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Online scratchies, also known as scratch cards, are one of the most interesting casino games in New Zealand. They offer entertainment like no other, which can result in instant prizes. They are so popular that you can even find some lucrative bonus offers about them at NZ online casinos.



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What You Should Know About Scratchies

If you aren’t familiar with online scratch cards, then you should know that they are the same as the paper version. They follow the same rules and concepts as the traditional scratchies.They are offering instant payouts, which is what most NZ players like to hear. Some may find certain similarities between the scratch cards and the online slots.

  • Now, the main objective is to get a matching combination on the online scratch card. However, the required number of matches varies from one game to the other. Usually, you will need to get 3 of the same symbols to receive a payout.
  • Yet, each symbol offers different prizes, which you can check at any time at the paytable. You can also choose the amount you want to place on a single scratch card. The bigger the stake, the higher the potential rewards.
  • At the online casinos in New Zealand, you will come across a variety of scratchies. They vary mostly based on their themes, but also according to their payouts and bet sizes. 
  • Some are more basic and imitate the scratching of a card. Others on the other hand require a tap or click on the card to reveal the hidden symbol.

Online scratch cards are among the easiest games to play at the New Zealand online casinos. They don’t require any special skills or knowledge, which makes them perfect for new players. However, the fact that they offer instant prizes, makes them desirable even by experienced punters.

How to Start Playing Scratch Cards

As we mentioned earlier, scratchies feature some very simple rules, which make them super easy to understand. If you don’t know how to play scratch cards online, then we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is follow these straightforward steps.

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: Account

Supplies Needed: Time, Money

How to step

Step 1

Join a NZ Online Casino

Start by locating a reputable and licensed New Zealand online casino that offers scratch cards. After that, you will need to register an account, which takes only a couple of minutes. Also, make sure to verify it so the operator allows you to make withdrawals.

How to step

Step 2

Deposit Some Funds

Next, access the Cashier section and choose the Deposit option. Select a payment method, type in a desired amount, and conclude the deposit request. You may also want to be ready to claim for a welcome bonus if the online casino offers one.

How to step

Step 3

Choose a Scratch Card Game

The next step is to access the game library and select the scratch cards category. You might find these games in the other category or by searching their name. Now, browse through them and choose one that you like.

How to step

Step 4

Purchase Scratch Cards

Once you access the online scratch card, start off by selecting a suitable stake. Then, click on the Play button and scratch the surface of the card. You will win a payout if you manage to get a winning combination.

Best Scratch Card Casinos NZ

There are many online casinos in New Zealand that offer scratch card games. However, some of them are not worth joining as they lack some crucial features. You may even come across casinos that don’t have valid licenses, which are not safe for wagering.

Because of that, we’ve gone to the trouble of reviewing countless of online gambling sites. Now, you are free to choose a site that you like, based on your preferences. Here are the best new online casinos that offers Online Scratch Cards and operate in New Zealand:

Scratch Cards Demo Mode

At the online casinos in New Zealand, you will find two versions of scratch cards. One of them is the demo mode, which allows you to play the game for free. Almost all operators allow their customers to enjoy their scratch card games without spending any money.

It’s a very important version of online scratchies as it gives you a chance to try out the game. If you don’t like it, then you can find a different title where you are willing to spend some of your available funds. 

  • The demo mode of the online scratch cards goes mostly in favour of beginners who are just starting out. With this version of the games, they can figure out the basics and learn how to play the game. That way, they will manage to avoid spending a lot of money trying to gain more experience.
  • Experienced players should also start off with the demo mode. We say this because, this version of the game allows them to check the rules, paytable, theme, graphics, and much more details. This is especially important for players who are picky when it comes to finding a good scratch card title.

You can play the demo scratch cards at most online casinos, even without registering an account. That way you will not only check out these games, but also the gambling platform.

