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Withdrawal: Instant

Payment Types: Crypto

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icon.svgSecure transactions

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icon.svgAccessible anywhere and anytime

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lucky7even casino
Lucky7even Casino
available Germany
Launch Year Binance Pay
4.5 Review Info
WAGMI Casino
available Germany
Launch Year Binance Pay
4.3 Review Info
big wins casino
Big Wins 
available Germany
Launch Year Binance Pay
4.2 Review Info
BC casino LOGO
BC.Game Casino
available Germany
Launch Year Binance Pay
4.2 Review Info
legzo logo
Legzo Casino
available Germany
Launch Year Binance Pay
4 Review Info
metaspins casino
Metaspins Casino
available Germany
Launch Year Binance Pay
3.8 Review Info
weiss bet logo
available Germany
Launch Year Binance Pay
3.2 Review Info

Easy and Safe Transactions 101 – Introduction to Binance Pay Casinos

Contactless payment methods have become popular, and Binance Pay casinos has been one of the driving forces for the crypto casino industry. Crypto lovers who want to enjoy playing online will find this payment method perfect because it fosters instant deposits and withdrawals. And as a result, the popularity of Binance Pay casinos has increased. 

This payment method is more exciting because it utilises crypto technology designed by Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. If you’re familiar with cryptocurrency, you’ll likely know about the Binance ecosystem. Therefore, you can pay and receive payments in crypto at various online casinos without stress. 

You don’t need to master a complex process. All you need is to find the best Binance Pay online casinos to join, and you can get started. To help you with this, we’ve created this detailed guide. With it, you can learn more about online casinos that accept Binance Pay and know how to begin. 

How Do We Review Binance Pay Casinos


User Interface and Experience

The casino’s user interface is one of the best ways to determine how the experience will go. At first glance, you can tell if it will be worth checking out. As a result, we take first impressions seriously. After that, we look around the casino site to see what is available and missing. We can then rank them based on our findings. 


Casino Game Collection

Another area we pay attention to is the casino’s game library. We take our time to explore the different games available. We check out what titles and genres are available. In that case, you can always count on us to only list online casinos with the best range of games from top-notch developers. 


Bonus Portfolio

We also check out the casino’s bonus portfolio. In this case, we consider the different offers the casino lists. We check if newbies and active players get something at the casino. So, the more offers are available, the more interesting we find the platform. We also take time to check the bonus terms for more information. 


Available Binance Pay Payment Method

We take our time to evaluate the casino’s payment method list to see if Binance Pay is part of the primary payment options. We even check if the casino has exclusive offers for players that use Binance Pay. That way, we can recommend top Binance Pay casinos to our readers, and you can enjoy your experience.  

New Binance Pay Casinos

CasinosYear Casino


Big Wins Casino


Metaspins Casino


Wagmi Casino


How to Use Binance Pay in Online Casinos

Using Binance Pay at online casinos is straightforward, although you must understand how Binance works and have an account before you start. In that case, follow our instructions below to learn how to use Binance Pay as your preferred payment method at an online casino that accepts this option. 

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: Account

Supplies Needed: Time, Money

How to step

Step 1

Create a Binance Pay Account

The first step is to have a Binance Pay account. You can go to the Binance website or download the app on your mobile device to start your registration. Follow the instructions and provide the necessary documents to complete your account registration. After that, fund your Binance account and buy a cryptocurrency such as USDT, ETH, BTC, LTC, etc. 

How to step

Step 2

Go to the Casino Cashier Page

Once you have a Binance Pay account, go to a casino that accepts Binance Pay, register and log into your account. After that, go to the cashier page to kickstart your deposit journey. Once you’re on the cashier page, you’ll receive a list of payment options. 

How to step

Step 3

Choose Binance Pay

Select Binance Pay as your preferred payment method on the payment method list. Once you do that, you must get the casino’s crypto wallet address. You can use the QR code scanner on your Binance Pay app to get the wallet address or manually enter the address into the appropriate field. 

How to step

Step 4

Complete Transaction

Enter the amount you want to deposit and confirm the transaction. If you didn’t make any mistake or miss a step, your account should be credited within a few seconds. If you can’t see the money automatically, you can refresh the casino page, and there should be changes. 

