We all look for something in a casino. Whether it’s a free slots bonus, quick banking, or a license, there’s always something that excites. For those dedicated players who love online slots, the availability of the best games comes first. But how do you find your way to the top games out there? Well, it takes a bit of research, a bit of intuition, and knowing what to look for. An online casino will usually offer a whole lot of outstanding slots.

You will have a free hand to pick from some of the most fruitful slot machines and video slots, 3D slots, and progressive jackpot games. New players will be excited at slots sites that bring them a variety of games. And what do we mean by variety? Well, these days an online casino could offer up to 3,000 slot games, and then some.

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There is no limit on how many games new players can find at online casino sites these days. One thing everyone expects, though, is a quality product that runs smoothly on any device. Meanwhile, there are some objective criteria you can use to pick slot games. We will walk you through these and more in our dedicated breakdown of the best online slot machines.

Best Online Slots – Where to Find Them

There are many criteria at play in determining which the best online slots are. Some people rely on the theme, and others depend on their intuition. From Starburst to Mega Moolah Absolootly, there are quite a few different online slot machines you can try. And, at least in theory, the higher the RTP, the better. These days a game with anything but 96% is considered not really worth your while.

However, as a more observant player, you probably know that some games released a few years back, might not meet this standard. They are still very much worth your time. And besides, a game that offers 95.60% in theoretical return can still be worth your while. For example, Mega Moolah is the world’s highest paying progressive jackpot game.

Yet, it only has 90% in theoretical return, at least according to the developer. Some have claimed that this number is closer to 94%. Either way, Mega Moolah can pay a lucky player millions worth of money. By this token, Mega Moolah is truly one of the best online slots we have had the pleasure to play.

Not surprisingly, the best games are usually available at the best slots sites. These sites welcome new players and offer them various promotions. You can usually pick from free slots bonuses and enjoy a fully mobile experience. Players will find their stay at such sites truly satisfying thanks to the choice of available slots online as well as bonus funds.

An online casino will come packing hundreds of games with an offer that grows at a quick pace to meet the highest standards in the industry. You will have access to a top portfolio 24 hours a day and play some of the most popular online slots. There are other things at play in determining whether a casino indeed has the best online slots to offer. They include its reputation, availability of bonuses, banking options, and customer support.

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What Kinds of Real Money Online Slots There Are

There are many different types of online slot games, and they are all worth talking about. Players often tend to gravitate towards a handful of recommended games. Yet, from the progressive jackpots to the classic slot machines, there is something worthwhile at every step.

Owing to the sheer volume of these slot games, they have been subdivided into multiple categories. That is good news, though, as new players find it much easier to find their way around popular slot machines, and some not as popular.

Regardless of the status of a game, the slot experience is an exploration you ought to take on your own. Real money slots online offer you some pretty cool features in terms of gameplay. You will find games with different pay lines, enjoy different storylines, play games with low, medium, and high variance, and naturally a different RTP with each title.

There are some baselines, of course, and the most commonly apply to the same type of games across several pre-selected types of online slots. We want to draw your attention to the most popular types of online slot games and see what makes them worth playing in the first place.

Classic – The Simplest

Classic slots are the simplest you can play. Many online casinos have stopped adding them because they are usually less appealing to modern players. Yet, there are online casinos that appreciate the value and uniqueness such games add. These games usually come with a limited number of pay ways and slightly more dated looks. You won’t necessarily find special symbols such as scatters or wilds either. Sometimes, these slots have only 3 reels and a single pay line.

For all of these drawbacks, the old-school retro slots of previous decades still fascinate even the most demanding players. Some players don’t mind the dated look nor the simplicity of the gameplay. In fact, it appeals to them. Players like the idea of “fruit machines” and “777 slots,” and often – this is the basic concept on which the modern slot experience is predicated.

Some of the noteworthy providers of classic slots today are Microgaming, Playtech, WMS Industries and Bally. There are others, of course. One of the most popular classic online slots is Chinese Kitchen by Playtech, which surprisingly offers one of the highest payouts.

Surprisingly, many companies have brought their classic slots portfolio to present day gaming. You can pretty much access all of the old-timer titles from any device. Classic slots are a blast from the past, and they will definitely be worth a shot.

