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Take advantage of the Refer-A-Friend bonus many casinos offer to existing players and earn real cash you can use to play casino games or withdraw. It is the perfect no-deposit bonus offer for active players. 



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What is a Refer-A-Friend Bonus?

A Refer-A-Friend bonus is a common bonus many online casinos offer players to incentivize other people to play at the casino. This bonus encourages existing players to invite their friends, families, colleagues, and network members to become new customers. Players that invite others who eventually join and play will receive incentives such as bonus money they can wager or withdraw. The objective of offering this bonus is to increase the number of players at the casino. So, if you find a casino you enjoy and can recommend to others, you might as well earn more money by inviting others to join. 

Refer-A-Friend bonuses can vary from one casino to another. However, in most cases, it follows the same steps. Once you start playing at the casino and opt-in for the Refer-A-Friend bonus, you’ll receive a referral code or link you can share with your network. Once someone from your network uses your referral code or link to register and make a qualifying deposit to play for real money, you’ll be eligible for a reward. However, some casinos have additional requirements your referrals must meet before you can claim the bonus. In that case, you should understand the terms before getting started. 

best casinos with refer a friend bonus

How to Get Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

Getting a Refer-A-Friend bonus offer can vary from one casino to another. However, there are common steps you can follow to get this bonus type. We’ve highlighted these steps below. Check them out to learn how to get Refer-A-Friend bonuses and enjoy the rewards as you play online. 

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: N/A

Supplies Needed: Time

How to step

Step 1

Get Your Referral Code or Link

The first step to getting the Refer-A-Friend bonus offer from the casino is to get your unique link or code. You’ll usually get the link or code when you complete your registration. However, some casinos require you to opt-in for the bonus before you can get your code or link. So, you must check the Refer-A-Friend bonus terms to know what step to take. 

How to step

Step 2

Get Someone to Use Your Code or Link

Once you get your link or code, the next phase is to send it to your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, and others you can reach. The wider your network, the better. You might need to do some convincing to get them to use your link or code to register. But once you can, you’ll become eligible to claim the Refer-A-Friend bonus offer. 

How to step

Step 3

Get Them to Follow the Instructions

The next step is to get them to fulfil the requirements. This varies from one casino to another. You might need them to make a qualifying deposit simply, or they might need to play certain games and meet specific wagering requirements before you can go to the next phase. So, you should let them know the terms and get them to follow the instructions. 

How to step

Step 4

Get the Refer-A-Friend Bonus Offer

As long as the person using your referral link or code can follow the terms and conditions, you should get the Refer-A-Friend bonus offer. What you’ll get depends on the casino you join and their terms. So, after checking the casino’s Refer-A-Friend bonus offer, you’ll know what to expect whenever someone uses your referral link or code. 

How We Pick Refer-A-Friend Bonus Casinos


Game Collection and Providers

Whenever we want to pick a Refer-A-Friend casino, we check the game collection to see what titles are available. We evaluate the various titles and ensure the casino we’re picking has the best online casino games for our players. Additionally, we look at the providers’ list to see where the games are coming from to know if they are worthwhile. 


Security and Licence


We check the casino’s security to be sure they have up-to-date measures, enabling them to protect players and safeguard their details. Also, look at the casino’s SSL certificate to verify its validity. We check out the licence to confirm if it is from a reputable authority, although some top sites with the best Refer-A-Friend casino bonus don’t have licences. 


Payment Methods

Another area we consider is the payment methods list. We check if the casino has suitable payment methods that will allow players to easily deposit and withdraw whenever they want to play for real money. We also look at the terms to ensure they aren’t too stringent, and the casino doesn’t charge too many fees for transactions. 


Customer Service

We take out time to examine the casino’s customer service. We want to ensure that the casino we pick has effective customer support so that it is easy to resolve whenever there is an issue. Furthermore, we look at the available channels you can use to contact the support team and ensure that they are responsive and effective. 

Pros & Cons of Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Bonus offers are incentives to make players join a casino and keep playing. Meanwhile, the Refer-A-Friend bonus offer incentivizes players to bring other people to join the casino. So, this bonus is more of a marketing strategy for casino operators, hoping they can get more people to sign-up and play for real money. 

As a result, casino Refer-A-Friend bonus offers have become popular and are usually worthwhile and less stressful. So, they have exciting benefits that make gambling more enjoyable, especially for people with a large network of friends. However, there are downsides to this bonus type. In that case, we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of Refer-A-Friend below. 


