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A cashback bonus is very much a staple at most modern casinos. Earlier reserved for sports betting, it is now also awarded for losses in standard casino play. Scroll below to see how you can optimize the use of your cashback bonus to bring in maximal returns every time you place a bet.

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myempire casino
MyEmpire Casino
United States
betsofa casino logo
BetSofa Casino
United States
sportuna casino logo
Sportuna Casino
United States
rolleto casino logo
United States
royal reels casino
Royal Reels Casino
United States
qbet casino
Qbet Casino
United States
Winscore Casino
United States
gate777 casino
Gate777 Casino
United States
TonyBet Casino logo
TonyBet Casino
United States
United States
Lucky Bandit Casino
United States
slotozen casino
Slotozen Casino
United States
leon casino
Leon Casino
United States
gamdom casino logo
Gamdom Casino
United States
Dolly Casino
United States
Bitvegas Casino
United States
Punt Casino
Punt Casino
United States
Berry Casino
United States
lukcy7even casino
Lucky7even Casino
United States
Luck of Spins Casino
Luck of Spins Casino
United States

What Are Cashback Bonuses?

A cashback bonus is a return on any form of money spent at a casino based on a cashback rate previously decided upon by the operators. In other words, a casino may award you with real dollars to your casino account for gameplay losses throughout the week.

Such cashback offers are available at most online casinos these days. All you need to do is qualify for the minimal deposit amount set, and with every dollar spent on bets that have ended in losses, you will earn cashback into your account. A bonus offer like this is usually credited automatically, but in rare cases, you may need to contact the support team to opt-in.

Additionally, if you actively charge your casino purchases to your credit card bill, you may also enjoy such cashback rewards on eligible purchases. As for cashback bonuses via purchase using rewards cards, you will first need to ensure that you hit the minimum spending rate on your casino deposits. Most credit cashback rewards are wired to be credited for only eligible purposes so it may also do you good to check your credit card bill for a statement credit, especially if you use several cards during casino play.

How To Get A Cashback Bonus

There are many cashback categories to consider in a casino setting. At most casinos, you earn rewards for the cumulative amount of money you have lost with bets. Many, however, don’t see the other benefits and cashback advantage that comes with making casino purchases with credit cards. So, here is a quick guide on how you can redeem rewards with every casino purchase you charge onto your bank credit cards.

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: Account

Supplies Needed: Time, Money

How to step

Step 1

Select a suitable casino credit card

For maximum rewards, be sure to select credit cards that offer a flat rate on their cashback rewards. This means that you will be allowed cashback with every casino purchase you make with your new card. If you’d like to automatically match your cashback dollar for dollar, having more than one card dedicated to your casino rounds would be your best bet.

How to step

Step 2

Read the fine print

Details are important, much more where credit card rewards are concerned. Check your fees, interest charges, and minimum amount for credit account opening. Compare them to other credit cards again the interest rates, cashback rewards rates, and other card membership benefits for new cardholders to ensure that your casino purchase statement credits would be maximal when you receive your monthly balance statement.  

How to step

Step 3

Use your casino credit cards diligently

To redeem cashback on your casino credit cards, you will need to make several new purchases within the active month. The quickest way to gain some cashback traction on your new card is to make a couple of casino deposit purchases via credit. Not only does this help you hit your eligible purchases cashback rewards rates, but you will also be able to use this money again later when playing at your favorite casinos.

How to step

Step 4

Utilize your cashback rewards often

Cashback offers for credit cards usually allow you points you can later convert to real money for everyday purchases. Be it purchases at grocery stores, online shopping, travel expenses, charges for rental cars, stops at gas stations, or any other purchases you may use credit for, these will all generate real money cashback. All the cash you gain here also comes with an expiry date so be sure to convert them to offset purchases, bills, and even your credit cards’ annual fee.

How We Choose Cashback Bonus Casinos


Mentions of Cashback Bonuses

The first thing about a casino cashback is to locate operators that actually offer the bonus with minimum investment required in terms of gameplay spend. Naturally, cashback bonus categories are staggered at most casinos, meaning that the more your casino spend in a week, the more likely you enjoy an increased cashback percentage. It’s always advised to look into details of such arrangements to ensure you get to chase ultimate rewards returns on all your casino cashbacks.


