  • By agreeing to use our website, you agree that all the materials on the website are our exclusive property, or have been borrowed from a source and appropriately credited, and therefore you cannot copy anything, be that content, graphics, artwork, images, graphics, photographs, animations, videos, music, audio, text or any software concept that we have pioneered for the explicit use of our website. If we do find you in violation of this condition, the Website may and will bring a legal proceeding against the guilty party. For any credited work we use from a third-party on our website, you may access the material as per the licensing agreement of that party.
  • Any unlawful use of third-party content will bring its own legal repercussions that third-party may raise against you.
  • By using our Website, you agree not to violate our intellectual property in any way stated by the Terms or intellectual property protection law.

How You and We Use Content from the Website 

  • In cases where you wish to contribute content to the website, you can do so freely by reaching out to us in the established channels.
  • Any submitted content will become the exclusive property of the Website, and we may choose to credit you or retain full rights over the content.
  • If any user content is submitted to the Website, the users carry full responsibility for the submitted content. The Website cannot be held accountable for any content, which leads to financial harm in third-parties. Please read the Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for additional insight into what responsibilities the Website has.

Prohibited Activities on the Website  

By visiting our Website, you fully agree that you won’t participate or carry out, or be in any way related, to any of the following activities:

  • Try to breach any defences to gain access to other users’ personal or/and identifiable data.
  • Use the Website and the Service in any way that may be interpreted as breaking existing regulation and legislation.
  • Redistribute any of the Website’s unique and author content without an explicit agreement by our team
  • Try to attack or distribute the Website, infecting it with malicious software such as trojans, worms, viruses, and any other form of malware that may be damaging to the website, and specifically the readership and user base. Such unlawful activities will mandate legal response on our part.

Third-Party Content

As explained before, the website will contain third-party content. By agreeing to visit or use such content, you are presented with two specific conditions you must be aware of.

  • You accept that any third-party content lies beyond us and therefore Casino Bee will not be responsible nor guarantee your safety when leaving the Website to visit another, even if it is hyperlinked from our Website.
  • You agree that how you use any third-party content must be compliant with how said party allows the reuse and distribution of the content. The Website leaves it up to the user to establish this.

The Website mission is to provide readers and users with original work. However, we respect intellectual property and want to leave the opportunity to all those who feel we may have violated your intellectual property with an opportunity to request the said content to be taken down.

Please, in cases where you feel your intellectual property rights have been violated, get in touch with Casino Bee. With this said, we must remind any future claims that the majority of content and artwork, as well as translations, reviews, and guides you will find here, are crafted by our in-house team of writers, streamers, graphic artists, and video designers.

Our team works to deliver original work which undergoes several checks from our senior team to avoid plagiarism or any other harm to your intellectual property. Please, if you do bring up an issue like that, keep in mind we have the official artwork with the original date stamps which would, in most cases, prove our ownership of the product.

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