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3276$ stolen

Disputed amount: 3276 USD

Time for Ohmyzino Casino to respond: 01/11/2023 12:08


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Disputed amount: 3276 USD

Posted: 2023-10-25 12:10:08

On October 3, I opened an account and made a deposit. Automatically received a $200 bonus on my balance. I passed verification and within a week of betting on sports I increased my balance to 3476. After I request to withdraw $500. After 3 days of waiting, my balance was reduced to $200 (my deposit). Arguing that I violated some rules regarding the bonus. This is a scam because I didn’t need their bonus. As I understand it, the bonus was specially awarded so that money could be stolen from the balance, as in my case.
They don’t answer to my e-mails. It’s scam

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