Find Casinos With Credit Card Payments

Most casinos these days still honor credit cards as one of the main channels to pay for any form of gambling expense. We also go the extra mile to see to it that these accepted credit cards also support flat rate cashback rewards – like the ANZ cashback VISA. This way, we can help our players get the maximum cashback from their investment amount at any casino they visit.


Selecting Highest Cashback Rewards Rate

Naturally, everyone would want an extra bit of money with their cashback arrangement. This is why our casino experts go for casinos that offer the highest possible cashback when graded based on a quarterly maximum. Similarly, their credit card payment channels are also picked out for those supporting credit cards that offer the best relative cashback rewards, even if players opt for credit card payment via an external medium, say Apple Pay or Google Pay.


Scrutinize Cashback Bonus Categories

As we probably are aware, most casinos offer their cashback rewards across various bonus categories and breakdowns. Other than that, casinos may also offer you cashback in the form of real money credit which you can use with your casino account instantly. Alternatively, you may receive your cashback in the form of free spins or other gambling perks. All the cashback you receive with these operators may also come with necessary wagering requirements, so better be on top of details like that.

Pros & Cons of A Cashback Bonus

A casino cashback bonus can pay handsomely when you use it correctly. However, like every other bonus from a gambling operator, it does have its fair share of drawbacks as well. To help you along, here are a set of must-know pros and cons before you redeem your cashback bonuses.

Pros of Cashback Bonus

Rates increase with weekly deposit / gameplay spend. Select payment methods may be eligible for cashback. Cashback bonus categories are usually staggered. Cashback percentage increases with your VIP levels. Occasional sign up bonus offer may have cashback rewards. Cashback bonus can come as free spins – limit or no-limit.

Cons of Cashback Bonus

Casino credit card cashback can incur a foreign transaction fee Balance transfers for credit card cashback can elicit fees Cashback offers only last for a week Wagering requirements may apply

Wagering Requirements For Cashback Bonuses

As with most cashback perks, it’s natural for your operator to tag on a wagering requirement across most of their cashback rewards and bonus categories. But, what you must know are the most common rollover requirements you are to find at most modern gambling service providers today. Come see what they are below!

  • Playthrough Tag: With this wagering requirement in place, you will be required to match a specific multiple of the cashback bonus awarded to your before you can take home any of the money earned from it. Usual tags range from 20x to 50x, depending on your operators.
  • Time Limits: We did mention in previous sections that most cashback bonuses are awarded weekly. Similarly, the wagering requirement tag also runs throughout an active week. Should you not be able to fulfill the requirements within the 7 days, your earnings from the bonus will be forfeited.
  • Wagering Distribution: As you probably know, wagering is a sum of bets made to match multiples of the bonus amount received from any casino. But, where you place these bets also count towards this. For instance, betting at slots will contribute 100% to your wagering requirement whereas table games may nett you between 5% to 10% of your total bets there.

Cashback Bonus vs. Casino Reload Bonus

There are many varieties of casino bonuses out there, with every operator offering a unique twist in order to hold onto player interest. But, the ones we are looking at today are the standard operator cashback bonus as well as rewards in the form of a reload bonus with your gambling cash ins.

Cashback Bonus

not-checked.svgOccurs weekly

checked.svg Bonuses are credited based on your losses

checked.svg Cashback percentage credited instantly

checked.svg Money-back increases with VIP levels

not-checked.svgHigh wagering tag

checked.svg Occasionally offered for unique payment methods

checked.svg Credited for all casino activities

Reload Bonus

checked.svg Occurs with every set reload frequency

not-checked.svgBonuses are credited as an additional percentage of your deposit

not-checked.svgMay require additional bonus codes to be claimed

not-checked.svgBonus amount remains stable despite VIP levels

checked.svg Relatively low wagering tag

not-checked.svgBonus may not be available with selected payment channels

not-checked.svgReload bonuses may be regionally restricted

Can You Win Real Money Rewards With Cashback?

Casino cashback can come in various forms  – free spins for total spent on your casino account, cashback returns to your credit card every time you pay for a casino deposit, returns on your weekly losses, and more. All of these perks that you can redeem as you make purchases directly from your casino account or bank account are rewards equivalent to real money.

Most of the time, you will find your casino account credited with free cash or spins instantly at the end of the week. You can go on and use these immediately to take home real money earnings from your gambling games. And as you pay for more things at your casinos, alongside making other purchases, you will also receive cashback. This ties in to your credit card where eligible purchases gain you real money you can further inject into your gambling account.

