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After raiding the Wild West for two years, the Wild West’s Bandits are finally back in town. Sticky Bandits Wild Return is a sequel to the 2017 Sticky Bandits slot. As an improvement, the game now features three bandits as against two in its previous version. 

Game Providers:
RTP: 96.28%
Free Spins: 7
Volatility: High


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The slot machine runs on 5 reels with 4 rows each and a total of 40 paylines. Are these outlaws as mean and evil as their reputation? Have they learned new skills to help them get more rewarding targets? Quickspin is prepared to give you all the answers you want in this all-new adventure. Continue reading, and let’s unravel them together.     

Theme, Design & How to Play Sticky Bandits Wild Return Slot

At the welcome screen of the game are swinging doors typical of saloons from the Old West. On the inside, the reels are displayed right in the saloon’s middle on one of its busy days. To add life to the game’s graphics, you will notice some of the customers moving a little. The game’s views are such that you feel like in the saloon yourself.

Adding to the already thrilling gameplay, QuickSpin spiced things up with the beautiful soundtrack that keeps you excited through the game. The game’s symbols blend in perfectly with the Wild West culture that the game portrays. You get to see the 3 bandits, card symbols, cigars, and of course, Whiskey. What’s an adventure to the west without a cup of Whiskey?

To play the game like every other slot, find your way to the bottom of the screen. There you will see its controls. Follow these steps to navigate the slot’s interphase:

  • The autoplay button sits on top of the turbo button on the right-hand side of the screen. To the right of both controls is the spin button.  
  • On the left, you will find two buttons stacked on each other. The button on top represented by 3 lines contains the game’s menu. There you will find information about the game like its paytable and so on. 
  • Below the information button is the settings. Using the settings, you can adjust the game’s controls to suit your taste.
  • To start playing, select the size of your wager. The game will fit into almost any budget size as it allows you to bet within the range of €0.2 and €100 per spin. 
  • To win, you need three symbol combinations from left to right.  

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Slot Features

Even though this slot is a sequel, the game features make it uniquely different from its older version. It features a wild symbol that replaces all regular symbols. Along with its sticky wilds and scatters, the wild symbol plays significant roles in the game. Here are the bonus features to look out for in this slot.

Massive Symbol Feature

Sometimes during gameplay, the bandit symbols might appear larger. The characters could fill 2×2 grid space or 3×3 space on the grid against their regular size. With that, your chances of landing winning combinations increase.  

Quick Slot Feature 

Sticky Bandits Wild Return has a unique quick slot symbol that only appears on the 5th reel. When you land this unique symbol, you get to see another slot right within the game.  

The mini slot comes with four kinds of symbols arranged on 3 reels. Of the 4 characters, the Lucky 7 character pays the most. With 3 of the symbols on a payline, you can get as much as 500x your stake. If you are lucky, you could get up to 3 spins on the mini-slot.

Paytable & Other Bonus Symbols

The slot uses a dynamic paytable, which means your bets would determine the value of the reels’ symbols. On the high payout end of things, you have the 3 desperados, Whiskey and cigars. The card symbols from the royal suit pay less. Looking at them, they are designed using the western style of things. Here is what the paytable looks like:   

Symbols 3 on a Payline 4 on a Payline 5 on a Payline
Wild 0.75x 1.5x 10x
Red Bandit  0.75x 1.5x 10x
Green Bandit 0.5x 1.25x 5x
Blue Bandit 0.5x 1x 3x
Whiskey  0.4x 1x 2x
Cigar 0.4x 1x 2x
Ace 0.2x 0.5x 1.25x
King 0.2x 0.5x 1.25x
Queen 0.15x 0.4x 1x
Jack 0.15x 0.4x 1x


Sticky Bandits Wild Return does not have any Jackpot feature. But that shouldn’t stop you from winning big; you can look to the bright side as there is a maximum payout of 1,145x your stake. 

