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Last update: 26 Jan 2023, 13:15

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The following Privacy Policy pertains to Casino Bee and it’s content, it will subsequently be referred to as “the Website”, “We”, “Us” or “Our”. By visiting the website and reading the information published by us, you automatically agree to submit to how we process information provided.

Personal data is managed and processed in accordance with a strict set of criteria set out by existing data protection laws and recommendations by authorised bodies. The handling of sensitive data and personal information complies with these statutory rights.

Our privacy policy doesn’t countermand official protection laws, and it should not be interpreted as an exemption of said laws. The paramount guidance for the proper use of data in all instances can be found in the statutory laws of each jurisdiction. 

Who Handles your Data?

As per the details set out in this privacy policy, Casino Bee is the main entity that stores and handles personal data which is input into the website. That being said, as the website and it’s entities grow, we may add additional partners. These partners may require said data to conduct market research to assist with the optimisation of our services and your user experience.

Third-parties which are privy to your data will only do so with formal permissions as part of an existing contract with us. If Casino Bee were to merge with a new entity or change its legal name, such as in the instance of a buyout by another company, this is the unique case in which your data would be transferred to a third-party.

In this case, you would be responsible with familiarising yourself with the new terms and conditions and privacy policy as set out by the company completing the acquisition. 

What Personal Data is Used?

The data collected depends on the functionalities of the website at any given time, and as such the data obtained from you will vary over time. In the case of changes in the information collected on the website, this will be reflected in the privacy policy. At present, the informartion collected by Casino Bee is as follows:

  1. Name
  2. Gender
  3. Age
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Email address
  6. Password
  7. IP address

Any materials submitted, that you wish to publish on our website will be claimed as owned by us. Contributions are welcomed and accepted, as long as they will add genuine value to our readers. We will retain executive rights and ownership over the voluntary contribution of materials in any form to the website.

Why We Need Your Personal Information and How We Use It?

In order to effectively optimise and deliver the content of our website, it’s necessary to collect personal and non-identifiable information. The collection of this information allows us to streamline and focus our content, so that the readers encounter the information they expect and require. There are numerous uses of personal information that we will lay out below, which will demonstrate the benefits to both you and ourself. We use information to:

  1. Establish your unique account.
  2. Manage your account tailored to your personal information.
  3. Adapt the website display to cater to your own preferences.
  4. Determine which services and products are most useful for you.
  5. Improve and expand on promotional materials relevant to you.
  6. Learn about better marketing strategies and products.
  7. Pick up on habits and inclinations pertaining to user experience and satisfaction.

Please be aware that the personal information we store and process is only done so with your explicit consent. Consent to handle your information, as specified in our privacy policy, is automatically given when choosing to register and use our website.

Who is Your Information Shared With?

Casino Bee works with numerous third party entities in order to optimise the user experience on our website. Website optimisation tools, such as Google Analytics and associated Google products. We also work with partners in the iGaming industry, who occasionally will require information regarding traffic and demographics. The information shared in this capacity has the sole aim of improving and optimising the online experience for all involved. 

Information for Direct Marketing

The main focus of our data is to improve the user experience, this also includes the use of direct marketing which readers can opt-in or out of at any time. The default position when readers sign up to our website is that they would like to receive the high-quality materials prepared in house, with the aim to keep up to date with the latest information in the sector. Readers can choose to control the nature and intensity of the promotional materials they receive by selecting their particular preferences on the website.

How Long is Information Stored for?

Your information is retained for the period that is necessary to conduct proper marketing investigations and the period that we are legally obliged to keep the information on our servers. Once data is no longer required, we will delete the data automatically. Those that require the restriction of our use of your data or segments of the data provided are able to communicate this to Casino Bee.

Information can be Forgotten

Readers always retain the right to be forgotten in our system, by sending an email to [email protected], you can request that your details be removed completed from our server. This is done with the knowledge that we may be required to adhere to a “grace period” according to personal data legislations. Meaning the information will be removed within the legally required time frames. 

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