Best Binance Pay Casinos by Category


Best Welcome Bonus Offer

BC.Game Casino

Overall Best Binance Pay Casino

Fairspin Casino

Best New Binance Pay Casino Casino

Best for Free Spins

Legzo Casino

Best for Mobile

Lucky7even Casino

Facts About Binance Pay Casinos

Binance Pay is a part of the Binance ecosystem, a conglomerate of features that enable users to explore exciting areas of the cryptocurrency world. With Binance Pay, making and receiving payments with your cryptocurrency is easy, especially if the receiver or sender is also in the Binance ecosystem. 

About Binance

Before we can talk about Binance Pay, we must first mention Binance because the payment method is built on the company’s system. Binance is a crypto exchange platform that showcases over 350 cryptocurrencies worldwide. The platform allows users to trade, exchange, send, and receive cryptocurrencies with little stress. 

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency ecosystem and has built a trustworthy platform since its introduction in 2017. The company offers more than the standard exchange features. It also allows users to earn cryptocurrencies in different safe ways. And in addition, to make crypto transfers more user-friendly, they introduced Binance Pay. 

What is Binance Pay?

In simple terms, Binance Pay is a borderless, contactless, and safe cryptocurrency payment solution created by Binance. It allows users to send and receive crypto from friends, family, business partners, and others worldwide. Binance Pay is also available for e-commerce merchants and online casino operators to receive and send payments for their businesses. 

Binance Pay currently supports more than 300 cryptocurrencies. So, it is easy to get the job done because the list includes popular crypto coins and some new altcoins. You must understand that using this option might attract certain fees. It helps to understand the fees and waivers when using the platform. 

 Binance Pay casinos

How Binance Pay Works

Binance Pay is a standard traditional payment method allowing you to send and receive payments. But instead of fiat currencies, it is for crypto. It has a similar working system as your regular payment method. 

  • You have to set up your payment preferences, including your Payment Priority Order, which allows you to select the crypto coin your want to use in order of preference. 
  • Additionally, you can use Binance Pay to shop on the Binance Marketplace. It will give you access to supported businesses in the Binance ecosystem. That way, you can complete transactions without stress.  
  • And if you want to accept payments through Binance, you can also set up your business to accept payments through Binance Pay as a merchant. 

Who Can Use Binance Pay

As long as you have a Binance account, you can use Binance. The feature is automatically available once you own cryptocurrencies in your verified and active Binance account. So, to use this payment method, you must go through the steps to create an account on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

You can download the Binance app on your mobile device for faster access. Make crypto payments online and use the QR code scanner to complete payments. It helps when you understand the steps. Also, ensure you understand what’s involved whenever you want to use this payment option, especially with charges. 

Binance Pay and Online Casinos

Since Binance has become a big player in the crypto world, it is a popular option for players who want to use cryptocurrencies to play at online casinos. As a result, Binance Pay is gaining traction among the growing crypto casino community to the extent that some traditional online casinos are listing it as part of their payment methods. 

Nowadays, we’re seeing top Binance Pay casinos enter the system and take players’ gambling experience to another level. Players can now enjoy more exclusive offers with this payment method. The exciting part is that finding a top online casino accepting Binance Pay is not difficult since the numbers have increased. 

Deposits & Withdrawals in Binance Pay Casino Sites

Depositing and withdrawing at online casinos is possible with Binance Pay. You can get the job done without stress. Since Binance Pay is secure and safe, it is a good choice for players who want a fast and reliable casino payment method. And if you know about cryptocurrencies, you won’t have issues using this payment method. 

Once your Binance account is complete and you have an account with one of the best Binance Pay casinos, you can deposit and withdraw with the payment option. And the good thing is that with Binance Pay, you can select different crypto coins instead of sticking to only one when you use the other cryptocurrency payment methods. 

Steps to Deposit with Binance Pay

To deposit with Binance Pay, follow the steps we’ve highlighted. You should know that it is straightforward, and if you’ve made payments with Binance Pay before, you won’t have issues using this payment method. 