3D Slots: All About the Graphics

There are many slot developers who implement 3D graphics in their games. Yet, there are one or two studios who go the full distance. NetEnt and Betsoft Gaming (BSG) don’t hesitate to add some of the best graphics to their online slot games. And, they are always spot on. BSG has a whole lot of outstanding titles you simply can’t overlook. The studio has developed brilliant games, and if you had to choose 3D slots from a single developer, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BSG.

Each game is brilliantly animated. But looks is not all that these slots have. They are mobile compatible, work well with just about any welcome bonus, and you can play for real money or in a demo mode. The experience is fulfilling thanks to a number of great features that are unique to this type of online slots.

Some of the best 3D online slot games you can try today include “Back to Venus” and “It Came From Venus” as well as Monster Pop. They are some of BSG’s latest and delightfully rewarding games. The payout for these games averages 97.07%, which is brilliant.

In fact, NetEnt’s games are a little behind BSG’s latest release in terms of pure return-to-player. Both studios spruce their 3D slots with tons of cool features, though. And so, in Back to Venus, you find Prickly Sticky and Respin, Sticky Asteroid Wilds, and Rocketship Free Spins.

All unique features that will make new players’ online slot experience worthwhile. If you are looking to play slots by BSG, we recommend Monster Pop. The game has an awesome “cloning mechanic,” allowing you to expand the reels with every spin, adding more pay lines.

The Most Popular Video Slots

Video slots are the main category of games you will find today. They are an absolute blast to experience and worth your while. These games are the backbone of any casino, and they run in the hundreds. New players usually head for these gems as soon as they pick up their welcome bonus. Now, it’s true that there is some overlap in the terms. Put this way; a video slot can have both classic slot and 3D slot elements incorporated in its visuals or gameplay.

It may even have a fixed jackpot. Take Pragmatic Play’s Wolf Gold, for example. It’s a video slot, but it still offers jackpots. But let’s just give a brief and reliable definition of video slots. These online games are the main type of slot you can play today.

They feature many exciting features, such as wild, scatter, and bonus features. You can benefit from free spins, bonus games, and other particular features developed for each individual game exclusively. Video slots offer you 100% towards your wagering requirements, making them one of the best games you can enjoy at an online casino.

NetEnt has one of the largest collections of such games, with hundreds of games just waiting for you to try them. Yet, there are many more awesome games you can play today. Some of our favourites include Book of Dead by Play’n Go, Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt, Thunderstruck II by Microgaming, or Book of Ra by Novomatic.

These slots aren’t nearly all. And how could they be when there are close to 20,000 online slot games you can try these days? Video slots are awesome for another reason, too. They have a flexible bet limit. You can bet between €0.10 per single spin all the way up to €125.

None of these betting limits is set in stone, of course. Some slots might ask for a little more – as in €0.20 and then keep the maximum bet no greater than €20. This usually depends on the particular game. You will generally notice that if a game offers a huge multiplier, as in 5,000x your bet, the maximum bet will be lower.

It’s Online Vegas Slots Baby

For a long while, before online casinos became as popular as they are today, the only place to play slots and have a blast was Las Vegas. The land-based industry was booming, and Las Vegas, Reno, and even Atlantic City were packing thousands of bulky slot machines. They do so as well today, but naturally, the online industry has been quicker to adapt.

Now, a true Vegas slot is referred to as a Class III machine. It’s based on a Random Number Generator (RNG), meaning each outcome is reliant on pure chance. At the time, the concept was quite innovative, but today it’s the absolute norm.

Vegas slots made it possible to enjoy a safe and secure online experience. Of course, there are many testing agencies that check casinos’ RNGs religiously. After all, the surest way to be sure all is square is fair is by having independent auditors.

As to the actual Vegas slots, they are games just like any others. They come with cool features and have progressed from somewhat linear experiences to games that feature many cool dynamics. New players still enjoy slot machines in vegas, as much as they enjoy them at online casinos.

Today, there are some 200,000+ slot machines available in Las Vegas, but in terms of game variety, you can rest assured that online casinos are all caught up.

Jackpot Slots – Where the Big Money Is

Jackpot slots must definitely be something you will appreciate. These types of slots are what excites players the most. The idea of landing a life-changing sum and calling it quits is one that fascinates. Yet, jackpot games need a little more understanding to make the most out of. These games will be split into two categories – fixed jackpots that never change and progressive jackpots – which increase with every bet players across dozens, if not hundreds of casinos, make.

