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the last quack slot
The Last Quack

Mancala Gaming

Released: April 5, 2023

Volatility Low

RTP 95%

fruity liner 40 slot logo
Fruity Liner 40

Mancala Gaming

Released: February 16, 2023

Volatility High

RTP 95%

seth vs horus
Seth vs Horus

Mancala Gaming

Released: August 31, 2023

Volatility Medium

RTP 95%

book of wealth slot
Book of Wealth

Mancala Gaming

Released: January 5, 2023

Volatility Medium

RTP 95%

The Twin Wins Mystery

Mancala Gaming

Released: November 25, 2021

Volatility High

RTP 95%

buccaneer royale slot
Buccaneer Royale

Mancala Gaming

Released: March 3, 2023

Volatility Low

RTP 95%


Overview of Mancala Gaming Software

Mancala Gaming is a young, flexible online slots development company created in 2019 to help provide more games to players in the industry. The company is located in Prague, Czech Republic and has continued to spread its tentacles to different parts of the world, providing quality slot and dice games. 

Although it doesn’t have a massive collection of slots yet, the studio promises a consistent provision of games annually. Therefore, we should get more Mancala Gaming slots on the market soon. In addition, the popularity keeps increasing, and many casinos now list Mancala Gaming titles for players to enjoy. 

Mancala Gaming software allows casinos to provide their members with an excellent gaming experience. It provides fair and creative gambling services to casinos, offering them loyalty rewards like free spins, trigger events, and jackpots. As a result, it helps casinos achieve top-notch business practises. 

This developer also partners with game aggregators like Softswiss, providing API integrations to casino businesses. As a result, the popularity of Mancala Gaming keeps increasing, and more people are beginning to enjoy the exciting provisions Mancala Gaming offers players. Undoubtedly, Mancala Gaming software will continue to impact the global online gambling market.  

Features in Mancala Gaming Slots

Mancala Gaming ensures it provides unique slots, and as a result, you can’t find two slots from this provider that are the same. However, it is possible to find recurring features in some slots. For instance, wilds are popular features you’ll likely find in most slots because they play a pivotal role in the gambling experience.

Some features are impressive, but they aren’t available in most slots. A good example is the free spins bonus round. It offers players the chance to win more with fewer risks. Slots with this feature also come with a scatter symbol. This is a special symbol that helps trigger the free spins bonus round. 

Another feature is the Cascading Reels mechanics, which allows for multiple spins, offering the chance for more wins. Some Mancala Gaming slots have sticky wilds that can trigger respins once they appear on specific reels. The features you’ll get vary from one slot to another, and keep in mind that some slots have multiple features. 

Types of Slots Offered by Mancala Gaming

This slot provider has different categories for players to explore. You can decide what to pick based on the types you enjoy. Mancala Gaming slots are separated into different types, although some games fall into multiple categories. We’ve highlighted the types of slots offered by Mancala Gaming below. 

Mancala Gaming is home to multiple classic slots. If you’re a fan of the 3×3 classic reel slots, you will find a few titles in the Mancala Gaming portfolio to play. You can try your hands on the Fluity Liner 5, Fruity Liner 40, and Reel Reel Hot slots. These classic slots are easy to play and don’t have complex gameplays.

If you want something extra, consider branded slots from Mancala Gaming. You should take your time to check out the different branded slot games available under the Mancala Gaming umbrella. You can try titles such as Braindead, Zero Day, The Twins Wins Mystery, Book of Wealth, etc. 

Mancala Gaming also has a collection of exciting fruit-themed slots. If you’re a fan of these slots, you can find enough options to try in the Mancala Gaming slots collection. Check out fruity-themed slots like the Fruity Liner 40, Fruit Collection, Hot Fruits on Ice, Hot Fruits on Fire, etc. 

You can also play adventure-based slots and titles with fictional storylines. Mancala Gaming has a collection of slots for those looking for extras. You can try your luck with Buccaneer Royale, Seance Mysterious Attic, Seth vs Horus, Mancala Quest, and Portal Master, among others. 

Mancala Gaming Most Popular Slots

With this provider’s current slot collection, you might be confused about which to pick. To help you decide, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular slots under Mancala Gaming’s umbrella. Check them out and pick the ones that fit your playing style. Fortunately, you can try them for free before playing for real money at a Mancala Gaming casino. 