  • Choose Binance Pay from the payment method list.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  • Decide if you want to scan the QR code with your Binance app or send funds from your account. 
  • Follow the instructions based on your decision.
  • Confirm your payment.

Once you’re done with the transaction, your account should be credited within a few seconds. Afterwards, you can go to the casino’s game library to pick the game you want and try your luck to win a substantial payout. 

Steps to Withdraw with Binance Pay 

Withdrawing with Binance Pay is straightforward. It is not very different from when you use other payment methods, especially if you’re familiar with e-wallet payment options. Once you understand the steps, you can complete the process and get money into your Binance wallet within a few minutes. 

  • Select Binance Pay from the withdrawal payment methods.
  • Enter the amount you want to Withdraw.
  • Provide your Binance Pay ID.
  • Confirm your withdrawal.

Once you’re done with the steps to withdraw with Binance Pay, sit back and wait for your money to arrive. If you don’t make any mistakes, you should receive the funds in your wallet within a few minutes. At most, it won’t take up to 24 hours for your money to arrive. 

Payout Times & Fees in Binance Pay Casinos

One thing you can trust with Binance Pay is that your transaction won’t take time. This payment method allows players to complete transactions within a few minutes, and since it is a cryptocurrency payment processing solution, verification doesn’t take time. Therefore, even if it is your first transaction, you should receive the payment fast. 

Regarding fees, most top Binance Pay casinos don’t demand extra fees for deposits and withdrawals. However, Binance Pay might charge transaction fees, especially if it involves payment to third-party platforms. In that case, you should check if you’ll need to pay transaction fees when you use the payment method. 

Everything about Binance Pay Casino Bonuses

Everything about Binance Pay Casino Bonuses

Binance Pay casinos offer players various bonuses. These casinos let you enjoy different offers from when you complete your registration. Sometimes, you have to deposit before claiming the first bonus. Other times, you don’t need to deposit. The type of offer you will get at the casino depends on the one you select. 

In that case, we want to break down the bonuses you can enjoy when joining an online casino. Some casinos have exclusive bonuses. So, we will focus on popular casino bonuses and the best Binance Pay online casinos offer.

Welcome Bonuses

One of the most common bonuses at Binance Pay casinos is the welcome bonus offer. Although most casinos offer welcome bonuses, they vary from one casino to another. So, what you’ll get depends on the casino you join. The good thing is that some casinos combine the welcome offer into a package. Below are some exciting welcome bonuses at most Binance Pay online casinos. 

  • No-deposit Welcome Bonus: This offer is straightforward and delivered to the player once they register. It is an exciting way to start your gambling process. And the good thing is that if you’re lucky enough, you might even win a substantial payout to start your journey with minimal risk. 
  • Deposit Welcome Bonus: As there is a welcome no-deposit bonus, you will also find a welcome deposit bonus. In this case, you must deposit before claiming the casino’s welcome package. This bonus is a way to give you more chances to win a payout. It also helps make your gambling experience smoother. 
  • Sticky Welcome Bonus: Online casino deposit welcome bonus offers vary. In some cases, the deposit and the bonus money are combined. When this happens, they are referred to as a welcome sticky bonus. So, you must wager the deposit and bonus amount before withdrawing your money. 
  • Non-Sticky Welcome Bonus: The opposite of the sticky bonus is the non-sticky offer. And with this offer, you don’t need to wager the bonus and deposit money. So, you can only focus on fulfilling the wagering requirements using the bonus money. We believe it is the better of the two, but they usually come with a higher wagering requirement. 

Reload Bonuses

As we have offers for newbies, most Binance Pay online casinos also have bonuses active players can enjoy. These bonuses are usually recurring. They are easy to claim and ensure your gambling journey is protected. Once you fulfil the conditions, you’ll receive the offers. We’ve broken down some reload bonus types below. 