Jackpot games usually have a lower RTP than their video slot counterparts. But the low jackpot is justified with the potential to win a big pot of money. Most progressive jackpots, such as King Cashalot, Major Millions, Divine Fortune, have a theoretical return that is somewhat below-par, but they pay over 1 million.

Games with a fixed, or smaller jackpot, such as Holmes and the Stolen Stones tend to have a somewhat better RTP, and usually on par with industry standards. True, these standards change rather quickly, and if 96%-97% RTP is a decent return today, it can quickly become dated.

In any event, to win a jackpot from either the fixed or progressive game, you have to fulfil some condition. Most games ask players to get three or more bonus symbols, so they have a shot at the big pot of money. So, most jackpots work in two steps – first, you trigger the jackpot level, and then you get a chance to win it.

While at the jackpots, let’s take a closer look and debunk a few myths about them. The so-called gambler’s fallacy always takes hold even of the most reasonable players. But here’s the thing – there isn’t a way you can boost your winning potential. There usually isn’t, so keep this in mind.

Megaways Slots: Over 110,000 Pay Lines

Megaways slots are a different kettle of fish altogether. The games completely change what you know about pay ways. Ten years ago, having 256 pay lines was the occasion for a small celebration. Then Big Time Gaming (BTG) came around, and they asked a famous question – what if we boosted the pay lines to over 100,000? Apparently, this has spawned an entirely new genre of slot games.

The Megaways Series was introduced back in 2015-2016 and is one of the quickest-growing genres today. The exact number of the pay lines is 117,659, but there are small variations to each offer. For example, in White Rabbit, the Megaways are “just” 248,832. The pay lines will vary, though, from one spin to the next.

To get the maximum possible payout, you will have to get 7x7x7x7x7x7 grid. Now, Megaways are also different in another way. You don’t exactly have “paying combinations.” Rather, you need to land identical symbols from left to right, and if you land enough of these symbols, you will then be eligible for a win.

New players might find this a little confusing, but most players agree that it’s easier to follow. After all, pay lines mean memorizing the patterns, which is hardly feasible. Megaways slots have become increasingly popular owing to their polished graphics and thrilling gameplay.

But Big Time Gaming – and any company licensed to develop Megaways Series – has also added other cool features. Free spins, multipliers and bonus levels are all part of the Megaways experience.

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Check It Out: Free Online Slots

As it turns out, there are plenty of online slots you can play for free. Is this worth it? Everything suggests as much. Free slots aren’t any different than the best slot games you will find at most top online casinos. In fact, they offer the exact same gameplay features. They are the same titles. In other words, you can play any video slot for real money, but then again, you can play it as a demo.

Are demo casino games any worse? Not at all! New players will have access to the same gameplay features, enjoy the same frequency of payouts and winning conditions. Basically, free online slots will help you study these casino games up close and decide if you want to play or move onto the next title.

The only downside of free casino games is that they are a little less exciting because there is nothing at stake. Yet, if you couldn’t care less about winning real money, then you can definitely have some fun with these games.

New Online Slots – Fresh Releases Around the Clock

There are dozens of slot games released every week. Studios are constantly developing new titles you can try and enjoy. The best slot game this week might pale in comparison with the games that come next week. And there have been many innovations over the years. We have enjoyed cascading reels, sticky wilds, expanding wilds, a special mechanic called “Skillz,” and “Swirly Spins.”

The list is quite lengthy. New online slots can be both regular video slots or branded games. There are some pretty cool branded slots that have released recently, including Leander’s Megadeath Slot and Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot. New slot casino games often try to make sure that players can enjoy a new theme or in the very least, some variation of a popular mechanic.

Of course, noticeable changes in the mechanics usually take a little while to take root, but they do happen. If you look at casinos today and ten years ago, the features and potential payouts have increased multiple-fold. Yet, there seems to be no cap on creativity, and the best online casinos keep slots coming.

Looking for the Best Payout Online Slots?

