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If you are curious about the non sticky bonuses, then you are in the right place. Here at Casinobee, we will explain its main features and show you how to claim one. We will also provide you with a list of the best non sticky bonus casinos in New Zealand.



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What Is a Non Sticky Bonus?

A non-sticky bonus, also known as a parachute or forfeitable bonus, is a unique casino promotion. It differentiates itself from the others as it doesn’t feature any wagering requirements at the beginning.

This means that you shouldn’t spend any additional money in order to withdraw your initial deposit and winnings. We must also mention that the bonus amount and the deposit are two separate things here, as they don’t stick together.

After you claim a non sticky bonus at an NZ online casino, you will start by using the deposit money. If you manage to make some winnings, then you can request a cash-out. You don’t need to meet any wagering requirements, but you will lose the bonus amount.

On the other hand, if you use all the deposit money, then the bonus funds will activate. The wagering requirements will also come with the bonus amount. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before you decide to apply for a non sticky promo.

What Is a Non Sticky Bonus?

How to Get a Non Sticky Bonus

Getting a casino bonus non sticky is very straightforward. To help you with this task, we’ve decided to put together a step-by-step guide. All you need to do is follow the four simple steps shown below.

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How to step

Step 1

Register an Account

Start off by choosing an online casino from the list mentioned on this CasinoBee page. Every single one of them features a non-sticky bonus. Once you access a casino, click on the Sign Up button and fill out the registration form.

How to step

Step 2

Read the Terms and Conditions

Once you have a verified casino account, go to the list of promotions. Browse through the available promotions and click on the non sticky bonus. Make sure to read and understand the featured terms and conditions. Don’t miss the wagering requirements, which only apply to the bonus funds.

How to step

Step 3

Claim the Non Sticky Bonus

The next step is claiming the online casino non sticky bonus if you feel like it’s a good offer. Click on the “Apply” button and follow the instructions. Here, the casino operator will ask for a certain deposit before awarding you the bonus.

How to step

Step 4

Enjoy the Bonus

Finally, you can make use of the extra funds from the non sticky bonus. But make sure to remember that you start off by using the money from the initial deposit. The promo funds activate only after you use them all up.

How We Pick the Non Sticky Bonus Casinos

Before listing the best non sticky bonus casinos, we make sure to thoroughly examine the New Zealand market. We tend to review countless operators before revealing our picks. Below, we will reveal how we pick these casino websites.


Check the Licence Information

Check the Payment Method The importance of a license is the first and most important aspect of checking the safety of online casinos. This is information that can be easily found on the footer of the operator’s website and then double-checked with the issuer.

We begin by checking the online casino’s gaming licence. Here, we tend to look for a well-respected regulator, such as the New Zealand Gambling Commission. The featured online gambling site must also utilize the latest security technology.


Examine the Terms & Conditions

Licence and Reputation

Next up, we go to the casino’s list of promotions and access the non sticky bonus. Here we examine the terms and conditions to find out whether they are tough or not. We look for easy-to-meet T&Cs, which also include easy wagering requirements. 


Register and Claim the Bonus

Game Selection

Then we go a step further and create a casino account. We rate casinos that feature a simple registration process. After that, we go to the promotions section and select the non-sticky bonus. We deposit the minimum amount and claim our bonus.


Use the Bonus

Bonuses and Promotions

Lastly, we have to make sure to use the bonus funds. But to do that, we must first use up the money we deposited. Here, we also check whether the eligible games are worth playing. If we get some winnings, we request a withdrawal to find out if the bonus really works.

Pros & Cons of Non Sticky Bonuses

The non sticky bonuses come with certain good and bad features, just like any other promo. Below we will reveal both sides of this casino bonus offer.


No wagering requirements before using the bonus funds The bonus activates when you use your initial deposit Use your deposit on any available game No bet limits apply when using the deposit money


Not numerous casinos offer these bonuses You lose the bonus after withdrawing The wagering requirements are usually high

Non Sticky Bonus Wagering Requirements

As we mentioned earlier, the wagering requirements are there only when you use the bonus funds. They are not active when you use the initial deposit and collect some payouts.

In case you don’t know, the wagering requirements show how much additional money you must play through. With the casino non sticky bonus, they apply to the featured bonus amount. Also, they tend to go between x30 and x50.

If you don’t meet them, then the casino operator will forfeit the bonus funds and your winnings.

Non Sticky Bonus vs Sticky Bonus

Many casino players from New Zealand don’t know how to differentiate between non sticky and sticky bonuses. Because of that, we’ve decided to compare them on this page. Here’s what both promos feature.