  • Weekly Offers: At some casinos, you’ll receive weekly bonuses. These offers might be on a specific day. For instance, you can get a Reload Wednesday, and when you deposit on Wednesday, you’ll get a percentage as bonus money. Some are not specific. You can claim them any day of the week. 
  • Daily Bonuses: Some casinos let you enjoy bonuses daily. You can claim an offer when you deposit and play casino games every week. It helps to increase your chances of winning and puts you on the path to a substantial payout. You can even enjoy more bonuses if you’re a high roller. 
  • Monthly Rewards: Sometimes, you might be eligible to claim a monthly reward. So, you can claim the offer when the new month comes around. But you must understand the terms because, in some cases, you might need to deposit a certain amount from the previous month to be eligible. 
  • Seasonal Promotions: Some Binance Pay casinos also let you claim bonuses on special occasions. These offers are designed for seasonal periods like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and other global public holidays. You can enjoy these offers to make the most of the good tidings and try your chance to win more money. 


When you play online, remember that you might lose money. It helps to know what it entails before jumping in, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the gambling industry. Many experts might promise strategies to help you win, but avoiding losses is impossible at online casinos. 

As a result, many casinos look to help players cushion the effects of losing. So, they offer a rebate on your losses over a period. It can be a week, month, or day. It all depends on the casino you join. Cashback bonuses help improve your gambling experience and your chances of recouping your losses. 

Free Spins

You can also claim free spins when you join some Binance Pay casinos. These free spins are special bonuses for slot fans. So, if you enjoy spinning the reels on slot machines, you can enjoy your gambling experience with free spin bonuses. 

You should understand that these free spins can be a standalone bonus or part of the casino’s welcome or reload bonus package. Also, note that some of these free spins are for special games. Be sure to check before you claim the offer. 

Checklist Before You Choose a Binance Pay Casino

Before you pick a Binance Pay Casino, it helps to understand factors that can help you spot better options. To help you do this, we’ve highlighted some things you should add to your checklist. That way, you can easily spot the right gambling site to join. Check them out to make your experience better.

One of the first things you should check is the casino’s security and license. Ensure you’re playing at a legitimate casino. You can if they have an active license. However, some top Binance Pay online casinos don’t have a license. So, you can verify their legitimacy by checking the casino’s online reputation. Look at what other players are saying about the casino. 

Another area to check is the casino’s customer service. You might encounter an issue whenever you want to play, but it can take time to resolve it if you don’t join the right casino. So, take your time to confirm if the casino has an effective customer support team. Also, look at the support channels to see if they are enough and readily available. 

You should also check out the casino’s game collection. Check out the different games available. Look for slots, table games, live dealer titles, and other casino games that can make your gambling experience better. Additionally, you should check if the casino has an impressive filter system to help you navigate the site without stress. 

In addition, take your time to look at the casino’s bonus offers. It helps to know what kinds of promotions are available. The more the offers, the better. However, you should also consider the bonus terms. Some casinos have many offers, but the terms make some unworthy. As a result, check the wagering requirements and other conditions to know if the bonuses are worthwhile. 

Pros and Cons of Binance Pay Casinos

Binance Pay casinos are among the best platforms to join. These casinos have some interesting benefits you will enjoy whenever you choose them. And if you know how cryptocurrencies work, you won’t have a problem using this payment method. The good thing is that Binance Pay Casinos are now more popular. 

The only problem is that they also have downsides that you should consider. These casinos have some cons. So, before you join a Binance Pay Casino, check out the pros and cons. That way, you’ll have access to incredible insights that will teach you all you should know before starting. 


Instant transactions Exclusive bonuses Higher transaction limits Access to useful casino community Safe and secure


Requires knowledge of cryptocurrencies Fees might apply

Binance Pay Casinos vs. Bitcoin Casinos

Like how we have Binance Pay casinos, there are other exciting alternatives you can consider. These alternatives also offer different experiences that will help make your gambling journey smoother. With that, you will have something to make your adventure more profitable and memorable. You might even win a substantial payout. 

One alternative to consider is Bitcoin. This payment method is among some of the most popular options in the online gambling world. You can use Bitcoin to fund your casino account and withdraw whenever you have enough money to cash out. But before you decide, let’s compare both methods and see their differences and similarities. 

