Top Online Blackjack Sites in New Zealand

The simplicity and enjoyment of playing online blackjack games continue to draw in many casino players, which makes it easier to find plenty of fantastic blackjack sites. Whether you prefer to play simply for the fun of it or are hoping to take home the bacon, you’ll find lots of reputable casinos to play for free and real money.

With such a huge variety of casinos and blackjack games available online, it can be difficult for players to narrow down their options. However, our comprehensive guide includes everything you need to know about choosing the best online blackjack casinos and the variations available. We’ll also walk you through some of the most well-known strategies for blackjack, including the basics of card counting for online blackjack.



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30 Top Online Blackjack Sites in New Zealand in our database for the players from: United States United States

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betsofa casino logo
BetSofa Casino
United States
jackpotfrenzy casino logo
JackpotFrenzy Casino
United States
betbeast logo
BetBeast Casino
United States
rolleto casino logo
United States
royal reels casino
Royal Reels Casino
United States
qbet casino
Qbet Casino
United States
Winscore Casino
United States
gate777 casino
Gate777 Casino
United States
Richard Casino
Richard Casino
United States
slotozen casino
Slotozen Casino
United States
gamdom casino logo
Gamdom Casino
United States
leon casino
Leon Casino
United States
Stay Casino logo
Stay Casino
United States
Spinzwin casino logo
SpinzWin Casino
United States
fruity king logo
Fruity King Casino
United States
conquer casino
Conquer Casino
United States
BetPlays Casino
United States
Whamoo Casino logo
Whamoo Casino
United States
SpinGenie Casino logo
SpinGenie Casino
United States
foxyplay logo
FoxyPlay Casino
United States

How to Choose the Best Online Blackjack Site

Blackjack isn’t necessarily a difficult game to find; practically every single online casino will have some form of a blackjack game available to play on their site. Yet, with thousands of blackjack casinos to choose from, you might get overwhelmed – this is where Casino Bee steps in.

When selecting an online blackjack casino, there are specific steps that a player should take to ensure they have found a site that is not just safe but also fits their online gambling requirements. While blackjack players might be heavily focused on looking for their favourite variations, other games and elements of the casino can be taken into account for complete satisfaction. By just following these four simple steps, we guarantee your casino experience will be much better.

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: Account

Supplies Needed: Time, Money

How to step

Step 1


Official licenses for casinos or online casinos are obtained from authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, among others. These licenses protect players and casinos, as they ensure that strict protocols are followed on the sites, the games, and promotional and playing conditions. Checking whether the casino has a license should always be a player’s first step in confirming a site’s trustworthiness.

How to step

Step 2

Blackjack Variety

Browsing through the casino’s catalogue of games is a must for any player, especially when searching for a particular variety of blackjack games. It’s important to check that the casinos have plenty of different blackjack variants available. However, it’s also worth checking out the other games on offer in case you also fancy a flutter on the pokies or a spin on the roulette wheel.

How to step

Step 3


Joining a new casino doesn’t just mean discovering some new casino games; it also allows players to take advantage of promotions on offer. As a new player, you will have exclusive access to use the casino’s welcome bonus when registering, so it’s worth looking at the best promotions the site offers. As a blackjack player, you’ll need to check the bonus’s validity for the table games and how long it takes to play through the requirements.

How to step

Step 4


While it’s not the first thing players think of, having adequate customer support a click away is crucial when playing online blackjack. Hopefully, players will only use it for small queries, but the level of response received for these simple questions will set an example for the casino’s overall customer focus. Before joining, players can also check the available support methods and working hours.

Key Rules to Play Blackjack Online

The first step to playing blackjack online is knowing the game's basic rules. Its popularity is owed to its simplicity, as it's a game that any casino player can pick up easily. But we are here to help beginner blackjack players master the game and set up their first hands. Although there are different variations of the game, which we will discuss later in our guide, we will discuss the classic blackjack variant, played using a standard 52-card deck.

Between 2-7 players at the blackjack table go against the dealer in an attempt to beat his hand. This is achieved by getting a card score of 21, or as close to it as possible; the number of cards reflects their value, while face cards score 10, and an ace can stand either for a 1 or 11.

Bets are placed by the players in their respective betting positions (“boxes”) at the beginning of the round before two cards are then dealt to every player face-up. The dealer is also dealt two cards, but one remains face-down.

Going clockwise around the table, each player is able to choose to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ in order to get closest to 21 or at least have a higher score than the dealer. However, the total must not surpass 21; otherwise, the player is ‘bust’ and out of the round.

Once each player has taken a turn, the options of ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ will return to the dealer. If the dealer’s hand exceeds 21, all players who remain in the game will instantly win that round.

However, if the dealer remains in the game, each player’s score is compared with the dealer’s. Those with a higher score win, and those with a lower score lose their bets. Ties with the dealer will return the original bet to the player.