Non Sticky Bonus

checked.svg The deposit and bonus are separate things.

checked.svg You can withdraw winnings without meeting the wagering requirements

checked.svg Can play all available games with the deposit money

checked.svg Offers a match deposit bonus

not-checked.svgNot available at many online casinos

Sticky Bonus

not-checked.svgThe bonus amount and deposit are put together

not-checked.svgMust meet the wagering requirements to cash out

not-checked.svgCan only play selected casino games

checked.svg You get a hefty match deposit bonus

checked.svg Features in many NZ casinos

Can You Win Real Money With Non Sticky Bonus?

The best thing about the non sticky bonus casino is that you can win real money and cash it out. This is something that every type of promo is offering, but it’s not even close to the non sticky promo.

With this offer, you get to use your initial deposit to earn some winnings. Then you can withdraw the payouts without even fulfilling any wagering requirements. This maximizes your chances of making a profit at a New Zealand casino.

If you use up all of your deposit money, then the non sticky bonus will activate. It provides you with extra money to play. But it also comes with certain wagering requirements that you must meet.

This means that you will need to spend additional money in order to cash out the bonus funds and any winnings. There is still a possibility of making a profit when you are done. However, the best way to get real money is to earn some before the bonus activates.

Benefits of Non Sticky Bonus

Now that you know the meaning of the non sticky bonus and its features, it's time to reveal its benefits. You should know that there are several advantages that come with this promo. Below, we will describe the most important ones.

The deposit and bonus money are separate entities in the non sticky bonus. This means that you can start off by spending your initial deposit, without even activating the promo.

Only after using them all up, you start spending the extra funds from the non sticky bonus. It is something that isn’t available in other types of promotions. They usually put the deposit and bonus funds together after you claim one of them.

Another benefit of using non sticky bonuses concerns the wagering requirements. They are only active when you start spending the extra funds from the promo. It means that there aren’t any wagering requirements attached to the winnings made using the deposit money.

This is a major advantage, as you can make a solid profit in a matter of minutes. It is a unique feature that only comes with the non sticky bonus.

Every casino promotion features a list of eligible casino games that you can play with bonus funds. The non sticky bonus also comes with these selected titles. Yet they only apply when you start using the bonus funds. 

This is because the promotion doesn’t activate until you use up all of your deposit money. Now, with the initial deposit, you can wager on any available game at the casino. Also, the bet limits don’t apply to these funds.

Lastly, with the non sticky bonus, you can withdraw your initial deposit and your winnings at any time. However, this feature is only available before the actual promo activates. After using up all of your deposit money, the cash-out option will no longer be available.

If you do request a withdrawal before that, then the casino operator will approve it instantly. However, it will also forfeit your bonus funds.

Top Tips for Claiming a Non Sticky Bonus

Top Tips for Claiming a Non Sticky Bonus

If you are a beginner and want to claim a non sticky casino bonus, then you might need some tips. Here is some advice that you should keep in mind:

  • Always read the terms and conditions: they are unique for every bonus and hold some very important information
  • Check the wagering requirements: you may want to find a non sticky bonus that comes with low wagering requirements
  • Try winning funds with the deposit money: play games with a high RTP rate and withdraw before the bonus activates
  • Check the list of eligible games: examine whether your favourite games are eligible to be played with the bonus funds
  • Choose a licenced casino: every online casino that holds a valid licence is safe for wagering
  • Find a casino with fast withdrawals: The fast payout casinos allow you to withdraw in up to 25 hours.


The non sticky is a type of promotion that offers several advantages to NZ players. You get a chance to earn money before activating the bonus and meeting any wagering requirements. This is something that isn’t available with other types of bonuses

However, we must mention that there aren’t many online casinos that offer such a promotion. It is also worth noting that some of the best non sticky casino sites may come with tough T&Cs. So make sure to read them before you apply for such an offer, and always remember to gamble responsibly.

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What is a non sticky bonus?

A non sticky bonus is a type of casino promotion where the deposit and bonus funds are separate. You can start using the deposit money and earn some money before the bonus activates. Also, there are no wagering requirements if you withdraw before using the bonus funds.

Where can I find a non sticky bonus?

There are some online casinos in New Zealand that offer a non sticky bonus. The best way to find such a website is by checking out the list of casinos at Casinobee.

Does the non sticky bonus come with wagering requirements?

The wagering requirements are not active when you use the deposit funds. This means that you can cash out any winnings that you make with it. However, after you use all the deposit money, the casino will activate the non sticky bonus. With this promo come the wagering requirements, which you must meet.

What kind of games can I play with a non sticky bonus?

When using the deposit money, you can play any available game at the online casino. However, there are some game restrictions when you start spending the bonus funds. Usually, you can wager on online pokies and at some online casinos, on table games and live casino games.

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