Benefits of Cashback Bonuses

A cashback bonus at your local casino has quite a number of perks. For one, you will be able to enjoy your cash bonus and rewards directly to your casino account. Let’s see what other perks and advantages your cashback can bring you.

Most other cashback bonuses can take time to show up as credit in your gambling account. But, with casino cashbacks, expect the money to be in your account instantly. And most of the time, you can use your new credit of casino money to place bets immediately.

Unlike a payment cashback where you may face fees upon fees trying to credit the bonus to your casino account, a direct casino cashback will show up in your casino account, without eliciting any form of fees, not even the annual fee you see on your credit card statement credit print outs.

Cashback offers are now more common at modern casinos. Previously restricted to sports bets, a handful of gambling operators now use cashback and other similar bonus offers to attract their target customers. So, be sure to grab on to these rewards while hot and use them to your gambling advantage.

With every cashback reward you enjoy, the wagering tag on it would be quite straightforward. In most cases, you will simply have to fulfill a multiple rollover, after which, you will be free to use your bonus money and earnings as you please. Additionally, fulfilling the wagering is also easy – what with up to 100% contribution with most common casino games.

Top Tips For Claiming A Cashback Bonus

  • Read the wagering requirement details thoroughly.
  • Be sure of the expiry dates for your cashback cycles.
  • Look for the highest possible cashback percentage.
  • Choose casinos offering the best wagering contribution percentage.
  • Look at new casinos for the best bonus offers – including cashback.
  • Make sure your casino is licensed by valid regulatory authorities.
  • Read up on ways to redeem your cashback – usually automatically or through a bonus code.
  • Select games with high RTP to get the most returns from your money spend.
  • Qualify for higher VIP levels to redeem cashback at much higher rates.

Top Cashback Bonus Offers By Category



BitVegas CasinoHuge welcome bonus offer


Punt CasinoZero wagering


Lucky Elektra CasinoMost free spins offered


Berry CasinoMassive game library


Jackpot MollyQuick payouts

Recommended Casino Bonus Alternatives

  • Casino sign up bonus offers provide a fair amount of cash and free spins.
  • Use reload bonuses to your advantage – either weekly or monthly.
  • Freespins bonus – free rounds, decent earnings, no commitment.
  • No wagering bonuses let you enjoy the bonus without the playthrough.
  • Go for a no deposit bonus to play without staking real money.
  • VIP bonus offers get better as you rank up on the elite scales.
  • Leaderboard bonus offers drop you a combination of prizes if you manage to clinch the top spot.
  • Comp point bonuses allow you to claim tailored rewards suited to your gameplay.


Cashback rewards are definitely one you should not be missing out – be it ones directly from your casino provider or the bank hosting your credit card. Either way, every casino purchase you make, either directly from your gambling service or via credit card will offer you interest free rewards, which you can later utilize on further casino payments or other purchases – say at the grocery store, gas stations, and for high-value purchases. But, when aiming for casino credit card cashback, it always pays to keep an eye on the interest rates, purchase limits, and annual fee rates, as well as types of eligible purchases.

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Can I redeem cashback bonuses at unlicensed casinos?

It is possible that an unlicensed casino would offer to pay you a higher percentage of cashback returns, solely as means to attract membership. However, this isn’t condoned by Casinobee as it may be unsafe.

Do I need to pay taxes on my cashback returns?

This wholly depends on the tax policies where you reside. In most countries, gambling earnings and rewards are taxable. In others, they are considered tax-free profits. It is best to contact your local tax agency to clarify the details in regards to having pay taxes on your cashback.

Can I get cashback on crypto payments?

Yes. Most modern gambling sites have gone on to offer cryptocurrency payments at their establishment as a regular money transfer option. And in a bid to promote this digital payment system, they have resorted to offering cashback bonus on crypto payment channels as well.

Is it allowed to withdraw my cashback?

In most cases, your bonus will come with its necessary wagering outlines. In order to proceed with a withdrawal of any cashback amount or earnings derived from it, one will first need to complete all the wagering requirements. Failure to do so will cause a forfeit of both bonuses and any money made from it.

Do all casinos offer cashback bonuses?

The availability of such bonus is completely at an operator’s discretion. Most casinos do offer such cashback rewards, but there also are a few that do not. In any case, it is better to get the details directly from a support staff member or from their official webpage.

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