The ultimate hand for this game and its namesake, a ‘blackjack’, is an ace combined with any card equalling 10 (10, jack, queen and king). This hand is an instant win for the dealer or player.

Betting Options for Online Blackjack Games

Although blackjack is a simple game, many casinos offer players the chance to up the ante with select side bets. While traditional bets on blackjack might not bring in the big bucks, the side bets are designed to have a higher payout. The side bets are optional and additional to the main bet placed at the beginning of the round and can involve your own hand or the dealers. Let's take a look at some of the common blackjack betting options across the variations.

This wager can be placed after the cards are dealt and if the dealer’s face-up card is an ace. It’s an insurance bet in case the dealer’s hand is revealed to be a blackjack. It pays out 2:1, so players break even. However, insurance bets aren’t advised unless you have experience in card counting.

This option allows players to fold their blackjack hand before drawing new cards, essentially starting fresh in the same round. Although, the player has to forfeit half of their original bet to the dealer. Of course, this betting option is only viable if the original cards dealt are very low.

The pair bets are staked on your own cards before they are dealt. Winning bets are paid out when the player receives a pair in their first two cards. These can be mixed pairs, with a different suit and colour, paying out 5:1. Or a coloured pair of the same value which pays out 12:1. In variations with extra decks, it’s also possible for a payout of 30:1 with a perfect pair.

Players can double their bet in exchange for one extra card with this bet. However, if so, they must ‘stick’ after the card is dealt. It’s a risky bet, especially if the extra card received is a low one. Therefore, this bet is considered one for expert blackjack players and is best employed with more knowledge of blackjack hands.

This bet doesn’t concern the blackjack players personally. Yet, some real-money blackjack sites offer it. It involves betting on other players’ hands and can often be done while waiting to join a table. If the player you bet on wins, so do you. It can be a great way to get involved with the game without knowing all strategies.

How We Select the Top Blackjack Site Promotions

Most online casinos have some kind of casino promotion to offer new players; some also have fantastic ongoing offers for loyal players. But how do we wheedle out the mediocre from great casino bonuses? Check out the main aspects we look at when identifying the best casino bonuses at online blackjack sites.


Match Bonus

This is usually the feature that attracts people to use a particular bonus consisting of a match percentage and a maximum deposit. We look at blackjack casinos that offer generous match percentages and varied deposit options so players can take their pick.


Free Spins

Blackjack players may not necessarily use the free spins, which are part of the bonus, so this is a secondary consideration. However, those with a generous match bonus package, including free spins, will be considered, as it is nice for players to enjoy another outlet, such as the pokies.


Bonus Conditions

Potentially the most important part of a promotion, although largely overlooked. We check that the conditions of a bonus are fair and include the opportunity to play table games such as blackjack. Some bonuses don’t have 100% contribution for table games, so we check whether the contribution offered is reasonable.


Payout Reliability

Lastly, we have a look at previous players’ experience and satisfaction with the casino and the promotions offered. We expect to see a high level of reliability for payouts for players when the bonus conditions have been met.

Best Blackjack Site Promotions

CasinoWelcome Bonus

Punt Casino

150% up to $150 & 15 Free Spins

24 Pokies

300% up to $1500


100% up to $300 & 20 Free Spins

Lucky Spins Casino

100% up to $200

Joo Casino

100% up to $ 1000 & 100 Free Spins

5 of the Most Popular Blackjack Variations

While blackjack all centres around the number “21”, casino professionals and blackjack enthusiasts from around the world have formulated lots of variations to spice up the game. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular variations you’ll easily find on a reputable blackjack site.


Popular from the UK to New Zealand, this variation has been around since the 12th century. It involves removing the 10s from the deck, so a natural blackjack is an ace and any face card. Other rules of pontoon include:

  • Dealer’s cards are dealt face down
  • ‘Stand’ is only possible with a value of 15 or higher
  • 5-card hand pays out 2:1
  • Dealer ‘stands’ on soft 17
  • Players can split twice or up to 3 hands

European Blackjack

Not just popular on the continent, European blackjack can be found in online casinos worldwide. The rules are very close to traditional blackjack, although there are some differences to be aware of:

  • It’s played with 2 decks
  • Can only double-down on 9, 10 or 11
  • Can’t re-split aces
  • Players receive money back on a tie (push)
  • Dealer ‘stands’ on soft 17

Spanish 21 Blackjack

Quite a new version of blackjack, which was created by a gaming company in 1995 but has become very popular. Like pontoon, the 10s are removed from the deck, but the game has other rules that set it apart:

  • Can double down after splitting
  • Dealer ‘sticks’ on soft 17
  • Automatic win with a natural blackjack, paying 3:2
  • Can split up to 3 times for a 4-hand total
  • Can double down with 2 cards
  • Allows late surrender

