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VIP casinos should be your go-to casinos if you are looking for premium online casino games, exclusive bonuses and other top-class perks. Casino Bee knows that many players want to become VIP players to benefit from the sweetest deals at Casinobee’s best online casinos.

In this guide, you will learn more about what VIP casinos have to offer, including VIP benefits, high stakes games and first-class bonuses.

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Best VIP Casino Sites – Where to Find the Best VIP Casino Sites for Big Spenders

VIP online casinos can be an excellent choice, especially for those who consider themselves as a high roller. But it’s important to note that not all casinos offer VIP services to players. Some of the new online casinos that claim to offer VIP features and games may not meet players’ expectations. To avoid such cases and take advantage of the top online casinos, you can trust Casino Bee as we review the casinos’ VIP programs listed here.

Becoming a VIP Member at a VIP Casino

You need to understand what it takes to become a VIP member at an exclusive casino.

As you may have already known, VIP stands for a Very Important Person, which is what you become when you become a VIP player or join an online casino’s VIP programme. VIP players are among the most valued customers because they always came back.

Since VIP casino players are frequent gamblers, they tend to spend more cash than other players.They are most likely to deposit a lot of cash and play high-stakes good quality online casino games for real money. Such players deserve recognition and usually qualify for VIP deals that are not available to less active or new players. Generally, your loyalty to a particular casino will help you meet the requirements to enjoy premium features and offers.

How we select the best VIP Casinos



No matter whether we are reviewing a regular online or a VIP casino, our first priority is always the safety and security of players and their personal data. We always want to ensure that the casino is officially licensed and has a good reputation in the industry. Our team meticulously researches and checks the operator to ensure this.



While we always expect to see our selected casinos providing tried and trusted payment methods, there is an extra expectation of seeing the most innovative and rapid banking options for high-rollers. Those that are patronising VIP casinos should expect to see instant or quick transaction methods that are encrypted and safe to use.


VIP Scheme

A strong VIP program is essential for a VIP online casino; we expect to find plenty of benefits for players who are depositing big amounts, such as consistent offers for lucrative deposit bonuses, free spins and exclusive tournaments.  Anniversary and birthday bonuses are a plus too, along with a VIP service from assigned account managers and tailor-made deals.



High-roller games are a must at the best online casinos for high-rollers. This means having a fantastic selection of top-quality games from big-name software providers that push the stakes up for those wanting to bet higher amounts.

How can I be a VIP Member of a VIP Casino?

Very Important Person. I mean, everyone likes the sound of that, don’t they? But what is actually required to become a member at a VIP casino? Or reach that VIP status at the casino you’re playing at? Essentially, it’s all about a little loyalty and being able to invest the necessary amount of money into the casino. But we will give you a breakdown of the steps you need to take. 

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: Account

Supplies Needed: Time, Money

How to step

Step 1


If you want to join the leagues of VIP, then, of course, that means that you’ll be raising the stakes and inverting more money into the VIP casino of your choice. Therefore, to do this without running into any issues, you’ll need to make sure that you have a solid banking option that allows you to make the number of deposits and withdrawals you’ll require.

How to step

Step 2

Higher Bets

It’s to be expected that high-roller casinos for VIPs will have games with larger buy-ins and higher stakes. So, you’ll need to match the expectations of the casino with your own money to play the real money games. 

How to step

Step 3


The only way to climb the ranks of VIP is to stay loyal to the same casino; inverting your money into the VIP casino games as you continue to play is essentially earning you casino “store credit” and showing the casino that you will continue to play there. Which in turn means you’ll get more benefits.

How to step

Step 4

Regular Bets

Similarly to remaining loyal to the same casino, the operator for VIPs will also expect that high-roller players are enjoying the casino games regularly. This doesn’t mean you need to overdo it; you should still remain within your limits of time and budget.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a High Roller

Whether you play regularly at your casino or you have spent vast sums of cash playing your favourite games. It’s possible that you could be invited to join the VIP program at the casino. There are plenty of reasons why this would be beneficial to you as a player, although VIP schemes might not be for everyone. So, let’s break down the main benefits and disadvantages of being a high roller.


More lucrative bonuses to take advantage of Better wagering requirements More frequent promotions Special tournaments for VIPs Access to new games before others Tailored support and account management Quicker withdrawals


Need to invert more money to benefit Playing regularly is essential

High Roller Casino Bonus – Big Wagers Attract More Bonus Funds

As we said before, one of the key characteristics of VIP players is that they often deposit loftier sums of money and place massive wagers. These are players who have big stakes and are commonly known as high rollers or whales in the gambling world. Their massive bankroll brings a lot of money to the casino and thus gives them a chance to receive high roller casino bonus offers.

A lucrative VIP casino bonus allows VIP players who are high rollers to get more bonus cash and exclusive opportunities to play high stakes games. As a VIP casino player, you generally get more opportunities to win bigger prizes than other players in the same casino.