Easy bonus to claim Works for every player at the casino Doesn’t require the player to deposit Less stringent requirements


Your referral might make a mistake, and you’ll lose the reward Some Refer-A-Friend bonuses have too many conditions referrals must follow

Refer-A-Friend Bonus Wagering Requirements

Even the best online casino Refer-A-Friend bonus offer has wagering requirements. However, this doesn’t work like your typical wagering requirements. It is usually part of the terms and conditions you must fulfil before you can get the bonus offer. For instance, when you invite someone who uses your link, they might be required to play a slot game and hit a certain wagering requirement before you’ll receive your reward. However, some casinos might add wagering requirements to the casino Refer-A-Friend bonus; no deposit money you receive after your referral fulfils the conditions. 

Refer-A-Friend Bonus vs Free Spin Bonus

You can claim different bonuses at online casinos. Two of the most common types are free spins and a refer-a-friend bonus. Both bonuses have different terms and can’t be claimed the same way. However, casinos have varying methods and steps players must follow before claiming either. 

Both bonuses help you try your luck with minimal risk. In that case, you can win a substantial payout without risking your bankroll. But to see how both bonus offers vary and are similar, we’ve compared and contrasted them below. Check them out to see what to expect with either bonus offer. 

Refer-A-Friend Bonus

checked.svg Doesn’t require you to deposit

checked.svg Less stringent conditions and wagering requirements

checked.svg You don’t need to wager the reward at most Refer-A-Friend casinos

not-checked.svgThe reward is usually fixed

not-checked.svgYou must rely on your referrals to follow the instructions thoroughly

Free Spin Bonus

not-checked.svgYou might need to deposit to claim the offer

not-checked.svgMight come with high wagering requirements and stringent conditions

not-checked.svgYou must wager the free spins before claiming the winnings

checked.svg Higher reward potential

checked.svg No need to rely on others to claim the bonus

Benefits of Refer-A-Friend Bonuses

When you join a Refer-A-Friend bonus online casino and claim the offer, it has exciting benefits attached to it. You can use the bonus offer to improve your gambling experience and make your adventure more enjoyable. That way, you’ll get access to exciting bonuses and increase your chances of winning a substantial payout.

One of the many benefits of this bonus offer is that the casino can enhance its engagement because people talk about it in their networks. As a result, it can lead to increased popularity. With this offer, players will want to get as much as possible, so they will invite as many people as possible, reducing the marketing cost for the operators. Since it is a commission-based bonus offer, the wider the network, the better for the player. As a result, they might want to create a social profile that will enable them to talk about their gambling experience, and in turn, they can invite more people. This bonus offer enhances players’ engagement as well as the casinos. Many businesses understand that the best form of marketing is word-of-mouth marketing, and this bonus offer allows casinos to easily implement that into their easily. They also won’t have to spend too much because they only pay based on the people the other players bring to the platform. It is a win-win for everyone. 

Online casinos thrive on social interactions. What people have to say about the platform goes a long way. Before this bonus offer was created, casinos must find creative ways to build communities and foster social interaction among players, hoping it will bring more people to the casino and get them to play. The downside was that many players wanted to play and win without extracurricular activities. And since there wasn’t an incentive, they didn’t see the need to join. But with the Refer-A-Friend bonus offer, casinos can get players to engage in community building and get them to interact with each other. Since players are looking for ways to make extra money, and they can do so with this offer, they are pulled in and can try bringing in more people. As a result, they get to earn extra cash that will enable them to win real money. They can also continue engaging in community-building activities to accumulate more bonus money. 

Most bonuses at online casinos come with extra conditions once you fulfil the initial requirements and claim them. They will require you to fulfil certain wagering requirements and wager the money or spins before you can withdraw your winnings. However, with the online casino Refer-A-Friend bonus offer, you don’t typically worry about these conditions. In most casinos, you don’t have to wager the money to withdraw once you get the reward. It is usually added to your main balance. So, you can decide to claim it. The only problem is that it might not be plenty, so you may be tempted to use it to wager on certain games to double the money you get. Since it is free money, there is no harm in trying to wager with it. You can always win more money when you try. Also, you won’t even lose anything because you’re not depositing to claim the bonus. The Refer-A-Friend bonus offer gives you access to free money you can use to do whatever you like at the casino. 

Some bonuses are one-offs. Once you claim them, you can’t do it again. So, you must savour the experience when you claim these bonuses. A typical example of a one-off bonus is the welcome bonus package. It is usually exclusive to new players. So, once you register and follow the instructions, you can claim the welcome package. But once you do, you aren’t eligible for any welcome bonus offer at the casino. Fortunately, the Refer-A-Friend bonus is not like that. Most casinos let you enjoy multiple claims for this bonus offer. You can invite as many people as you know to get started and keep claiming the rewards, depending on whether the casino has limits. Some casinos might limit the amount you can claim, and once you reach the limit, you won’t be able to get more bonuses even though more people use your link or codes. So, it helps to check the conditions and understand what they entail. That way, you’ll know what you can get with the Refer-A-Friend bonus offer and ensure you follow the right instructions. 