Scratch Cards for Real Money

Apart from the demo modes, online casinos are of course offering you a chance to play scratch cards for real money. It is the whole purpose of these online gambling platforms, as well as of this type of game. You can adjust the bet amount as you like, based on your available budget.

At the New Zealand scratch card online casinos, you can even apply for deposit bonus offers. That way, you will get extra funds for your gaming sessions. However, we must warn you to gamble responsibly while playing scratchies NZ. The fast gameplay and instant prizes may end with some serious losses.

New Scratch Cards Casinos

Scratch cards are so popular in New Zealand that even the new online casinos make sure to include them. That way, the latest gaming platforms will have a chance to attract many new customers.

However, the newest online gambling platforms are not always safe, as there are many scam sites that you must avoid. As a way to help you out with this task, we’ve decided to reveal a few top new online casinos. All of them feature valid licenses and offer numerous scratch cards.

Category Casino

Best New Crypto Casino for Scratch Card Lovers

Bitvegas Casino

Top New Scratch Card Casino With Amazing Bonuses

Bluechip Casino

Best New Scratch Card Casino for Mobile Users

Lucky7even Casino

Top New Scratch Card Casino With Instant Withdrawals

Richard Casino

Best New Scratch Card Casino for High Rollers

Lucky Elf Casino

Scratchies Features

All NZ scratchies come with several basic features that you can find on all titles. Of course, there are many games that have unique characteristics, which allow them to distinguish from one another.

As a very simple game to play, the features are the ones that increase the overall excitement of the players. Some of them even provide additional options that you can use during your gaming. Without further ado, here are the most important features of the scratch cards NZ:

  • Theme: Every scratch card that is available at online casinos comes with a certain theme. You may find a classic theme, which features only prize symbols just like the paper scratch cards. Game providers also make scratch cards that feature animal, mining, Halloween, horror, Egyptian, fishing, sport, and many other themes.
  • Type of Play: The scratch cards at the New Zealand online casinos have two types of play. One of them is by virtually scratching your card until you reveal the hidden symbols. Another type is to reveal the featured symbols by clicking or tapping on the designated area. Lastly, almost all scratch cards have the Scratch button, which reveals all symbols at once.
  • Multiple Rounds: Before you start wagering, the scratch card game will allow you to purchase one or multiple rounds. Depending on the title, you may buy 5, 10, 25, or 50 scratch cards, or sometimes even more. Usually, the experienced players are the ones using this feature.
  • Autoplay Option: If you want to wager multiple times in a row, then you can use the Autoplay feature. This option provided a super fast gameplay of as many rounds as you like. It is something that beginners should stay away from as it can cause them to lose a lot of money.
  • Bonus features: Playing scratches online might come with unique bonus features. On some titles, you may trigger a mini-game that consists of a picking game, Wheel of Fortune. Others may provide free scratches or re-scratches. You may even find Wild symbols in these types of games, which substitute for all other symbols. Multipliers are rare in scratch cards, but you may still find some at certain titles.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Some unique scratch cards feature a massive progressive jackpot. It takes a small portion of your bet and includes it in the raising jackpot. Any player can win a massive prize, regardless of the bet amount they use.

Quick Tips for Winning More at Scratch Cards

Although playing scratch card games online isn’t very hard, it can be tricky for some players. Here we mean beginners that are just starting out with this type of game, or online gambling altogether. 