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Slot Free Spins

The free spins feature of the game is called Lucky Shot feature. To activate this bonus, you have to land 3 or more Skull scatter symbols during the spin. For that, you get 7 free spins. During the spins, bandit symbols may appear on the reels. 

When they do, they’ll shoot at random, transforming any symbol on the reels. Should the bullet hit a bandit symbol, it would become a sticky wild, retaining it’s position throughout the round. If the bullet hits a part of a massive character, it as well becomes a sticky wild.

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Slot RTP & Volatility

Sticky Bandits Wild Return slot has an average Return-to-Player (RTP) of 96.28%. That implies that for every 100 rounds worth €1 each, you can expect a payout of about €96. The game has high volatility, and that, to some extent, is due to the Quick Slot Feature. While you can get massive wins from the slot, especially with its bonus features, activating the features could take time.  

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Slot Real Money Online

Right now, you are either already in the mood for some actions or have some doubts. There is no point wasting time for those in the first category, mostly if you have played the older version of the slot. We have made a complete list of the best Sticky Bandits Wild Return slot online casinos to help you out. All the websites are very generous, with different juicy packages to help you enjoy the game.

Click the link and visit any of the sites to start playing. The game can be played from any device. Its excellent graphics is the same across all platforms without any issues. Disruptions rarely occur during the gameplay, should they happen, do not be scared. The game automatically voids such sessions, so your money is safe.    

Sticky Bandits Wild Return Slot Free Play

You don’t have to hurry to try out any slot whatsoever, not even this one as good as it sounds. Ideally, reading a review should be the first step, followed by the testing phase. That testing phase is where free plays come in. Some experienced players might recommend a hundred spin in demo games, especially for newbies, while for veterans, the figure might be halved.  

That way, you can make mistakes while learning how to play without the risk of losing your money. You can also try out as many casinos as you want, to see which one suits you best. Free plays are available without registration, so your personal information is safe. To start playing for free, click the link above and find yourself a Sticky Bandits Wild Return slot play for free casino. 


The main highlight of this sequel from QuickSpin has to be its mini-slot feature. With many other bonuses, the slot boasts of better gameplay compared with its older version. All that put together gives you a maximum payout 0f 1,145x times your stake, which is slightly higher than its older version.

Sadly, activating the bonus features can take a while. Just like the older version, it still doesn’t have multipliers.     


How many ways are there to win in Bandits Wild Return slot?

The slot offers up to 40 winning ways. Just match 3 or more icons across the reels to make a win.

What is the highest payout possible on the Sticky Bandits Wild Return slot?

The highest possible payout is 1,145x your stake.

Does Sticky Bandits Wild Return have jackpots?

No, the game has no jackpot feature.

Slot Features Free Spins, Wild Symbol, Bonus Game, Scattery Symbol
Release Date August 13, 2020
Game Providers Quickspin
Slot Type Video Slot
Reels, Rows 5 Reels, 4 Rows
Bet Levels €0.20 - €100
Scatter Symbol Yes
Wild Symbol Yes
Bonus Game Yes
Free Spins Yes
Respins No
Multipliers No
Jackpot No
Return to Player 96.28%
Volatility High

Strategy & Tips 

Winning at slots is like planning against bad weather. You cannot stop the rain or have the snow stop during the winter, except you have some superpowers. But you can carry an umbrella if you suspect there would be rain. Similarly, slots are designed to run on with RNGs, meaning winnings occur at random. However, you can play smartly using the following tips, so your chances to win big increases:

  • Firstly, we advise that you only play with money that you can do away with. You cannot predict your game’s outcome, should you lose, you wouldn’t be under too much pressure.  
  • Set a limit for all your games before they start. No matter what happens, try your best not to exceed your budget.
  • As a rule, before each game, make sure you have enough money for five rounds at each game’s start.
  • To make the best use of the game’s bonus features, you can occasionally increase your bet size. That way, if you hit any of the bonus features, your potential payouts could be more massive.
sticky bandits wild return slot review
Game Providers:
RTP: 96.28%
Free Spins: 7
Volatility: High


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