Binance Pay Casinos

checked.svg Can use multiple crypto coins

checked.svg Exciting bonuses and incentives

checked.svg Secure transactions

not-checked.svgNot as popular as Bitcoin casinos

not-checked.svgBinance Pay fees might apply

Bitcoin Casinos

not-checked.svgLimited to only Bitcoin

not-checked.svgUnderstanding of Bitcoin is crucial

checked.svg Extensive availability

checked.svg Access to more games and casinos

checked.svg Fast deposits and withdrawals

Why Use Binance Pay at Online Casinos?

Using Binance Pay at online casinos has its many benefits. If you want reasons to choose this payment method as your preferred option, consider the benefits we’ve highlighted below. You can check them out to see if they fit into your style and can help make your gambling experience better.

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be effective in payment options in the online gambling industry. So, with Binance Pay, players can take it up a notch because they’ll have access to multiple crypto options. In that case, you can deposit and withdraw with various cryptocurrencies. The good thing about this is that they are fast and reliable. If you know how the Binance ecosystem works, you can tell you won’t have issues sending money to the casino’s account. And when you want to withdraw, you can easily receive funds in your account without stress. 

With cryptocurrencies, there have been more gambling opportunities in the online casino world. Players can now have access to a more expansive gambling environment. Sometimes, you don’t even have to worry about KYC verification because some casinos allow you to gamble anonymously and enjoy your privacy while you try your luck. You can also access higher gambling limits, meaning you can deposit and withdraw more than at a standard gambling platform. Crypto gambling opportunities are making the gaming world more exciting, and the good thing is that you don’t have to worry about many of the restrictions from standard online casinos. 

With Binance Pay, you’ll have access to some incredible gambling experiences. The exciting part is that using this offer will give you access to more bonuses that will make your gambling journey smoother. You might even get more incentives as you continue playing at the casino. The good thing is that there are minimal restrictions. When you choose the right casino to join, using Binance Pay will let you enjoy bonuses that will improve your gambling experience. You can easily access some exciting gambling features. The terms are also favourable because most of these casinos look to make your time worthwhile and attract more players. 

Better Security and Safety

Alternative Casino Payment Methods to Binance Pay

There are different alternatives to Binance Pay to use at online casinos. These alternatives have their pros and cons. However, they do offer their unique selling points. You can always consider a trustworthy option from the list and pick them if you want to use an alternative instead of Binance Pay. 

  • Mastercard: One of the top alternatives to consider is Mastercard. It is a reliable payment method that allows you to deposit directly from your bank account. You can use your Mastercard debit or credit card to complete transactions at various online casinos without stress, although it might take time to process withdrawals. 
  • Skrill: A close payment method to Binance Pay is Skrill. Both allow you to send and receive money into your wallet account. However, with Skrill, you’re dealing with fiat currencies. So, if you want to play at an online casino with crypto, you should consider Skrill as an alternative to Binance Pay. 
  • Neosurf: This prepaid card payment method allows you to make fixed deposits. Its operation differs from Binance Pay, but it offers a fast and reliable payment solution that allows you to deposit without stress. The only problem is that you can’t withdraw your money with this method. 
  • Bitcoin: If you want to use crypto but stick with one coin, consider Bitcoin. Many casinos list Bitcoin as part of their payment options. So you can use it to deposit and withdraw money. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world, and it offers a fast and secure payment service for casino players. 

Most Trusted Binance Pay Casinos by CasinoBee

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Thunderpick Casino



Binance Pay is an incredible payment option to use at online casinos. Although we’ve not had many years with this payment method in online gambling, its popularity is massive. This payment method is the perfect choice for crypto gamblers because you can use multiple coins instead of one. Also, you can enjoy various bonuses at Binance Pay casinos. 

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How fast does it take to make Binance Pay withdrawals at online casinos?

You can make Binance Pay withdrawals once you have enough money about the minimum limit, and within a few minutes, you should receive your money.

Does Binance Pay casinos accept other payment methods?

Most Binance Pay online casinos accept payment using other methods.

Can I get a bonus using Binance Pay at online casinos?

You can get a welcome bonus and other incentives when you use Binance Pay at online casinos.

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