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Casino games are fun, dynamic and easy to play, and today you can get to try them all. We covered everything you need to know about casino games and how to find the ones you like the most. Whatever the treat you are looking for, we have reviewed it and left a link to some of the best online casinos where you can play each game.

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Over the past 20 years, casino games have evolved to the point where they have become a staple entertainment product. Any player who sets out to enjoy an online gaming experience will not be disappointed with online gambling options, such as slot variants, progressive jackpots like Jackpot King, or table games like blackjack.

Over the years, companies have mastered how to create the most engaging online casino games, and today we bring you a full run-down of the top genres that each player should try!

As a result, there are tons of excellent treats to pick from, and you have thousands of possible choices polished by some of the best developers of the best gambling sites.

Types of Casino Games

Looking at what casino game to try next? It may be a good idea to start not with the games themselves, but the genres. You see, there are probably over 20,000 titles that have been created for gambling online, but we are fairly certain this number is increasing by the dozens every month, courtesy of the same software developers who helped kickstart the industry. Them, and a few new faces, of course.

Today, finding the right casino game for you is really not that much of an issue. Whether you are into online slots or casino table games, live casino titles, or craps, there always seem to be something that you will find and appreciate.

In fact, the industry has developed so much that you can sort the options easily. Do you want to play on the go via your mobile device? Or maybe, you want to find play with the high-RTP slots like Rainbow Riches to spend your bonuses.

Regardless, we have covered the most popular types of online casino games for you here. Make sure you read them all before you conclude your decision.

Online Slots: Oh, Yes!

Nothing screams variety quite like online slots. In fact, slot games are the reason why we have Internet casino games today. Whatever your favourite, whether that is slots like Book of Ra, Gonzo’s Quest, Rainbow Riches, or Mega Moolah, there seems to be no end to the free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds, and the occasional progressive jackpot you can enjoy. Better yet, companies like Big Time Gaming bring you an absolute blast with their Megaways features!

Slots developers have not been discouraged by the fact that there are thousands of slot machines already available. In fact, they are motivated to one-up all other developers in bringing you the best slot game, and the next, and the next.

Healthy competition means that you will end up with plenty of fantastic choices all by yourself. You may not know all online slots out there, but this shouldn’t stop you from trying them. Besides, most are available as free versions, and if you want to try real money online slot games, you have the free spins to rely on for a spot-on gaming experience.

Oh, and because slots are so popular, there are tons of bonus funds you can claim in the form of free spins and cash action for your favourite slot games, too! Not sure what to play first? Online slots are where the action is all at!

Blackjack: Hit or Stand

Blackjack is one of the oldest casino games. It goes all the way back to France and the 18th century, as do most games anyway! Known as Vingt-et-un, or just 21, blackjack is one of the most enjoyed titles today.

It offers great house edge, and at some brand new casinos, the theoretical return can exceed 100%, albeit you should always gamble responsibly and remind yourself that luck is always what determines your success in any online casino game.

There are many variants of blackjack, too, and they are all very much worth it. For a more satisfactory casino experience, though, we recommend always staying with the best payout versions of the game, as it will feel and play way more rewarding!

Roulette: Beware of Zero

Roulette is the absolute pick for those who love traditional gambling. Whether you play an analogous version, live roulette or the touched-up Lightning Roulette by Evolution, the game seems to come with elegance and engaging gameplay that few other exclusive games have been able to achieve.

Without a doubt, roulette is one of the most delightful games you can enjoy today. The game has many iterations, but you should always beware of the zero! Roulette is a game of almost perfect balance.

There is a 50-50 per cent chance you would either win or lose, or there would be were it not for the treacherous zero that gives the house its edge. Even with this edge, though, roulette is a mighty fun casino game to play. Better yet, your chance to win increases if you pick a single-zero version as opposed to two-zero version of the game and stick to a strategy.

Of course, a kind reminder by us is that players will always rely on pure luck to win at any online games offered by a casino.

Craps: Time to Shoot!

Craps is one of the most fun casino games you can discover. We are willing to stand by our statement. As a casino game, Craps focuses on a dice mechanic with a prediction element where you have to bet on what numbers, or a combination of them, will roll together.

Evidently, the game allows for many possible combinations, and the layout is one of the most sophisticated. But hold on, Craps adds a layer of excitement to your gameplay. The game is a very authentic experience, and if you train yourself playing online, you will find the brick-and-mortar version just as entertaining.

Baccarat: A Classic Casino Game

Baccarat is one of the classics of the online casino experience and not only. Go back 200 years, and bored French nobility was desperate for new ways to enjoy themselves. Skilled craftsmen designed and introduced them to baccarat, a game with only two types of bets, and very simple rules – perhaps to keep up with nobility’s own aptitude for casino games!

