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From the depths of the sea comes the Razor Shark slot, a homage from Push Gaming to one of the biggest known terrors from below. The game is clearly visually inspired by the cute cartoon look of Disney-Pixar’s ‘Finding Nemo’. 

Game Providers:
RTP: 96.70%
Free Spins: 4
Volatility: High


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Razor Shark’s vibe is decidedly much more in line with that of Universal Studios’ ‘Jaws’ once you get past its Saturday morning cartoon visuals. Indeed, the only cute part of it is the visual style the Push Gaming there used to design its visage.

Beyond that, there’s a decidedly macabre meaning alluded by some of the symbols of the game that are drenched in twisted black humor. Yet, the game is nothing to be afraid of! 

You can dip your toes into the water and try to take a bite of the winnings Razor Shark has got to offer you. However, check our Razor Shark review before diving deep into finding the special treasure for you.

Razor Shark Slot Features

The Razor Shark slot consists of a 5 reel, 4 rows, 20 paylines gameboard that sits just below the surface of what could very well be your favourite beach. Clownfishes, sea stars, angelfishes, and many coral reefs adorn the backdrop against which the gameboard sits. 

The regular symbols of the game that appear on its reels make allusion to the dangers of the sea and the black humour of the developers. The very first thing you will notice about the lowest paying symbols is that they tell a story. They are not your run of the mill card symbols. No, these are abandoned scuba diving gear that rests quietly on the depths of the sea. 

An oxygen tank, a pair of flippers, a scuba mask, and a waterproof photographic camera with its lens broken are some of the symbols. One can only begin to wonder what happened with the owner, where are they now? The high paying icons most likely know the answer to that question but they will sure as hell will not tell you anything. 

Meanwhile, a Mako shark, Megamouth shark, Hammerhead shark, and a Bull shark are the high paying symbols. But it is the wild symbol of the game, a ferocious and hungry-looking Great White shark that seems the most dangerous of the pack. 

There is also a scatter symbol that depicts an underwater sea mine with ‘Bonus’ written across. In case you land three of them, you will enter the Razor Shark free spins round. In addition to that, Razor Shark also has quite a few special features of its own.

Mystery Stack

Remember, you are under the sea, and the depth of the sea holds untold mysteries we cannot even begin to imagine. So, how about some mystery to keep up with the underwater theme of the game? 

Every once in a while, you will see a couple of odd-looking seaweed icons land in the underwater reels of Razor Shark. And odd-looking they are because they don’t seem like a regular symbol, rather, they look like they are hiding a symbol behind them. 

These are the Mystery Stack symbols and, as the name implies, it is a stacked symbol represented by seaweeds. The Mystery Stack can appear anywhere on the reels and either fill a full reel or occupy a single space of it. 

When they appear, it will trigger the trademarked Nudge and Reveal feature of Push Gaming. What does the Nudge and Reveal feature actually do? 

It will simply make the seaweeds get out of the way to reveal the actual symbol that was lying behind them. What can lay behind the seaweeds of the Mystery Stack are either regular paying symbols or special Golden Shark symbols. 

In the case of the former, a randomly chosen paying symbol will appear in all the Mystery Stack symbols once the seaweeds get out of the way. Thus, granting you a nice win across the paylines for your bet. When it comes to Golden Shark symbols, however, it triggers the Razor Reveal feature. 

One awesome thing about the Mystery Stack is that after the Nudge And Reveal feature does its thing, they do not immediately go away. 

Rather, the seaweeds return to cover up and obscure the symbol previously revealed and the mystery stack drops one row. During the next spin, it’ll reveal again another randomly chosen symbol behind them and continue to until it’s out of the reels.

Razor Reveal Feature

Razor Reveal Feature happens only when a Mystery Stack reveals a set of Golden Shark symbols hiding behind its seaweeds. During this round, all the golden shark symbols will begin to spin while the rest of the symbols stand still. 

One of two things can land after the spinning of the Golden Shark symbols of the Razor Reveal Feature. 

First, you can land ‘Bonus’ Sea Mine scatters. Landing three of those will allow you to enter the Free Spins Round of Razor Shark. 

Additionally, after you got three of those sea mines, it is also possible to get some ‘+1’ sea mine to also appear. It will allow for the Mystery Stacks that you get at the start of the free spins round to nudge up by one position. 