High Roller VIP Casino Bonus vs Regular Casino Bonus

A VIP casino bonus for high rollers is not like the typical welcome bonus offers awarded to most new players or the ordinary bonuses awarded to regular players. Notably, VIP online casinos offer high roller bonuses that are several times bigger than a standard welcome bonus.
When you look at the usual welcome bonus given to new players, you’ll notice that it’s an incentive to encourage new players to register and deposit. Such a welcome bonus rewards new players with extra cash on top of their deposit. For example, new players at an online casino may receive a 100% welcome bonus up to €200.
However, it is not the type of bonus you’ll receive as a VIP customer. Players with larger amounts of cash or those who consider themselves high rollers won’t be satisfied with a welcome bonus worth only €200. And that’s why bonuses that are higher in value come into play. A VIP casino bonus with a minimum deposit of €1,000 and a 300% deposit bonus is much better for whales.

VIP Casino Deposit Bonuses – Make Huge Deposits to Get Larger Deposit Bonuses

Just like other players, VIP casino players are eligible for first deposit bonus offers and promotions. The idea behind a casino first deposit bonus is to reward new players for making a deposit. However, your first deposit bonus is not the only deposit bonus you’ll get as a VIP.

Most casino sites will offer first deposit bonuses that are proportional to the deposit amount. The same happens at VIP casino sites, except that the bonus parameters are way higher as discussed below.

High Min Deposit Limits

Every deposit bonus you’ll find at online casino sites requires a minimum deposit. And there is a significant difference between the min deposit for the usual bonus and that of a VIP bonus. Ordinary casino deposit bonus offers usually have a low min deposit amount. For instance, depositors may be required to make deposits of €5, €10, €20 or €25 to receive your first deposit bonus funds.

But if you are a VIP player, you will have to deposit more to benefit from the available VIP treats. The minimum deposits for VIP gamers may range from hundreds to thousands of euros. This is not a problem at all because VIPs are willing to take risks for a potentially big win. They know that huge bets come with equally huge rewards.

High Max Bonus Limit

One of the benefits of being a VIP player is that, even though the minimum deposit is high, the maximum bonus limit is very generous. At a regular casino, the max bonus limit on your first deposit could be €200, €300 or €400. But VIP casino sites are willing to offer higher maximum bonus limits to VIPs. Therefore, your VIP bonus money limit could be €1,000, €,3,000, €5,000 or more!

Get Better Match Deposit Bonus Deals at VIP Online Casinos

Another crucial aspect of a VIP casino bonus is that the match bonus percentages are fantastic. The best most ordinary casinos can offer is a 100% first deposit bonus, which is pretty good. You might get this one as a VIP player, but remember that some VIP casino operators will offer something like 175%, 200% or 300% match deposit bonus. Similarly, the percentage could be the same, but the amount you can get could be over thousands, as mentioned above.

That’s something to keep an eye on if you want to have more bonus funds and boost your winnings. But you must remember to meet the wagering requirements to withdraw the winnings associated with your bonus funds. Generally, most of the bonus offers you will find at VIP casino websites will have the usual wagering requirements.

Free Spins at VIP Casino Sites – Get Bonus Spins Free of Charge

Your VIP bonus will not always come in the form of bonus funds. You might receive it as free spins. In fact, free spins are among the most popular bonus offers you will find at VIP casino gaming websites. If you are used to 20, 30 or 50 free spins for new players, Casino Bee is excited to let you know that there are better bonus spins than these at VIP casino sites.

That’s right, casino sites with first-class offers will give you hundreds of free spins. You will notice that some of the casinos recommended by Casino Bee on this site offer as many as 300 free spins!

One thing you should know about most bonus spins is that they are awarded on selected slot games. VIP and ordinary casino sites often award free spins on popular slot games like Starburst and Book of Dead. For example, you may receive 290 free spins on Book of Dead slot game.

Online slot gamers should be keen to make the most of the best bonus spins because they can win real money without spending.

VIP Club Benefits – Why Join Online Casino VIP Programmes?

The main reason to join casino VIP programmes is that you can benefit from rewards that are not available to other players. As a high roller who’s a VIP, you can count on fast-paced action, more bonus funds and exclusive rewards for VIPs only. VIP players will also qualify for larger cashback sums to keep playing even without depositing. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits for casino VIPs.

VIP casino players have access to exclusive promotions that aren’t released to other players on the site. This could be in the form of extra deposit bonuses, more free spins, access to new games and special prizes. Many casinos have levels to climb, too, so promotions become more fruitful as you climb the VIP ranks.

As you may imagine, high-rollers need to make bigger deposits which means that those playing at VIP casinos or as part of the VIP program will be able to make larger secure deposits. This is also reflected in the bonuses available too.

Those lucky players that join the VIP casino elite will be treated to the whole silver-spoon service, which generally includes a dedicated VIP account manager or team. These are on call to assist you throughout and can also dish out extra bonuses or help to facilitate deposits and withdrawals.