There are two ways to look at the best payout online slots. Certainly, a game such as Bloodsuckers by NetEnt will be on top of your list with 98% in RTP. Yet, it’s possible that fewer casinos feature it. The dynamic of a game also matters. Some slots have a better RTP, but they pay less often, due to a poorer hit ratio. So, when looking for the best payout, it might be wiser to not just factor the RTP. Some great games with awesome payout, though, include:

  1. Bloodsuckers – 98%
  2. Esqueleto Explosivo – 97.60%
  3. It Came from Venus – 97.07%
  4. Guns’ n’ Roses – 96.98%
  5. Thunderstruck II – 96.65%
  6. Book of Dead – 96.20%

There are more slots, naturally, but these are some of the time-tested games that will not only advertise a great payout rate. They will also honour it by remaining accessible and flexible. You can pick a first deposit bonus for any of these games and use your bonus funds without breaking a sweat. Most wagering requirements will cover all of the above titles, which makes them a worthy pick all the more.

Online Slots Tips

Just like all casino games, online slots rely on luck. There is no changing that. Every minute, hundreds of thousands of spins are made, and in that bonanza of spins, some patterns have emerged. For example, you can’t really beat the online slots, but you can follow some established practices to make sure you come as close as possible.

Each slot game will depend on chance. Yet, you can see to it that the slot game you pick offers favourable gaming conditions. Here are some popular tips on how to beat the best online games:

  1. Don’t go silly with the money you spend – always have a budget.
  2. Claim a first deposit bonus and use the bonus funds.
  3. Watch out for wagering requirements that aren’t worth your time.
  4. Don’t chase your losses and play with reasonable bets.
  5. Pick the slot game with the highest RTP and hit ratio.
  6. Play at casinos that are trusted by players.
  7. Always play responsibly and know when to stop.

Following the above tips is not a 100% guarantee that you would win. However, it would teach you the habits that most successful players have in common. Of course, there’s something new when it comes to slots, and being diligent in researching the best titles possible plays an equally important part.

Is there a best time to play online slots?

We have mentioned the pitfall of the gambler’s fallacy. The belief that through some miraculous alignment of events, you can boost your chances of a win. Well, disappointingly as it is, there is no best time of the day to play. In fact, you can argue that the best time to play is whenever you feel lucid enough not to make silly mistakes. Don’t play when tired or when you feel down.

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Bonuses to Play Online Slots

There are many bonuses you can claim -from the welcome bonus to the signup offer, to the first deposit. You will always find something different and fresh to try your hand at. Let’s have a look at some common offer casinos usually have to extend to players.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is usually a combination of two things – the funds you get on your first deposit and some free spins added later on. Both are subject to T&Cs, and both will boost your potential payouts. The deposit you make can be as little as €10, and yet, you will probably claim the full amount of the free spins. In fact, most deposit bonuses at casinos are really handy and definitely worthwhile. Then again, don’t forget to check the T&Cs

Free Spins

While you might be a little hesitant with a deposit bonus, free spins are always a good idea. All you need to do is opt into the promo, stick with the T&Cs, and you will benefit in some way. Many players agree that free spins are the best possible offer you can get your hands onto.

No Deposit Free Spins

Even better now, there are no deposit free spins bonuses. This type of promotion doesn’t require any deposit and has very simple T&Cs. Definitely one of the best bonus offers a casino can extend to players.


Online casinos and slots have a lot to offer. You will find most games to have dynamic gameplay, paying small and big sums, and generally very easy to get into. Players do agree that over the years, slots have become a whole new experience. There are not as many linear mechanics these days, and personal choice is becoming a more viable element of the gameplay. Sure, most studios still offer games that stick closer to the traditional experience, but the introduction of the Megaways is just one of the many great changes to come.


Which online slots payout the most?

The best online slot game out there is the progressive jackpot. No other slot holds the potential to pay millions worth of cash off a single spin.

Can you win money playing online slots?

Yes, all slots offer real money gameplay. You can win an unlimited amount, but this will depend entirely on luck.

Can I play slots for free?

Yes, every slot can be played for real money as well as for free. The free version is completely identical to the real version. The only difference is that you don’t bet nor win real money.

What are high RTP slots?

High RTP slots are considered any games that offer at least 96% in theoretical return. Today, you can see many games that start to offer 97% and more and the trend is for these games to increase their potential return.

Can I rely on my “skill” to win more from slots?

No. Slots are completely random and you cannot do anything to influence the outcome. All you can do is play reasonably and pick free spins and deposit bonuses to extend your sessions and hopefully hit a win.

Are slots safe and legitimate? Can you rig a slot game?

In theory, you can rig a slot game, but the truth is that if you play with a licensed and respected casino, the chances of that happening fall dramatically. Each slot game is subject to a Random Number Generator (RNG), which means every outcome is fair.