Understanding the rules of the game is easy, but that doesn’t mean that you will manage to make a profit. So, as a way to help you out with winning more on these types of games, we’ve decided to reveal a few tips. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Practice playing scratch cards in demo play: That way you will understand the basics of the game and see how it works. You don’t need to worry about losing money as this version of the scratch cards is free to play.
  • Set a budget and stick to it: It is very important to come up with a gambling budget before you start wagering on scratch cards. Also, you must stick to it throughout the gaming sessions so you don’t lose any additional money.
  • Find a scratch card game with a good RTP rate: Every scratch card comes with an RTP rate, so make sure to find one that has a higher percentage. That way, you will have better chances of winning in the short term.
  • Buy multiple scratch cards at once: Purchasing multiple scratch cards at once will allow you to save up some money. There are some titles that offer for example 50 scratch cards where you can save 10%. So, if you plan on buying a bulk of these cards, then the best way is to buy them at once.
  • Apply for casino bonuses: Many New Zealand online casinos are offering promotions for their scratch card games. They provide either free scratchies or bonus funds that you can use on these titles. Always look for bonus offers, especially for no-deposit bonuses and wager-free promotions.
  • Choose the popular scratch cards: Usually the most popular ones are offering the biggest payouts. In fact, there is always a reason why so many players choose them over the others. Some of them might come with a higher hit rate.

Change your bet amount from time to time: Often changing your bet amount is a good strategy to win some decent payouts. It might be a risky one for beginners, but not for experienced players. These games use RNGs so you never know when you are going to win. Also, remember to wager responsibly while using this tip.

Pros and Cons of Playing Scratch Cards

Scratch cards come with several advantages and disadvantages, just like any other type of casino game on the market. So, to give you a good view of online scratchies NZ, we will reveal both sides. That way you can decide on your own, whether these games are worth your time and money.


Fun and fast gameplay that offers instant prizes Almost every New Zealand online casino has scratch cards Easy to understand, even by beginners Choose from countless scratchies with interesting themes You can find many casino bonuses for scratch cards Some scratchies come with bonus features, including a progressive jackpot


Most scratch cards usually have a high house edge The fast gameplay can cause some serious losses You can become addicted to scratch cards Low quality graphics may appear often

Scratch Cards vs Online Slots

At the online casinos in New Zealand, you can find other super fun types of games apart from scratch cards. Among them are of course online pokies, which are by far the most played titles in the iGaming industry. When you play both of them, scratchies and slots, you will discover some big similarities. Some players prefer scratch cards while others choose online slots instead. Here, we will compare both types of games so you know which one is better.

Scratch Cards

checked.svg Easy to play and understand

checked.svg Win instant prizes

checked.svg Many themes to choose from

not-checked.svgSome online casinos don’t have scratch cards

not-checked.svgMost scratch cards have a low RTP rate

not-checked.svgMostly low-quality graphic designs

Online Slots

checked.svg Very simple gameplay

checked.svg Collect payouts fast

checked.svg A variety of slot themes

checked.svg Every online casino offers slot games

checked.svg There are many slots that an RTP rate over 96%

checked.svg Mostly better quality graphic designs

Scratch Cards RTP

Every casino game in New Zealand comes with an RTP rate. The percentage varies from one type of game to the other. The same goes for scratch cards, where the average RTP rate goes around 92%. 

This means that the best scratchie titles will feature an RTP of 92% or higher. However, there are also some games that come with a percentage as low as 80%. We should note that the higher the RTP rate the better your chances of making a profit.

Let’s say that a scratch card game that you like has an RTP rate of 92%. Now, if you wager NZ$100 over a longer period of time on this title, then you will manage to get back NZ$92. So, make sure to find a game that has a higher RTP rate and don’t wager for too long.

Casino Bonuses for Scratchies

Online casinos in New Zealand are making sure to offer lucrative casino bonuses to their scratch card players. That way they can attract new players on the platform, as well as keep the existing ones satisfied. It gives them a chance to go after some additional payouts using extra funds or scratchies.

There are several types of promotions that offer rewards for online scratchies. Below we will reveal and describe only a few of them.

Welcome Bonus

You can apply for a welcome bonus upon registering an account at a NZ online casino. It will reward you with a match bonus on your first or several first deposits on the platform. Apart from the bonus funds, some operators are also including several scratch cards. If you are a beginner, then you can use the welcome bonus to get familiar with online scratchies. It is worth noting that you can only claim such a bonus once in your lifetime. Also, make sure to read the terms and conditions before you apply.