Never mind the story of its origin, baccarat is one of the many great games an online casino can offer you today. The straightforward gameplay makes it quite fun to play, and you will have no trouble whatsoever to get the hang of it, whether you play online or in-person.

Each site is free to offer as many variations of the game as it sees fit. For our part, we love the classic versions, but there have been quite a few iterations of late, and especially in the live casino verticals. We are fairly certain that players would appreciate those.

Poker: Video and Casino Hold’em

Some players are easily intimidated by poker. The game has quite the history and reputation after all. Yet, online casinos do offer it as one of their flagship titles. Granted, a good deal of the focus lies with video poker, and that’s alright.

If you are yearning for a more traditional casino poker experience, online casinos do offer various versions, such as:

  1. Texas Hold’em,
  2. Caribbean Stud
  3. and more.

In addition to these, you can find a few live versions for more authenticity. The paytables of poker titles are usually quite accessible, and you will enjoy some very tempting overall payouts.

There are many reasons why you should play video poker to be fair. It offers some of the most generous payouts, and this is something you would probably not want to miss out on.

While a game of video poker won’t help you clear bonus wagering contributions and wagering requirements quickly, it will certainly guarantee that you are having quite a bit of fun!

How Do Online Casino Games Work?

Casino titles aren’t as overly-complicated as you might fear them to be. To put it this way, they are based on complex mathematical algorithms, but getting them right to bangs shouldn’t be too much trouble at all! Every roulette or slot game out there comes down to the same point – a Random Number Generator, also known as RNG, that makes it possible to achieve a fair outcome in each title you play.

The RNG isn’t truly random per se, but this shouldn’t worry you. Thanks to “seed numbers” and a huge variety of possible outcomes, computers create so many different variances of each gameplay that a person may never successfully predict what the next outcome would be!

Now, the question is if this randomness changes across different games. Not at all! An online slot game operates on the same basic principle as a game of roulette, baccarat or blackjack, i.e. any table game runs. It’s a fun and reassuring thought, knowing that you don’t have to be particularly vigilant of the way each title works.

Moreover, some of the game providers are licensed and regulated by authorities, such as:

  1. The UK Gambling Commission,
  2. Alderney Gambling Commission,
  3. The MGA.

By simply searching the account number provided on the provider’s site, you can also check if the company is licensed and regulated. Additionally, expert companies like iTechLabs provide the information that the outcomes of these providers’ games are completely random.

Real Money Casino Games vs Free Casino Games

There are various upsides and downsides to both free casino games and real money casino games. Yet, for your comfort, we provide you with a full list and won’t let you guess! We prefer to focus on the positives, and that is why we will give you a good reason for playing any of these two types is actually a worthwhile experience. Nevertheless, here are the ups and downs of playing casino games both for free and for real money.

Free Casino Games

checked.svg Fun to test and study the titles before playing for real money

checked.svg Allow you to test strategies and learn more about each game

not-checked.svgMost of the live dealer games are not available for free play

not-checked.svgYou cannot win real money while playing for free

Real Money Casino Games

checked.svg The most fun to play casino games

checked.svg Offer more option to play, such as live dealer games

checked.svg If you play for real money, you can also get a bonus

not-checked.svgHave a real risk of losing money


What game to pick when there are thousands of viable options. It’s a question that all players ask themselves as casino players. Yet, once you get involved, the choice will be somewhat easier to make. We have a collection of game reviews that serve one specific purpose – helping you find those worthwhile choices that you know will make you have so much more fun!

Finding a game that is right for you is another important step to enjoying the best titles iGaming has brought around. Don’t hesitate to try any game that makes you happy. If you are still fishing for the right one, you can always check our online slot reviews!

Barb Oguz

Barb has been in the iGaming industry for many years. From producing content to managing multiple projects, he has been contributed to many brands and websites across the industry. He has degrees on both translation and business. Today, he operates content writing and translation units at Casino Bee.


What casino games are there?

There are numerous types of casino games. They include online slot games, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker, jackpots, and more. Each casino uses special filters to allow you to browse through its entire selection.

Can I play casino games for real money?

Yes, all casino titles are designed to be played for real money. Many offer free versions, allowing you to familiarise yourself with game rules and more. However, keep in mind that most live casino titles are not available for free play on every site.

Are casino games available on mobile devices?

Casino games are available on most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Players are free to choose a compatible mobile device to their preference.

How are live dealer casino games different from the rest?

Live casino games are played with a live dealer who accepts bets, makes sure you are entertained and announces results. The games are arguably more immersive and a preferred option for many customers and players. That is why today, millions of players play titles like live roulette at various online casinos.

What is the highest paying online casino game?

In terms of potential return-to-player rate, table games outpace online slots. However, in terms of maximum payout, progressive jackpots are the highest-paying games an online casino can offer.

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