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Joker Strike is a classic video slot brought to you by Quickspin. Firstly, the game is an edited version of Second Strike, an old-school slot from the same developer. Topping its classic appearance, the slot runs on 5 reels and 10 paylines and bears resemblance with a fruit machine. Joker Strike is loaded with several bonuses to give you an engaging and rewarding experience in the end. You are in for some treat as this slot would keep you smiling to the bank as you look into the ever-smiling face of the Joker.

Game Providers:
RTP: 96.46%
Volatility: High


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Theme, Design & How to Play Joker Strike Slot

You would have to give some credits to Quickspin’s team for putting the graphics of this one together. Somehow, the developers have been able to find a balance between a retro theme and the awe-inspiring modern-day graphics of this slot. Joker Strike gives its players truly spectacular gameplay with great graphics and sound.

The game’s reels stand before a beautiful flashy background with lights of different colours that seem to come from a distance. Playing Joker Strike is straightforward. Gamers should find their way around the slot regardless of their experience.

  • The betting range is between €0.10 and €100 per spin. You can vary your coins size to fit this betting range and then your budget. 
  • The command list features a unique addition, the Hi roller, a special feature we will explain in another section of this review.
  • To win, players must match at least 3 similar symbols on the same payline. The matching symbols must be from the leftmost reel to the right. 

Joker Strike Slot Features 

Joker strike has some features that make it stand out. Even though it doesn’t have a free spin round, the Hi Roller and Wild Strike features make up for it. The game has wild symbols that replace all characters to complete a winning combination.

Joker Strike Feature  

The Joker Strike feature is activated whenever you land a winning combination. In turn, the component activates the game’s outer wheel, where the winning symbols will appear highlighted on a spinning wheel. 

If the wheel’s marker lands on any winning icon or lit, the player will get a strike and more characters for the reels. The number of characters added to the reels depends on the number of icons that created the winning combination to start. For instance, if you land three symbols, 6 symbols will be added to the reels. Similarly, landing 4 symbols will award you 8 characters and so on.

Hi Roller Feature

The Hi-Roller feature gives you additional wild symbols and increases your chances of triggering the Joker strike bonus round. The Hi-Roller is of three types, and your bet value determines the level you enjoy.

A bet of €20 will award you 5 spins on the Joker Strike’s wheel. You will get one wild symbol on each of the revolutions, and the characters will move in the anticlockwise direction.

With €30, you get an additional wild symbol on the reels and the Joker’s wheel. Besides, you will be awarded 5 spins to cap it up in the Hi Roller bonus round. Finally, if you bet €50, you will receive all the above benefits alongside a moving marker on the wheel.   

Paytable & Other Bonus Symbols

Joker Strike Slot has a total of 8 symbols on its paytable. The game’s paytable is dynamic, which means your wager determines your payout at the end of a spin. The Joker is the most valuable of the 8 characters while Lucky Seven, Star and a Bell are the 3 retro symbols that follow. 

The remaining 4 are lower value card symbols from the royal suit. Joker strike, unfortunately, has no progressive jackpots. However, with the Hi-roller feature and some luck, you could win the maximum 1,211x prize per spin.

Here is what the paytable looks like for a €5 stake:

Symbols 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Joker  50x 150x 500x
Lucky Seven  20x 40x 100x
Golden Star    15x 30x 75x
Bell 10x 20x 50x
Red Heart 6x 10x 20x
Purple Spade 5x 7.5x 15x
Green Club 5x 7.5x 15x
Blue Diamond 4x 6x 12x

Joker Strike Slot Free Spins

Sadly, the Joker Strike slot doesn’t have free spins. You can, however, enjoy all of the bonuses that are described above.

Joker Strike Slot RTP & Volatility

Joker Strike has a good RTP that stands at 96.46%. That means players can expect 96 coins from every 100 put in the game. Note that the RTP is usually calculated over millions of rounds. It’s only to give players an idea of the profitability of the slot. 

