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False Advertisement, Unlicensed Gaming, Poor Player Care And Responsibility

Disputed amount: 45223 USD

Time for Casino to respond: 01/11/2023 1:01


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Disputed amount: 45223 USD

Posted: 2023-10-25 01:10:01

I am writing to officially file a complaint with and Bets Entertainments N.V regulated by Gaming Services Provider N.V. concerning several issues I have encountered while using the online gaming platform Currently there is no complaints procedure or working site for Gaming Services Provider N.V who regulates them so I believe it is imperative to bring these concerns to your attention with the hope of justice and an equitable resolution.

On May 1st, 2023, I initiated a formal request to permanently close my account with the aforementioned online gaming platform due to multiple serious concerns including false advertising, misrepresentation, unlicensed operator casino and making them aware of my gambling issues. At 12:40 AM (UK time), the VIP manager James assigned to me, confirmed the account closure in writing citing gambling problems and unfair slots.

Despite my explicit request for a permanent account closure, I later discovered that the platform had instead extended a 6-month cooling-off period on my account without my consent, thereby preventing the immediate closure that I had requested. Such actions not only contravene the principles of transparency and fairness expected by operators but may also violate relevant regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, during my account closure period, I received numerous spam email communications from the platform’s marketing team, specifically James, despite my repeated requests for them to cease all communication. These emails, numbering over 25 within a short span of time (1-2months), contained enticing offers and promotions that sought to encourage me to return to the platform. This approach is in direct violation of industry standards and responsible gambling guidelines, which strictly prohibit targeting individuals with known gambling issues and employing predatory marketing tactics when a request to close the account was issued by the player.

Additionally, on May 18th, I received a marketing communication from that made promises of substantial winnings that by closing my account I was so close to a big win, a practice widely regarded as predatory and misleading within the gambling industry. Such marketing tactics are deemed unacceptable under both industry regulations and responsible gambling guidelines.

I would like to emphasize that the site allowed me to continue playing despite being aware of my documented gambling issues, which raises significant concerns about their commitment to responsible gambling practices.

Moreover, it has come to my attention that the platform permitted access and play from the UK, despite the absence of the necessary licensing to offer online casino services to UK customers. Curacao gaming license does explicitly state that players are restricted from using and playing on the site from Curacao itself as well as Belize, UK, USA and a few EU countries like Germany and the Netherland. This breach not only has legal implications but also questions the legitimacy of the platform’s operations.

Furthermore, advised me on multiple occasions to employ methods such as VPNs and incognito mode to intentionally bypass IP address detection, enabling continued play on the platform. Such actions not only contravene industry regulations but also cast doubts on the platform’s integrity. Finally all this time I have been under the impression that this operator is licensed but I find out they are not and never have been. Had I known it was an unlicensed site I would not have signed up and they did nothing to prevent me from playing being from the UK which they were fully aware of when I signed up.

The total amount I deposited to date when requesting account closure on May 1st 2023, in Ethereum (ETH) on the site is 24.74575677 ETH or $45220.40. I kindly request the return of this amount from the site. Failure to comply with this request will leave me with no choice but to escalate the matter to the UK legal system and courts as well as Dutch regulatory commissions for breaking AML/ CFT regulations, the permit provisions and best practices that are applicable to them. Any violation of the law can at all times lead to administrative, criminal or civil measures. I have concerns regarding the legitimacy of their licensing with Curaçao gaming commission but as it stands are in volition of operating without a license after a check on the gaming site, furthermore players from the UK should not have been allowed to play on the site.

Please see attached evidence for my complaint.

To conclude, I respectfully request that you investigates these issues diligently and impartially, considering the potential legal violations, unethical marketing practices, and concerns regarding responsible gambling and licensing compliance.

I believe that a just resolution is essential for the protection of players and the integrity of the online gambling industry. I kindly request your assistance in addressing these concerns and ensuring that appropriate actions are taken.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I look forward to a timely response.

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