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Almost becoming 6months but my withdrawal €600 EURO not received yet.

Disputed amount: 600 EUR


Time for Wazamba Casino to respond:



Disputed amount 600 EUR
Posted: December 26, 2021

THIS site Wazamba.com , also these sites don’t give the withdrawal, not a single cash out even you been depositing almost everyday continuously for six months, they don’t care because these linked with neteller or skrill, if you deposit by neteller and ask for cash out during quick or instant verification again they will ask for details, where it shows clearly the page where your name , add and postal which shows that’s is ewallet is belongs to this owner. However, when you snap shoot and submit accordingly, the shit neteller will mail you regarding leaking you info, that why closed the business permanently, no further discussion, it’s final decision both skrill too, without any reason, except being too much nice with them, no warning, notice, without any fault, as if we are not the owner of our bank account, we do job for them to pay them every time free money,what kind of a worst s?? , as if they are doing favour giving the customers a free services or conveys a little charge, oh come on , if ever told that sir please don’t use the service, then why should I wasted then soo much balance of minewhen can’t effort they why act and act as if helping and standing, so use less system with no manners of having a client or customer that how to behave or unknowingly, illogically ,you can’t do as you wish like fired from the job, because I am the BOSS here because we customers are the boss of our bank account holder, or a ewallet account holder, you beg from us to register please, as if dying, that’s why we also think that we’ll support them or let’s see this system by adding or havin register , more wallets, oh come on we got a lot of money by the Grace of ALMIGHTY.
that’s why you companies come to us and we people help you, that’s why keep the net telling to use this services although don’t know how to respect , because a customer is like a God’s hand or everything.

The not giving withdrawal, it keeps on saying that, giving , your withdrawal on progress , all is confirmed, on the way, but and keeps , delays for many days. And, when I send mail about my withdrawal that it’s been a long time , any updates about my withdrawal, why it’s taking so long, and then they again send mail , again same the sheet drama is that, it’s from financial department, you will get you withdrawal very quickly please submit your documents, which I have been submitted many time that I did many times, sometimes my passport, I’d card, even driving license on my like 10th times replied after confirming these all kinds of my detailed , my bank statements, online all kinds of e-wallets information, because they are not willing to, I said directly that will you give my withdrawal please €600 euro, previously also you didn’t give my €500 euro, as matter of fact, I gotta play those amounts and wasted, But , this time I haven’t wasted on playing, just keep claiming my 600euros, which I played only by slots , and play only slots which is really difficult to do because at a certain time most casinos locks the winning and big amounts, wasted a lot of time, what nonsense, what is this, how dare they can be , to playing with us , if don’t wanna give withdrawal it’s ok, no problem at all , but saying rubbish this THATS on the way , yah , showing value less as if nothing happens, playing with the customers, and neteller kinds of a service make yourself feels guilty, who said them to provide free or less service charge when can’t afford it, if need help take from us the customer,what is this, what kind of a joke and drama often they do, because they know very that I just enjoy playing slots game and never ever claimed for withdrawal, but once I made a withdrawal, the neteller shown his class , the worst, can’t effort , no manners, and they do specially with the customer who has money or can effort, because he or she may not complain, or take any action, but what about the feeling that customers experience while having everything, still having the feeling trust less I got deposit a lot , to get this winnings of luck, and if they do like this , then who will trust online gaming, wazamba.com took all my information about deposited, previously they took my netellr’s information where my name , postal, everything must be visible in screenshot, as a result, the neteller suddenly mail me together with skrill that sorry your account is permanently closed no more discussion, what nonsense, what was my fault, replied that due to show your details, why should I , it’s my money, my account, why should I do stupid, are you ok, I just submitted my name and postal in my accounts information only the registered page ,that , snap shotted which confirmed that I am the owner of this account, which wazamba casino told me to get my withdrawal, but these neteller and skrill suddenly closed the account permanently without any notice , without letting me know, how dare they could be, after I deposited many thousands,dollars, where got a lots loyalty points earned, still they closed my account, neteller and these kinds of some sites are definitely got strong links specially if a customer claimed, cash out big amount, then they react , because one says to do this, if does then other got chance to react , even if it’s illogical or illegal they do with the customer.

But , this time I deposited by astropay where no chance for cheating, THATS why taking a long , now almost 5 to 6 months , still haven’t received my 600euro, which is on the way, what I will say bout it, and still they are sending almost everydays the promotion mail, to deposit, and to deposit, only to deposit but if anyone claims withdrawal, then it needs to be verified, but not for deposit, and finally you give complaint like these , keep on complaining as if you made a crime because we trust online gambling or payment sites.
Not all payments or sits like these,
Some are really best , really, with a manner, as if customers are everything, a good friend into the world of internet online services.
Sorry for any inconvenience occurred while just typed my worst experience which really feels me bad, also didn’t rechecked that typed, wrote which felt, because when a service doesn’t provide an extreme manners, honestly and faithful to their customers so that they trust the system blindly which is customer’s rights, also which they claimed openly and proudly. Any kinds of services must earn one customers trust and confidence through every action, must that meant it. Profit is nothing or not everything earned, honestly, discipline, trust is about, or else , actually, gotta tell the net all the time continuously to becoming their boss.
Also, the wazamba , if they having problems, it’s ok, then , I forgive my money 600euro , I will not claim my withdrawal from wazamba , I don’t wanna force if they have financial problem, it’s ok, but instead waitin time n fooling customers, should have told directly, all people are not the same, their are many good people also,thanking for the great time that had in the wazamba casino,basically when in good mode or bad, sometimes play or played only slots machines, simply for good time , entertaining, thanks, to you especially, casinoBee software from where many times Registered gaming sites, and thanks for having the complaint box for the customers without asking.


teo robertson

Casino Bee Support

Posted: December 27th, 2021 at 10:46 am


I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.


Casino Bee Support



Posted: December 28th, 2021 at 12:50 pm

We would like to inform you that the game account has now passed the KYC procedure and the withdrawal has been processed from our side.
Please, note we were acting in full accordance with the General T&C, to which the player has agreed upon the account creation, and also we are following one of our main due diligence duties as casino operator to verify the identity of the player
We hope that the case can now be considered as closed for all of the parties involved.
Of course, we remain available for further clarifications or questions.

Kind regards,
Wazamba team