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Bingo games, or housie, as they’re known in NZ, are a favourite pastime of most New Zealanders. The population has a huge turnover of online bingo games and bingo casinos every day, so we can safely say they know the bingo card best. Scroll on to see what our casino experts have on playing bingo online in New Zealand.



Last update: 15 Mar 2024, 11:15

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myempire casino
MyEmpire Casino
United States
betsofa casino logo
BetSofa Casino
United States
betbeast logo
BetBeast Casino
United States
rolleto casino logo
United States
royal reels casino
Royal Reels Casino
United States
qbet casino
Qbet Casino
United States
Winscore Casino
United States
Richard Casino
Richard Casino
United States
Lucky Elektra
Lucky Elektra Casino
United States
Playfina Casino
United States
slotozen casino
Slotozen Casino
United States
leon casino
Leon Casino
United States
goodman casino
Goodman Casino
United States
Dolly Casino
United States
fruity king logo
Fruity King Casino
United States
conquer casino
Conquer Casino
United States
bluechip casino
Bluechip Casino
United States
Bitvegas Casino
United States
Luckbox Casino logo
Luckbox Casino
United States
ICE Casino
United States

The World of Bingo Casinos

New Zealand is one of the famed ones where bingo casinos are concerned. These guys have some of the best bingo sites on their side and have been playing bingo since time immemorial. So, who better to ask for tips from on this game of luck than the local NZ gamblers themselves? So, let’s take a quick dive into all of the insider secrets and workings of bingo in New Zealand to see how you can play bingo like the pros do at online casinos.

When anyone says bingo (or housie!), the first thing that would come to mind is a leaf of numbers and boxes, as well as the resounding sound of “BINGO!”. In some places, this game is also known with the moniker lotto – a shorthand of lottery. Essentially, this game is about leaving your winnings to luck. A caller will read out the numbers picked at random and the first person to be able to score a bingo on their card, wins the game.

Although bingo games were originally designed for face-to-face competitions, the great selection of online bingo sites in recent days have attracted more players to the game. The workings of playing bingo online is similar to that of its predecessor. However, the caller or banker in these settings may be either a livestream dealer or a computer-algorithm croupier. Naturally, in both housie games, players will be able to win real money with these sessions.

How We Pick Out Online Bingo Sites


Looking For A License

The first step to vetting out online bingo sites is to look for a valid license as well as a corresponding license number you’d be able to validate. Any online bingo site with a permit number on their webpage is likely to be adherent to the global conventions of fairness and transparency. With this, you can place your real money bets with ease, knowing that you will be offered a fair chance at winning the games you set out to play.


Score Welcome Bonuses

Even with bingo games on the Internet, you’d be able to use up some of that tantalizing welcome bonus offers to boost your housie bankroll. In most cases, gambling operators will offer a bundle deal to their new players – a chunk in match bonuses as well as a little bundle of freespins. Bingo lovers will also be thrilled to know that a handful of casinos even offer special welcome bonuses for those depositing through online means like crypto and e-wallets, so don’t miss out.


Survey The Payment Options

As with online casino games, bingo players will also have to take a quick look at the flexibility of payment options available for them to add to their casino cash funds. Go for an online bingo site that is able to give its players a healthy pick of local and global casino transaction gateways – both for physical and Internet payments. This way, you’d be able to score your bingos from anywhere, anytime without having to mull over security and speediness of your casino payments.


Get To Know Customer Support

You could play at the best online bingo sites hosted across the plains of the Internet but at the end of the day, the customer support factor will always matter. When getting into a new online bingo site, take a quick look around their help center and player support areas to see how well-equipped your online NZ bingo rooms are, in case of an issue. Check for a live chat feature, email address, or telephone number – these are the basics, really.

10 Best NZ Online Bingo Casinos

  • Bluechip Casino
  • Dolly Casino
  • Lucky Elf Casino
  • BC.Game Casino
  • Pledoo Casino
  • ICE Casino
  • Lucky Elektra Casino
  • Tsars Casino
  • Playfina Casino
  • Bet it All Casino

Finding The Best Online Bingo Sites

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: Account

Supplies Needed: Time, Money

How to step

Step 1

Read Reviews

Who would know the best sites for playing bingo than fellow NZ players themselves? Check out verified review sites detailing bingo games selections, available welcome bonuses and promotions, licenses and policies, payment options, and other key details to gain access to knowledge about the best online bingo sites to join and play at around you.

How to step

Step 2

Picking Out The Best Bonuses

Most operators offering online bingo games would be likely to offer specific game-linked promotions to both their new players and the loyal ones. Select a couple of the online bingo sites that catch your eye and analyze their offerings to see which of their bonus packages match your style of play and bankroll budget.

How to step

Step 3

Peek Into The Winning Bingo Library

A quick look at the list of bingo games at your disposal with your choice online bingo site to spot your favorite bingo rooms or solo games that you can bet on. And as a safety step, be sure to go with a casino offer of games that are in line with global gambling regulations. Simply selecting housie plays from reputable and leading software developers should already get you half the way.