Free Scratchies

Online casinos tend to offer promotions that give out free scratch cards. They might offer them as deposit or no-deposit bonuses. Either way, you are able to use them on specific scratch card games. They provide a good opportunity to collect some extra payouts. But, make sure to check out the wagering requirements, as they are often present in these offers. Only a few online casinos might not include such necessities on the free scratchies.


Cashback offers are unique types of promotions that return a portion of your losses back. If you manage to lose some money on your favourite scratch games, then the cashback will soften up the pain. Online casinos offer daily or weekly cashback offers. These promos also come with certain T&Cs, where some of them feature wagering requirements. You can also find cashback offers as part of casino loyalty programs.

Playing Scratchies on a Mobile Device

Software providers that develop online scratchies are optimizing them for mobile gaming. This is due to the incredible rise in popularity of this type of online gambling. 

Now, every new scratch card game is mobile-friendly and accessible on all Android and iOS smartphones. Only some of the old titles are not available for mobile gaming.

New Zealand mobile online casinos are also making sure to utilize the latest HTML5 technology on their platforms. With this, they are opening their doors to all players, regardless if they are using a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. The operating system is irrelevant for this purpose.

Some reputable online casinos in this country are also developing their own mobile apps. Does that do have casino apps, make sure to include the scratch cards in the mobile offer? That way you can instantly access your favourite titles with just a few taps and swipes on your smartphone.


Online scratchies NZ are super fun to play and they are capable of providing instant prizes. Many players choose them over the other types of games because of these features. As a result, online casinos in this country are making sure to include them in their game libraries. They are even offering hefty bonuses that reward free scratch cards or bonus funds for these titles.

Playing online scratch cards is super easy thanks to the simple rules and gameplay. Even beginners can understand them in just a few rounds of these games. The best software providers that make these titles make sure to include bonus features in their scratch cards. That way you can trigger a bonus game, win free scratchies, or even trigger a hefty jackpot.

We should also note that playing online scratchies can be addictive. The fast gameplay can cause some serious damage to your budget. So, make sure to gamble responsibly at all times and don’t go after your losses. Treat online scratch cards as a fun pastime activity, not as a source of income.


Are online scratch cards safe?

Yes, online scratch cards are safe to enjoy at online casinos in New Zealand. However, make sure to play them are reputable gambling websites that feature valid gaming licenses. This shows that they can legally offer their services to customers. Also, these gaming platforms utilize the latest 128-bit SSL encryption technology. This security system encrypts all of your data that you share with the online casino.

How to play online scratchies?

To start playing online scratch cards, you will first need to register and verify an account at a top casino. Then, deposit some funds and choose a scratchie game. Once you are in, choose a bet amount and buy a scratch card. Next, click or tap over the card to scratch it and reveal the hidden symbols. You will get a prize if you manage to get a winning combination.

Are online scratch cards fair?

Yes, these types of casino games are fair to play. But, make sure you choose scratch cards from top software providers. These developers are using RNGs in their games, which shows that every outcome is totally random. You should also play them at reputable online casinos that have gaming licenses. Additionally, there are several testing agencies that check if the games are fair to play.

Do online casinos offer bonuses for scratch cards?

Yes, many online casinos in New Zealand are offering casino bonuses for their scratch card games. You can find welcome promotions as well as deposit, reload, and cashback offers that provide bonus funds for these games. Apart from the extra cash, the promotions are also giving out free scratch cards that you can use on selected titles. You can use the bonus funds and free scratch cards to win additional payout.

Can I play online scratch cards on a mobile device?

Software providers make sure to make their online scratch cards mobile-friendly. Online casinos in New Zealand are also utilizing the latest HTML5 technology. This means that you to access the gaming platform and enjoy scratchies from any Android or iOS mobile device. Some online casinos that feature their own mobile apps are also offering these types of games on their apps.


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