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Account blocked with my money

Disputed amount: 568 USD

Time for GGBet Casino to respond: 12/09/2023 9:13


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Disputed amount: 568 USD

Posted: 2023-09-05 09:09:13 closed my account. Login is not possible. Withdrawal is not possible.

I sent my passport. I sent them a confirmation image with my face and ID. Despite all this, I am unable to log in and unable to withdraw my funds.
I invited a relative to play at, he doesn’t have a computer and I offered to play on mine so that it would be convenient, he lost money and didn’t play anymore, I went into my profile and lost 10 bonus dollars that I was given for entering it and making a deposit played a little but lost then made a deposit again and won 568.99 dollars while playing, they wanted to verify that I passed but I was blocked for, as they say, abuse of bonuses, these scammers do not even want to return my money to me

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