How to step

Step 4

Look For 24/7 Customer Care

Having the benefit of around-the-clock support for your online bingo games sessions would be a lifesaver in case something were to be amiss. Go for NZ online bingo sites that give you access to an instant live chat contact point, an email address, and preferably a dedicate helpline number. At the very least, the online bingo games you select should come with a contact form page.

Fresh New Online Bingo Sites For You



ICE Casino


Dolly Casino


Bitvegas Casino


Goodman Casino


Bluechip Casino

Variations Of Online Bingo Games

While traditional bingo is played with a standard set of numbered balls, there are numerous variations of bingo games that offer unique twists and rules to add excitement and variety to the gameplay. From different patterns to themed versions, here are some examples of the many variations of bingo games that players can enjoy.

30 Ball Bingo Game: The quickest round of playing bingo, the 30-ball variant is played with a 3×3 bingo card and a total of 30 numbered balls. A player will have to cross out numbers on their bingo card until they are left with a none. In a standard printout, there will be nine unique numbers, ranging anywhere between 1-30.

90 Ball Bingo Game: The 90-ball bingo game is a little more complex than its counterpart. Players receive 3×9 bingo cards with 5 numbers and 4 empty spaces on each line. With every printout, you will have 6 of these tickets to be used throughout the round. Numbers between 1-90 will be scattered according to their column aggregation, which you’ll have to mark down in a line to win. The last player to mark a line would announce a full house.

Live Bingo: GamesLive bingo games are slowly becoming a trend across casino operators for their ability to offer 24/7 housie fun with almost an unlimited number of players. The most common layout for your bingo cards at a live game would be 5×5. Again, a range of numbers and spaces will be dedicated to each square and you will need to gain a single line to win the game.

Death Bingo: GamesDeath bingo is one of the more casual play ones with a unique, twisted, theme. Squares are marked with a type of death of the player and a single “Free” space, which they will have to cross out as called. The difference here is that this grid hasn’t a standard size – it could be anywhere between 5×5 to 9×9 in sizing. The person who manages to get a bingo without passing the free space, they will be entitled to a free roll.

Bingo Casino Rules

  1. Players will need to purchase a bingo card to start play.
  2. Those under 18 are disallowed from playing bingo.
  3. Anyone who announces a full house will need to have their bingo spaces clearly marked or their entry will be disqualified.
  4. Any number marked by mistake on a bingo card will be deemed disqualified.
  5. Pre-marked or inked bingo sheets will be instantly disqualified. Players flouting this rule may risk being banned from the casino.

Playing Bingo With Bonuses

Like we’d covered a little earlier, casinos offer bonuses and promotions to their NZ players across the best bingo sites in the Internet. But, what kind of bonuses will new players get? What about gamblers who have played bingo games with the casino for a while now? And how can those in NZ claim these bonus offers? We have all the details for you here.

  • Welcome Deposit Bonus: Most casinos and bingo sites have a signup bonus they offer players who join with fresh registrations. These could be cash match bonuses as well as freespins bundles you can use with any of your gambling games.
  • Cashback Bonus: With cashback bonuses, players will be able to have their share of bingo fun while enjoying cash returns on their week’s losses. Simply spend on bingo games up to the specified threshold amount and your money returns will be credited to your instantly at the end of the week.
  • Free Spins Bonuses: Free spins bundles are commonly awarded with a welcome package at any online bingo site. However, most of the best sites to play bingo online at would offer special spins bonuses that you can use with your every round at bingo sites.
  • Seasonal Promotions: These bonuses are offered during specific ranges of time in a year – for example, Christmas offers, Halloween Bonuses, St. Patrick’s Day promos, and more. In a couple of cases, you may also find bonuses that you can use specifically on bingo games.
  • Payment Bonuses: Specific payment gateways for online bingo may lead you to a couple of sweet bonus drops. The most common prize would be a free spins, a cashback cut, even free casino cash. However, you must complete the payment transactions with the elected payment gateways.

Top Welcome Bonuses For Online Bingo NZ

NameOffer HighlightsWagering Requirements

Jackpot Molly Casino

450% up to $245040x

24Pokies Casino

300% up to $1500No wagering

Luck of Spins Casino

300% up to $1200No wagering

BC.Game Casino

300% up to $10000No wagering

WildPharao Casino

200% up to $50025x

Best Tips To Winning More At Bingo Games

When you decide to take home some sweet winnings from your best bingo sites, you will quickly realize that you will need to play bingo games with a few tricks up your sleeves for the best bang for your buck. Luckily, we have just the set of tips for you straight from the hands of then professional NZ players to be shared with you.

  • Use up your deposit spins with your bingo sessions.
  • When selecting banking options, go for those offering a bingo bonus.
  • Get more bingo cards to play with each round.
  • If you’re playing online bingo, be sure to choose bingo rooms with fewer players.
  • Bingo is a game of luck – be sure to keep your focus and be the first to shout out a winning.

