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Active bonus rules but i didn’t take up any bonus on my deposit

Disputed amount: 2000 GBP

Time for Sticky Wilds Casino to respond: 14/10/2021 7:47


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Disputed amount: 2000 GBP

Posted: 2021-09-28 08:09:39

I have deposited initially on 07/09/2021 with the welcome bonus but the withdrawal was denied due to breach of the t&c of active bonus. On 09/09/2021 i didn’t take up any bonus on my deposit and won $2000 and made the withdrawal and casino has denied my winning due active bonus rules again. I have advised the casino to provide me with evidence of bonus being active or from my deposit but they didn’t want to help or answer any questions. Sent a lot of email contesting the decision but still no luck with the casino. i hope this forum would help on getting some answer or matter resolved and closed.

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Disputed amount: 2000 GBP

Posted: 2021-10-07 07:47:22

Whilst we can appreciate the decision taken has not met the players expectations we can assure you that all processes were followed and the decision was based on the set bonus rules. Unfortunately the information provided is not the correct information and it is missing vital information that provides the bases of our decision. In respect of the players account and the protection of their information we are not at liberty to discuss the full chain of events between the said player and ourselves in an open forum. Should the player provide a written confirmation, we would be happy to discuss in full details with casinobee and share the events which in turn provides a clearer insight to the said outcome. We would also like to mention that the rules we have set for the bonus conditions are there for all to be honored and that making an exception to the rule would prove discriminatory to our other players. Whilst we strive for customer satisfaction, we also hold strong values in making sure our players are treated fairly.

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