You wouldn’t be a VIP if you didn’t receive exclusive invites to special invites on the casino site. These may include premier tournaments for particular games with extremely attractive jackpots, or even invitations to play the newest and most innovative games before they are released to the rest of the player base.

Even though casino games are essentially underlaid by a large element of chance, players who have earned their stripes as a VIP will be well-accustomed to the games and the winning strategies that might propel them to a jackpot. As a result, VIP casinos must have a strong withdrawal process so that players receive money quickly and efficiently.

VIP Casino on Mobile

The best VIP casino sites have the needs of all players in mind, so they will offer a mobile-friendly version of the casino website. This means that you can access all the perks meant for VIPs using your smartphone or tablet. In fact, they know that you don’t always need to use your computer to access the casino.

You might wonder if mobile gaming is a great idea. Well, there is nothing to worry about because the mobile compatible VIP casino gives you access to all games, features, VIP bonus deals, and payment methods that are available on the desktop website.

VIP Programmes and Loyalty Schemes for VIPs at Online Casinos

VIP programmes and loyalty schemes are very important aspects of a reputable casino that values its VIP players. At VIP casinos, many of these initiatives involve the accumulation of comppoints or gaining VIP statuses to enjoy premium casino offers. At some casinos, comppoints refer to the loyalty points you collect for playing at the casino over time. The more loyalty points you get, the better the rewards.

Redeeming Loyalty Points for Thrilling Rewards

VIP players who are members of VIP and loyalty programmes can redeem their loyalty points for cash prizes and other rewards. If you want more than just cash bonuses, you can use your VIP status and loyalty points to enter tournaments, receive luxury items or enjoy paid trips. It all depends on what the selected VIP casino is willing to offer to its VIP customers.

VIP Club Benefits – Why Join Online Casino VIP Programmes?

The main reason to join casino VIP programmes is that you can benefit from rewards that are not available to other players. As a high roller who’s a VIP, you can count on fast-paced action, more bonus funds and exclusive rewards for VIPs only. VIP players will also qualify for larger cashback sums to keep playing even without depositing.

VIP Casino Experience – The Best Feeling Ever

Your VIP casino experience depends on the kind of treatment you get when you join a VIP casino site. To offer the best VIP casino experience, VIP casino operators take an extra step to personalise your offers. That way, they can give you tailored bonuses, promotions and rewards.

VIP Managers – Get Personalised Attention at VIP Casino Sites

If you stick with a casino and prove that you deserve more attention a VIP, you’ll start receiving personalised attention. To make this happen, the best casino operators work with VIP managers, who are experienced professionals to keep players satisfied. Your VIP account manager will work with you every day to make sure that you get whatever you need as one of the most-valued customers.

Moreover, VIP managers will identify and execute promotions and rewards programs that are just meant for you. They may keep in touch with you through various channels such as email, live chat and phone. This means that you the privilege to ask questions and get relevant responses faster than other players who are not VIP members. In this sense, your VIP account manager will make you feel at home and ensure that you have the best user experience as a VIP player.

Bets with High Stakes

VIP casino players usually place bets with high stakes because they want to scoop bigger wins. For this reason, the best VIP casino operators have a wide selection of high stakes games for their very important players.

High stakes bets can range from thousands to tens of thousands of euros. You must have a massive bankroll and the courage to place such bets. If you do, then don’t hesitate to check Casino Bee’s lists of VIP casinos with high stakes games.

Top High Stakes Games at VIP Casino Sites

Most common games at online casino sites have high stakes variants. VIP customers can play high stakes roulette, high stakes poker, high stakes blackjack and high stakes slots. Even live casino fans have access to high stakes live dealer games at VIP online casino sites.

Besides, most of the available games will come in different variants from various casino software providers. Those looking for high stakes roulette options can choose from American, European, and French variants.


In a nutshell, VIP casinos are the place to be if you consider yourself a VIP or high stakes player. These casino websites have premium deals for new players as well as existing customers. You can join them now to claim the largest amount of bonus funds, free spins, and other unique casino features.

Choosing a VIP casino is easy since we have listed the finest VIP casino sites here. Upon registration, you will receive an attractive welcome package, and more casino offers if you choose to stay. And lastly, don’t forget to gamble responsibly.

Barb Oguz

Barb has been in the iGaming industry for many years. From producing content to managing multiple projects, he has been contributed to many brands and websites across the industry. He has degrees on both translation and business. Today, he operates content writing and translation units at Casino Bee.

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Which are the Best VIP Casino Sites?

The best VIP casino sites are the well-known regulators and come with satisfying offers. In this sense, they offer huge bonuses, top-quality games and premium perks.

Can New Players Enjoy VIP Casino Benefits?

Most of the time, players have to stick with a casino to enjoy VIP benefits. However, some operators may offer special casino VIP bonuses upon registration, and this may require a higher deposit amount.

Do VIP Casino Bonuses Come with Wagering Requirements?

Yes, most bonuses at VIP casino sites have wagering requirements and other bonus terms and conditions. Moreover, most of the times, these requirements could be higher than the ones set for the usual bonuses.

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