Or second, you can land a series of coins with a number on them. These coins are bet multipliers. Landing any number of them allows you to gain an accumulated win multiplier based on the sum of the most valuable type of coin. 

There are three types of coin based on its metal: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The value of each corresponds to the number etched on them. The rarer the metal, the higher the value of the number you can expect etched on it. 

So, if you land solely bronze coins, which have a single-digit value, you will collect a win multiplier of the sum of all of their values since they are of a matching type. 

However, if you land, say, four bronze coins and one silver coin, you will collect only the value of the silver one. Likewise, if you were to land four silver coins but two golden ones, you would only collect the sum of the value of the golden coins.

Razor Shark Slot Free Spins

Land three or more sea mine scatters to enter the Razor Shark free spins round. And a mighty daring free spins round that it is. Not only because you are going further into the depths of the sea with this one. But also, because it has an unique and bold approach to a free spins round as well. 

The Razor Shark slot free spins do away completely with the tradition of giving you a set number of free spins to enjoy. 

In this sense, you will never know the exact number of free spins you will have here. This is due to the fact that the number of free spins and value of the multiplier are potentially infinite. 

Yes, it’s true. It says it right there on the shark-bitten surfboard with the infinite symbol that pops up at the start. 

But how could that be? It all depends on the mystery stacks you manage to land. The number of free spins you will spin are ultimately determined by the mystery stacks that you got on the reels. 

The moment you no longer have at least one mystery stack visible on the gameboard after a spin, that’s when the Razor Shark free spins round ends. Pretty daring, uh? The good news is the free spins round always begin with both, the 2nd and 4th reel with a full Mystery Stack on each. 

Remember, the Mystery Stack will always drop one row after a Nudge and Reveal. Thus, you will get at least 4 free spins. Many more depending on how lucky you are to land even more Mystery Stacks after a spin. A progressive multiplier also applies and increases after each Nudge and Reveal of the mystery stacks.

Razor Shark Slot RTP & Volatility

The Razor Shark Slot RTP is 96.70%. It’s volatility, on the other hand, is decidedly on the high end of it. Thus, winnings come sparsely but, when they come, they come in big.

Play Razor Shark Slot Real Money Online

Don’t go scuba diving! Just check our recommended Razor Shark slot online casinos shown above to play this deep-sea adventure. Many of them come with bonuses on sign up, so it will be like you found a little underwater treasure too.

Razor Shark Slot Free Play

Looking to have the Razor Shark slot play for free? You can do so! Lots of casinos have the Razor Shark free to play version of the game for you to enjoy. 

No money risked means no money gained, however. Yet, Razor Shark slot play for free is an excellent chance to get familiar with the game mechanics.


Razor Shark is decidedly for those that love a thrill. Not only for its theme, but the nature of the Free Spins Round and the high volatility of it make it not for the faint-hearted. 

If you seek a slot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, the Razor Shark slot by Push Gaming is going to be your next favourite slot.


What is the biggest win on Razor Shark?

You can win up to x50,000 you stake thanks to the infinite multipliers in the free spins.

Which is the highest paying symbol on Razor Sharp?

That would be the game’s wild the Great White Shark symbol. Five of them in a payline lands x25 your bet.

How many mystery stacks can I get?

Theoretically, you can get as little as 1 and as many as the whole gameboard.

Slot Features Free Spins, Wild Symbol, Scattery Symbol, Multiplier
Release Date September 3, 2019
Game Providers Push Gaming
Slot Type Video Slot
Reels, Rows 5 Reels, 4 Rows
Bet Levels €0.10 - €100
Scatter Symbol Yes
Wild Symbol Yes
Bonus Game No
Free Spins Yes
Respins No
Multipliers Yes
Jackpot No
Return to Player 96.70%
Volatility High

Razor Shark Strategy & Tips

Here are some tips for you to better enjoy when playing the Razor Shark slot.

  • When it comes to slots, don’t be one player that can’t control themselves. As a good rule of thumb, you should have a preset budget before even logging in to play. When you are about to go under 30% of that budget, please stop and try another day.
  • A lot of casinos like to spoil you up with bonuses when you sign up and upon becoming a regular. Which? We showed you some of the best earlier in this article.
  • With a high volatility, you sparsely bet higher. Don’t worry though, the mystery stack will allow for more frequent wins.
  • Try the free play mode at one of the casinos we recommended here.
Razor Shark slot review
Game Providers:
RTP: 96.70%
Free Spins: 4
Volatility: High


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