Pros and Cons of Playing Online Bingo Games for Real Money

Even the best bingo sites have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages wherever a win is concerned. But, if you can grab onto these little bits of key info on online bingo games, your chances of a win may improve drastically. So, here are some of the most common pros and cons you’ll see with almost any of the bingo rooms on the Internet.


Lenient bingo rooms sizing Accessible from anywhere around the globe NZ players offered local payment bonuses Multiple variants of bingo available in a single website Lower house edges Collect loyalty points to be exchanged with prizes and promotions Free bingo demo games to try out


Online bingo games are only available on selected casino sites Access limitations when playing on mobile

Playing Free Bingo vs. Paying Real Money Online Bingo

Many of you may have heard of demo or free-play versions of your favourite bingo games. How are these free-to-play options compared to playing bingo with real cash? Let’s take a quick look at a contrasting of the demo and paid versions when you play bingo online.

Free Bingo

not-checked.svgNo prizes

checked.svg Available at most casinos and across the Internet

checked.svg Multiplayer mode

not-checked.svgSingle variant

not-checked.svgNo bonuses

Real Money Bingo

checked.svg Win real cash money

not-checked.svgAvailable at selected casinos or NZ bingo sites

checked.svg Room sizes are variable

checked.svg Many variants in one place

checked.svg Comes with various bonuses

Benefits Of Playing Bingo Online

When playing at online bingo rooms, you’re more than likely to notice a few additional benefits in comparison to when you play at any brick-and-mortar gambling space. What are these perks of online bingo games and how can they add value to your session of online bingo? Come with us and take a quick peek!

Unlike bingo halls and venues in NZ, you simply can head down to any of the best bingo sites online to jumpstart your game. In addition to that, many operators have also taken an extra step of creating bingo apps that fans can download. These fun apps can include a multitude of bingo variants, all congregated into a tap of a button.

When playing at bingo halls, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be offered a bonus to use with any bingo game you’re playing. But, switch to online bingo and you will note prize after prize of bonus drops weekly – some even daily and hourly! All you usually need to do is match a deposit limit and join any of the open bingo rooms to use your spanking new bonus balance.

If you decide to play bingo on the Internet, you will notice that buying a bingo sheet may cost you relatively less than it would at a brick-and-mortar. This is because managing online bingo sites show for a smaller overhead rather than the operating costs of a standard gambling hall – which affects the ticket pricing. And that’s probably why more players are choosing bingo websites rather than physical venues.

Like we’d looked at a little while ago, most of the casino sites with bingo games will have a free-play toggle that allows you to play bingo, even without a deposit. A number of the best bingo sites make it a point to offer these demo versions for those struggling with gambling addition or just don’t have the monetary means to fund their liking of bingo winnings.

With online bingo rooms, you will be able to opt for spaces with a lesser number of players. This added benefit means that you’ll have a higher possibility of hitting a quicker bingo in the midst of other players, due to the smaller level of competition. Also, fewer players make for a quick game – and quick rounds almost always mean a big win at the end of the day.

Customer Support For Online Bingo Rooms

The best site for bingo usually comes with an artillery of help tools that players can use to their benefit. This means around-the-clock support for both old and new players via live chat links, a dedicated email and telephone, as well as a huge library of indexed help pages. Having such perks at a bingo site could be useful should issues arise regarding a play, deposit, or your winnings.


Online bingo is certain to have its share of benefits compared to physical bingo rooms. Not only do these come with huge deposit bonuses most of the while, they also offer you and other players the flexibility of payment with their various deposit channel options. Plus, you’d easily be able to search for almost any variant of bingo games on the Internet – both for download and online play. The only drawback here is that some of your bingo games may not be online-ready or might face a couple of regional restrictions, depending on where you play from.

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How fast can I withdraw my earnings at online bingo rooms?

A number of gambling sites bingo games allow for instant deposit and withdrawal to all their players, as long as a specific threshold is reached. However, this may be different from payment channel to payment channel.

What is the minimum deposit amount for Internet bingo games?

The minimum deposit required to fund your new sign up can vary greatly at different bingo rooms. A general rule would be between $ 10 - $30, although this may increase significantly at higher stakes bingo rooms.

How do they pick winners at online bingo rooms?

With bingo on the Internet, the process is automated via an RNG system. Right from the calling to announcement of a win, everything will be determined by a fair and transparent algorithm approved by regulatory bodies of international standards.

Which bingo casinos are the best for NZ players?

If you’re playing from NZ, it would be better for you to select bingo rooms with local payment support as well as a regional support team to better facilitate each bingo play that you have. And it goes without saying to look for NZ unique bonuses.   

Can I sign up with an NZ bingo casino as a foreigner?

Yes! Most bingo rooms online for NZ players also accept players from any corner of the globe. All you have to do is create an account, validate your identity, make a first deposit, and enjoy reeling in the real money from your bingo games.

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