Top Tips to Claim a Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Before claiming the Refer-A-Friend bonus offer at your preferred casino, you might want to have a strategy. To help you do this, we’ve curated some top tips that can help you whenever you claim the offer. Check them out to work on your strategy and improve your chances of winning a substantial payout with the bonus.

Understand the Terms and Conditions: Before claiming the Refer-A-Friend casino bonus, check and understand the terms and conditions. Look at everything and understand the requirements. Ensure you follow the processes correctly, so you don’t miss the reward once you claim the Refer-A-Friend offer. You can contact the support team if something isn’t clear. 

Use Provided Referral Code or Link: Ensure you use the link or code you get from the casino to refer people because there is no way you can get the bonus offer if they don’t use the right link or code. So, before you share, ensure you’ve double-checked the link or code to ensure it is correct.

Take Advantage of Your Existing Social Presence: If you have a massive social presence, you can use it to your advantage. Talk about your experience playing at the casino and show the benefits of joining. That way, you can convince some people to join with your referral link or code. The more people you have access to, the better your chances of getting enough money. 

Check Eligibility: You can’t claim a bonus offer if you’re not eligible. So, before you claim the bonus, you should ensure you’re eligible for the Refer-A-Friend casino bonus offer. Some casinos have restrictions based on location, payment methods, and other factors. So, check if you meet the requirement and can claim the bonus offer. 

Communicate With Your Referrals: Ensure you’re in touch with your referrals to know if they followed the steps correctly. You can message them directly to ask how the registration process is going or create a step-by-step guide to teach them how to register. That way, they will register seamlessly and won’t forget to use your code or link. 

Provide Tips and Strategies to Your Network: You can also engage your network with tips and strategies they can use to improve their winning chances. Also, you can help them learn how to manage their losses, protecting them from bankruptcy. That way, you can get more engagement and refer more people with your link or code.

Ask Questions: Some of the terms might be confusing. So, it helps if you ask questions. Contact the support team to get answers to your questions. You can also check out the casino’s FAQ page to see if there are answers to questions about the Refer-A-Friend online casino bonus they offer. 

Top Refer-A-Friend Bonus Casinos by Category

CasinoHighlights of the Casino

888 Casino

Top-rated Refer-A-Friend casino

LeoVegas Casino

Low-wagering Refer-A-Friend casino

Mr Green Casino

Best Refer-A-Friend casino for free spins

mBit Casino

Best Refer-A-Friend casino for mobile

Casumo Casino

Top Refer-A-Friend casino for slots

Recommended Alternatives to Refer-A-Friend Casino Bonus

Casino bonuses vary from one site to another. So, the bonus types you’ll get depend on the casinos you join. In that case, you might want to check out the bonus page of the casino you want to join to see what offers are available. Below are some alternative casino bonus offers you’ll find at most casinos. 

  • Welcome bonus: At most casinos, you’ll enjoy a welcome package once you create an account and follow the instructions. Welcome bonuses come in different forms. So, depending on the casino you join, you might need to deposit before you can claim the welcome bonus. So, check the terms before claiming the welcome bonus package.  
  • Cashback: Some casinos understand the plight that comes with gambling. They know losing is inevitable, so they offer a solution by providing cashback offers. So, when you lose over time, you can claim your losses by claiming a cashback offer. This offer might be over a week, month, or daily. Check the terms to know what you’re dealing with before claiming the offer.
  • Free Spins: If you join the right casino, you can also get free spins, which is great for slot lovers. So, if you’re a slots fan, you should go for free spins. Many casinos offer this as part of their welcome package. Some add it to their Refer-A-Friends, while others offer free spins as standalone bonuses. 

refer-a-friend bonus wagering


Refer-A-Friend casino bonuses are a win-win offer for both casinos and players. You can use this offer to make extra cash and increase your winning chances if you have a solid social presence. So, you might want to find casinos that offer a Refer-A-Friend online casino bonus. Check out the terms and follow them thoroughly, so you don’t miss the reward. You can also ask the casino’s customer service questions if anything becomes confusing. Without further ado, pick a Refer-A-Friend casino, register, deposit, start playing, and invite your friends to enjoy this exciting bonus offer. 

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How can I activate a Refer-A-Friend casino bonus?

You can activate this offer by sharing your referral link or code with your network, and they join and play at the casino using your code or link. The more people that use your link or code, the more reward you might get.

What is a Refer-A-Friend bonus?

A refer-a-friend bonus is an incentive given to existing players when they invite others to join the casino. For instance, when you invite your friend to join, and they use your link or code to register when they play, you can receive bonus money as a reward.

What are the differences between a Refer-A-Friend bonus and a welcome bonus?

The refer-a-friend bonus lets you claim rewards when you invite others to join, while the welcome bonus is an offer to welcome you to the casino, although both offers relate to joining the casino site.

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