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Last update: 10 Feb 2023, 10:09

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The terms and conditions that are set out apply to all readers and users of our website: CasinoBee.com. We have issued the subsequent Terms and Conditions (“the Terms”) as a necessary agreement between the users, readers and visitors of this website. 

The rules as set out here are the foundation of the relationship and interaction between our users and the service we provide. On that premise, these terms and conditions will apply to every part of your experience with Casino Bee

The information you will find on this page may be amended when required and will be done at our discretion. In this case, the readers and users of this website are responsible for maintaining themselves up to date with any changes and amendments.

Use of the Site and Services

  • Our website must only be used by persons who are 18 years of age or above. Those who do not meet the age requirement must cease any further activity or use of our website.
  • None of the content, information, or services offered on Casino Bee is designed for use by underage individuals or those that have not reached the legal age. 
  • It must be kept in mind that the legal age required for the use of our services is dependent on the locality from where you are using the website.

Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions and Any Corrections

  • Users of our website are required to abide by the rules as set out in our terms and conditions. In the case of disagreement with any of these rules, we strongly suggest discontinuing the use of the website.
  • In accordance with our long-term strategy, we retain the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be done within observation of the law and with the view to better the experience for our readers and users. In agreement with these terms, users are fully responsible for keeping up to date with said changes. 
  • We maintain the right to discontinue your use of our website without the necessity to declare a specific reason.

Our Intellectual Property

  • Upon use of our website, the users will agree that the materials which appear on the website are the exclusive property of Casino Bee and its partners or have otherwise been borrowed from a source and appropriately credited. As a result, users may not plagiarise or copy any of the materials from this website, such as content, graphics, images, artwork, photographs, animations, videos, music, text, audio or any concept related to software that has been created specifically for use on our website. In any case of violation of this, we reserve the right to bring legal proceedings against the violator. Regarding credited work found on our website, the material may be accessed as per the licensing agreement with the third party. 
  • Prohibited use of third-party content may also have legal repercussions; however, they should be confirmed with the third party. 
  • When using our website, you are in agreement that you will not violate our intellectual property as laid out in our terms and conditions. 

How You and We Use Content on our Website

  • Content submitted to our website will automatically become the exclusive property of Casino Bee, and thus we can select whether retain rights over the content or give full credits.
  • Users will carry full responsibility for any user content submitted to the website. The website will not be held accountable for the content that leads to financial damage for third parties. We suggest reading the Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy for more guidance on the responsibilities of the website. 

Activities Prohibited on our Website

Visitors to our website, in accordance with these terms and conditions, automatically agree that they won’t participate or be related in any way to any of the following activities:

  • Attempt to breach defences in order to gain access to the personal or identifiable data of other users.
  • Use the website and service in any manner that could be interpreted as a breach of existing laws and legislation.
  • Redistribute or plagiarise any of the website’s unique author content without explicit consent from our team.
  • Unlawful activities, such as attacking the website through the use of malicious software, trojans, worms, viruses, and any other form of malware that may cause damage to the website and its users, will warrant a legal response.

Third-Party Consent

The website contains third-party content, and by visiting or using it, there are two specific conditions that users must be aware of.

  • Users must accept that we are not responsible for third-party content that lies beyond our website. We, therefore, cannot guarantee the safety of users when leaving our website to visit another, even if hyperlinks on our website are followed.
  • The use of third-party content must be compliant with how its set in its terms and conditions, and Casino Bee expects the user to establish this. 

Notification of Copyright Infringement

Our mission is present original work for our readers and users. Although, we respect the notion of intellectual property and gladly leave the opportunity for any who deems that a violation has occurred on our website to contact us and request that the relevant content be removed.

In the case that a person(s) feel their intellectual property rights have been violated, they may contact Casino Bee directly. However, we must present that we strive to provide content that is unique and original as it is created in-house by our teams of writers, streamers, graphic artists and video designers. 

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