Face Up 21 Blackjack

As suggested by the name of this blackjack variation, it involves the exposure of both dealers’ cards at the beginning of the game, as they are dealt face up. This is an advantage for players as it allows them to make a more informed decision about hitting or standing. There are other rules to set off this advantage, though:

  • Natural blackjack pays even money
  • Dealer wins ties
  • Can only double down on 9, 10 or 11
  • Can double down after splitting
  • Dealer ‘stands’ on soft 17

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

An Aussie invention, this variation of blackjack is all about the side bets rather than the rules. Players can stake bets on the cards dealt to make an extra buck, and it’s all based on pairs of cards. Bets are placed before cards are dealt and payout as follows:

  • Mixed Pair – Same rank, different colours, e.g. king of hearts and king of spades. Pays either 6:1 or 5:1.
  • Coloured Pair – Same colour and rank, e.g. jack of hearts and jack of diamonds. Pays 12:1.
  • Perfect Pair – Exact same suit and rank. Pays 30:1 in many casinos but may be 25:1 in some.

Best Blackjack Sites by Category


Best for Themed Blackjack


Best for Blackjack Variations

Pledoo Casino

Best for Lightening Blackjack

Lucky Elf Casino

Best for Live Dealer Blackjack

Arlekin Casino

Best for VIP Blackjack

BC.Game Casino

Free Blackjack vs Real Money Blackjack

Reputable online blackjack casinos have both free online blackjack games and real money options for their players. There are pros and cons for both versions of the play, and only the player can decide which suits them best. To better help you decide how to proceed, let’s take a look at how each version matches up.

Online Blackjack for Free

checked.svg Playing online blackjack for free is fun and entertaining

not-checked.svgNot all blackjack variants are available for free

checked.svg You can practice blackjack strategy without losing money

checked.svg It's possible to play instantly without registration or deposit

not-checked.svgNo access to bonuses or promotions with free blackjack games

Real Money Online Blackjack

checked.svg It's fun, but also with a possibility of winning real money

checked.svg A lot of blackjack games for real money

not-checked.svgRisk of losing money playing real money blackjack

not-checked.svgPlayers must make an account and deposit to play real money blackjack

checked.svg Many online casinos offer great online blackjack bonus options

Strategies to Play Online Blackjack Games

When joining the blackjack table as a beginner, it’s not beyond any player to have a strategy; everyone needs to start somewhere. Although the more advanced strategies, such as counting cards, will come later, there are some vital blackjack tips that any player can take to enhance their game. The most basic steps involve knowing when to ‘hit’, ‘stand’, ‘split’ or ‘double down’.

  • Hit when the hand is 12-16 & when the dealer’s hand is 7-ace
  • Always split ace and 8
  • Stand on a hand of 12-16 & dealer holds 2-6
  • Double down on a hand of 11 if the dealer has 2-10
  • Hit or double down on aces-6

What Is a Soft or Hard Hand in Blackjack?

An important part of strategising in blackjack is knowing the difference between a soft and hard hand. Comprising of the two cards a player is dealt, the hand will determine the odds given. The main difference between a soft and hard hand is the ace; a soft hand is an ace plus any other card, whereas the hard hand is ace-absent.

The idea is that a soft idea is easier to play due to the flexibility of using the ace as a 1 or 11, so there is more choice for what the player can do. It’s advisable to double down with a soft hand of 16, 17, or 18 if the dealer has a low card. On the other hand, with a hard hand, doubling down is riskier and should only be done if the player has a 9 or 10.

Card Counting at the Top Blackjack Sites

Although card counting will be much more successful within a land-based casino than online, it doesn’t hurt to become acquainted with the strategy. It involves giving every card a value and can also be known as the Hi-Lo strategy.

Cards from 2-6 are given the value of +1, from 10-A the value is -1. The remaining cards from 7-9 have a value of zero. When the dealer is dealing these cards, the player can keep a mental note of the values, adding and subtracting them continuously throughout the game.

Players can then use this either positive or negative count to decide their betting options; usually increasing the bet when the count is negative and lowering it when it’s positive.


Blackjack remains a firm staple at casino sites worldwide, as players enjoy the simplicity of the game but also the opportunity to employ strategies and enjoy many different betting options and variants. We’ve explored many of these variants and the terminology used in blackjack in our guide, so players can navigate the blackjack tables more confidently.


  1. Optimum Blackjack Strategy
  2. Evolving Strategies in Blackjack
  3. Value of Blackjack Hands
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Blackjack FAQ

What is the best site to play blackjack online?

There are many reputable blackjack casino sites in our guide; however, the best one depends on the preferences of each player. There are those that have vast selections of blackjack variants and others that offer fantastic promotions.

What is multi-hand blackjack?

It is a popular variant of a blackjack game that involves players being able to have more than one hand simultaneously per round.

What are the advantages of playing blackjack online?

Playing blackjack online is a popular casino game as it is simple to learn and easy to play but retains the excitement of any other casino game. It's possible to bet and win real money when playing online blackjack too.

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