That said, your earnings might be higher or lower than the expected value. Thanks to the Hi-Roller feature, Joker Strike RTP can rise to 98.11%, which is the highest for any Quickspin slots.  

Considering its high volatility, Joker Strike is suitable for players who take high risks to get a significant payout. Like other high volatility slots, payouts might not frequently occur during gameplay. However, when they occur, players can expect massive wins.    

Joker Strike Slot Real Money Online

The Joker Strike slot is available in most casinos on the internet today. With the reputation of Quickspin in the industry, finding a casino to play with your money should be easy. The problem, though, is finding a casino that suits you entirely might take some time. 

First, you have to look for a dedicated slot that would offer you fair games. Then you have to check to see which of them gives you the right bonus/ free spins combination. Why go through all that stress? We have done it all for you. Here is a list of the best Joker Strike slot online casinos where you can play the game for real money. All you need is register and start playing.  

Joker Strike Slot Free Play

For those who feel the need to test the water first, Joker Strike free play is available for them to explore. Players can benefit from free games in many ways. Demos are lovely as they allow you to interact with slots without spending your money. Players can take advantage of the free play in picking the right casino that suits them. Demos can be played without having players go through the rigours of registration.

Additionally, you can play without fear since you do not have to make deposits to play the demo. You will find Joker Strike play for free casinos on the list in the link above. Simply click the link and start enjoying the game. 

This Quickspin slot plays on all platforms, and the graphics are maintained irrespective of the device you are using. Whether on your desktop or your phone, Joker Strike runs perfectly with smooth functionality.    


Even though there are several slots out there with the Joker theme, this Quickspin game has its peculiarities. It combines the old fruit machine feel with the modern video slot appearance. Joker Strike comes with two bonus features; the Hi-Roller and the Joker strike modes. The combination of these bonus rounds gives the game the highest possible RTP amongst the Quickspin slots, which is 98.11%

But before you play, don’t expect a free spin round in this game. Additionally, winning in the Joker Strike mode is pretty challenging. The Hi-Roller could also be a problem since you need extra bucks to play the feature.


What is the RTP of the Joker Strike slot?

The RTP of Joker Strike is 96.46%.

Does Joker Strike Slot have free spins?

No, the game has no free spins, but it has a unique bonus feature to boost your gameplay.

Can I Play Joker Strike on my iPhone?

Yes, the game is available on different platforms- iOS, Android and Windows.

Do I need to download any app to play Joker Strike?

No, the game runs directly from your mobile browser.

Can I Play Joker Strike Slot for free?

Yes, you can play Joker Strike Slot for free on any of our recommended casinos.

Slot Features Wild Symbol, Bonus Game
Release Date April 10, 2018
Game Providers Quickspin
Slot Type Video Slot
Reels, Rows 5 Reels, 3 Rows
Bet Levels €0.10 - €100
Scatter Symbol No
Wild Symbol Yes
Bonus Game Yes
Free Spins No
Respins No
Multipliers No
Jackpot No
Return to Player 96.46%
Volatility High

Strategy & Tips Section

The essential ingredient to winning in slots is luck. That is because the outcomes of slots are random. However, in addition to luck, you can employ some of the following tips for massive wins:

  • Take advantage of the Hi-Roller feature of the slot by putting a higher wager. That way, you can make massive wins from the game.
  • Set a budget before you start playing the game and ensure you do not exceed the limit. 
  • A strategy that works with some players is to increase your wager at intervals while playing gradually. That would see you win more money should you win one of the bonus features in the game.
  • Choose one of the casinos we have reviewed so that you can benefit from a higher rtp rate than average casinos.
  • As a final rule, bet responsibly. Don’t bet with money that you cannot afford to lose. If you are on a losing streak, it might be time to rest and play another time.   
Joker Strike Slot Review
Game Providers:
RTP: 96.46%
Free Spins:
Volatility: High


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