  • Fruity Liner 40: If you love classic fruit slots with a little extra, Fruity Liner 40 is the game for you. Although it has no bonus game round, Fruity Liner 40 makes up for it with the special symbols. It has 40 fixed paylines and is played on a 4×5 layout. The slot looks good on mobile or desktop, paying up to 880x your bet. 
  • Book of Wealth: Journey to the Egyptian desert and search for the powerful hidden artefact, carrying the power to grant any wish and bring riches. If you have what it takes, it’s time to search for the Book of Wealth and claim its magic. Play this 5-reel and 3-row slot with ten fixed paylines on mobile or desktop. Trigger the free spins bonus round with the scatter and take a shot at the 1364x payout.
  • Buccaneer Royale: The sea is treacherous; only the strong can sail through and uncover fame and fortune. Explore with Buccaneer Royale, a 4×5 grid layout slot with multiple exceptional features. It is an all-ways game offering 1024 winning paylines. Enjoy the respins feature and spin for a chance to win up to 4704x your bet. 
  • Seth vs Horus: The battle between Ra and Shu rages in the scorching heat of the Egyptian desert. You’re caught in the middle and have to choose. Choose right and enjoy great riches beyond imagination; choose wrongly and be left to suffer for eternity. The clock is ticking – start spinning the reels on this 7×7 grid slot and stand a chance to win up to 973x your bet.
  • The Twins Wins Mystery: Solve the mystery of the cursed mansion and uncover the truth behind the wall. Spin the reels of the Twins Wins Mystery slot and stand a chance to win up to 5740x of your bet. Trigger the free spins round and multiplier features to enjoy this incredible slot. If you’re not afraid of the dark, start spinning the reels, and you might hit a substantial payout with one of your spins. The Twin Wins Mystery game consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. It includes features such as Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Multiplier pins, Free spins, and cloned reels. </li

Highest Paying Mancala Gaming Slots

With this current collection of slots from Mancala Gaming, it is evident that the provider is looking to ensure that players enjoy their gambling experience when they choose to play its games. Fortunately, you can find these top slots at various real-money Mancala Gaming online casinos. 

The table below shows some of the highest-paying Mancala Gaming slots you can try. Take your time to review the various titles and pick the ones that fit your preferences and style of play. You can also test them for free to see how the game works before you play for real money. 

Slot NameRTPWager LimitsFree SpinsPaylinesRowsReels

The Twins Wins Mystery


Buccaneer Royale


Book of Wealth


Seth vs Horus

95%20-1800N/A1 Cluster77

Fruity Liner 40


Top 5 New Mancala Gaming Slots

Since Mancala Gaming is relatively new to the online gambling industry, most of the games from the providers are still in the latter category. However, the provider has some titles they’ve recently introduced to the market, and these slots are up-to-date with the latest technologies, providing an incredible gambling experience. Below are the top five new Mancala Gaming slots and features. 

NameRTPVolatilityRelease MonthMax PayoutFree SpinsWildsPayline

Buccaneer Royale

95%LowMarch 20234704xYesYes1024

Fruity Liner 5

95%HighFebruary 202380xNoNo5

Fruity Liner 40

95%HighFebruary 2023880xNoYes40

Wild Velvet

95%MediumJanuary 20232913xYesYes20

Book of Wealth

95%MediumOctober 20221364xYesYes10

Free to Play Mancala Gaming Slots

Most Mancala Gaming slots are free. You can play the games in free-to-play mode because they’ve been developed to allow players to enjoy the gameplay without risking their money at an online casino. As a result, you can get an insight into the games before you try to play for real money.

You can visit the Mancala Gaming website to play these games for free. The good thing is that you can play them for free on your mobile, desktop, or tablet. With that, you don’t have to worry about the devices you want to use to play. In that case, you can check the list below for some free-to-play Mancala Gaming slots. 

Latest Bonuses & Free Spins on Mancala Gaming Slots

Playing Mancala Gaming slots has benefits. Among them are the free spins and bonus rounds added to some slots. You can trigger these features while playing the games and spinning the reels. In most cases, you don’t have control over when the features are triggered and must wait for them to come around. 

Different slots have ways that allow players to claim bonuses. You might want to check the slots’ paytable to learn how it works and what you need to do to claim the free spins and bonuses. Aside from the in-game bonus features, you will enjoy top-notch bonuses when you play at some casinos with the Mancala Gaming provider. 

These bonus offers are available to players who want to try their luck on Mancala Gaming slots. Some of these free spins come as part of the welcome bonus package. Others are part of the reload bonuses. So, you can check the casino’s bonus page to know what to expect before you register and start playing for real money at the casino.

How to Get Free Spins on Mancala Gaming Slots

With Mancala Gaming slots, you can enjoy free spins. Some slots come with free spins feature, and players can activate them. However, activating this feature varies from one slot to another. But you can check out the steps below for more general knowledge of how to get free spins on Mancala Gaming slots. 

Estimated Time Needed: 00:05

Tools Needed: Account

Supplies Needed: Timei Money

How to step

Step 1

Pick One and Launch Game

Your first step is to find a Mancala Gaming slot with free spins feature. Fortunately, most Mancala Gaming slots have this feature. So, finding the one you can choose shouldn’t take time. Pick the game and launch it to get started. 

How to step

Step 2

Learn About the Special Symbols

Once you’ve launched the game, you should learn more about the special symbols. Take your time to look at the paytable to know how to trigger the free spins. In most cases, you’ll need to land three or more scatter symbols to activate this bonus feature. 

How to step

Step 3

Spin the Reels and Land the Special Symbols

Start spinning the reels to get the free spins feature. Set your bet and coin values. After that, click on the spin button to start spinning the reels. Continue to spin until you land the right symbol combinations to activate the free spins feature. 

How to step

Step 4

Use Bonus Buy Feature

Some Mancala Gaming slots have a bonus buy feature that can help activate the free spins feature without waiting for it to happen naturally. Skip all the spinning and activate the bonus buy feature with some of your part of your bankroll to enjoy the game’s free spins feature. 

Mobile Compatibility

Mancala Gaming slots are made to perfection. The developer looks for ways to ensure players get the best gambling experience regardless of the device they decide to usef. In that case, you won’t have any issues whether you want to play on your mobile, desktop or tablet. And the good thing is that you’ll get the same experience. 

In addition, many mobile casinos list Mancala Gaming slots. So, if you want to play on the go, you can choose any of these casinos, register, deposit, and start playing your favourite Mancala Gaming slot without restriction. You can even claim the welcome bonus for a more exciting start to your online gambling journey. 

Other Online Casino Games that Mancala Gaming Offers

Mancala Gaming hasn’t been around for a long time, and unfortunately, it hasn’t built a massive collection of casino games. In addition, the provider has been focused on only developing slots. Still, to show that it can do others, Mancala Gaming has a dice games section which includes: 

  • Portal Master Dice: The Portal Master Dice game is a dice version of Mancala Gaming’s Portal Master slot. It is an exciting game with a 4540x payout which you can play on mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

Pros & Cons of Mancala Gaming Slots

Playing Mancala Gaming slots have ups and downs. So, before you begin, check out some of the pros and cons of this provider’s slots. 


Mancala Gaming slots have innovative features and symbols The slots are available on mobile, desktop, and tablets You can play in multiple languages Demo play option available


The collection is not massive No jackpot slots available

Casinos Where You Can Play Mancala Gaming Slots

Fortunately, you’ll find many casinos that list Mancala Gaming slots. So, you can choose one and start playing. We have a list of the best Mancala Gaming casinos you can choose from, and the good thing is that these casinos have freebies for new and active players. So, you can start your gambling journey on the right foot. 

You can check for some casinos that list Mancala Gaming slots. Choose one and get started in no time. 

Best Mancala Gaming Casino Sites By Category

CategoryMancala Gaming Casino

Best Bonus Offer

Lucky Dreams Casino

Top Mobile Mancala Gaming Casino

FreshBet Casino

New Mancala Gaming Casino Online

Zoome Casino

Best Mancala Gaming Game Library

Pirateplay Casino

Best Mancala Gaming Slots Site

Rolling Slots


Mancala Gaming slots have been making waves in the online gambling industry. This provider hasn’t been around for an extended period. Therefore, we can excuse the fact that it doesn’t have a massive collection of casino games. Although catching up with the top game providers might be difficult, with consistency and more innovative ideas, it’s not impossible.

Slots from Mancala Gaming will continue to gain popularity, and more players are enjoying the features and gameplay. You can join the bandwagon and take a spot in the Mancala Gaming community. Pick one of the top casinos with Mancala Gaming as a provider to kickstart your online gambling journey without stress and with top-notch slots. 

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Mancala Gaming Slots FAQ

Can I play Mancala Gaming slots for free?

You can play Mancala Gaming slots for free. Simply visit the Mancala Gaming website, pick the game you want and start playing.

How many Mancala Gaming slots have a jackpot feature?

Unfortunately, no Mancala Gaming slots have a jackpot feature you can explore.

Where can I find Mancala Gaming slots online?

You can check our list of top Mancala Gaming casinos to play slots from this provide online.

Are Mancala Gaming slots mobile-compatible?

All Mancala Gaming slots are compatible with mobile and tablets. So you can play on the go without stress.

How many free spins can I get in a Mancala Gaming slot?

Casinos determine how many bonus spins you will receive. This could range widely from ten to hundreds. Before choosing a casino, compare the offers of various Mancala Gaming casinos.

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